I began this initiative with one primary intention, awakening people around the world to their own inherent power.

We are at a cross roads in history. Our basic freedoms, those which we possess from birth are now being challenged globally. The inherent right to sovrenty/sovereignty of the body is certainly one of them. The World Health Organization, acting in co-ordination with 194 signatory nations means to crush those rights and reshape the very essence of life as we know it by claiming ownership over self determination of our own bodies.

Never has a groundswell of this magnitude been so prescient, never has the urgency of our times demanded greater action, or threatened the very fabric of our existence to such an extent.

And the people are finally waking up and discovering the real meaning of freedom!

I came into this whirlwind of activism primarily as a sceptic and a cynic. I was sitting on the fence, like many observers in the community, for years. Then, through a process of trial & error and necessity, I felt agitated enough to awaken that part of me left dormant for half a lifetime, from deep within.

I tapped into my ancestral instincts, and gradually stumbled my way into a realization that the willpower was within my grasp all along. Eventually, through a process of dogged determination & self-motivated investigative reporting, I found myself suddenly being recognized as a legitimate Vaccine researcher in the field. 

Then I founded the Vaccine Resistance Movement.

The point is, we all have the capacity to shake the foundations of corruption, to rattle the cage, and ultimately, to reclaim our inherent right to self-determination of the body.

I encourage those of you still sitting on the fence, to take that brave step into the unknown, to make a difference. Believe me, you don’t know how powerful you can be, until you tap into your inherent strength of will.

soil in hand

The Vaccine Resistance Movement is a grass roots, non-profit organization striving to empower communities around the world with the means of self sufficiency, while determined to expose vaccine fraud & pharmaceutical industry malfeasance. I began this initiative with one primary intention, awakening people around the world to their own inherent power & instinct for self-determination of the body, by shattering the illusions we have been collectively conned into supporting.

The entire Vaccine & Drug Industry is a complete, abject fraud & failure from top to bottom. The only way out of this mess, to ensure our loved ones, and their children to come, don’t fall prey to these crippling diseases and syndromes once and for all, is to turn away from all the lies and all the propaganda you have been fed for generations, where-in you can and will grind the machine itself to a halt. All vaccines, by their very nature, play off each other – a “synergistic” chain-reaction; triggering further infections & disorders. In many cases the very signature disease/disorder they claim to protect you against is PRECISELY that which they inadvertently spread.

Contrary to Vaccine Industry rhetoric, the human species is not at war with nature. Nature is, in fact, the ultimate teacher.

The human body is not meant to be hermetically sealed off from the environment. It is only through natural exposure to incoming viral, bacterial & fungal infections, that the body gradually learns to ADAPT to any such conditions. By virtue of this exposure, the immune system is thereby strengthened – and any such knowledge will thus eventually be passed on, via the germ-line DNA, to future generations. This is the essence of holistic health.

Natural Immunity is designed to take on and withstand any incoming infections which threaten your survival. The body can only do this when it is naturally, gradually exposed to disease & infectious agents lurking in the environment. We have been socially engineered by a blind-sighted Technocracy, deceived into believing all the lies put forth by Western Allopathic Medicine, the whole mistaken ideology & foundation surrounding Immunization as a practice; an antithetical approach which runs counter to nature, that of COMBATING or shielding yourself off from the environment by injecting toxins into deep muscle tissue/subcutaneously, artificially shocking or jump-starting the body into recognizing external “threats”, rather than holistically EMBRACING all that we come in contact with, thereby re-enforcing, through HARMONY, the inherent properties of natural immunity.

My whole philosophy now is about getting away from Western Allopathic methods forever. Knowledge of holistic health has always been around us in nature. Through the societal shift toward urbanization & centralization-type policies, many of us regrettably lost touch with this goldmine of wisdom, but now are finally acquiring it once again. By gathering all these gold nuggets available, discerning the path that works best for you & your children, you can and will ultimately BECOME your own doctor.

We were meant to be self sufficient, not beholden to others for answers.

Join us as we take to the streets, to the courts, to our schools & local centers. The truth is out and we will never stop fighting for our rights to self determination of the body. We need you more than ever! Three irrefutable forces of nature that will ultimately bring down the Vaccine Industry, pen & ink…and the truth.

VRM Back to nature1

I invite you to break the shackles of addiction which have prevented many of us from fully embracing our inherent natural immunity, to return to that path on which our ancestors still stand, and rediscover an independent strength of will forever coursing through your veins.
Once you set foot on that road, you may never lay claim to false promises or misguided Institutions of so-called Medicine ever again. Godspeed & good riddance, as they say.
May natural immunity be your guiding light through these uncertain times ahead. Words to live by. Amen. Joel Lord, founder of the Vaccine Resistance Movement

‘We the undersigned, as Freemen & Freewomen, do not recognize the authority of The World Health Organization (WHO) to mandate general forced vaccinations. Our bodies are sovereign territory and subject to our exclusive self-determination. Any attempted violation of this trust must be construed as a breach of said basic right. We are thus holding our elected Governments accountable in this defense with an issuance of notice: a preemptive Class Action Lawsuit to be served in the event our inalienable rights to choose are forsaken.’ Excerpt: VRM’s Universal Declaration of Resistance to Mandatory Vaccinations

World Health Organization checklist for influenza pandemic preparedness planning: Section 1.5.1 Legal and ethical issues –

‘During a pandemic, it may be necessary to overrule existing legislation or (individual) human rights. Examples are the enforcement of quarantine (overruling individual freedom of movement), use of privately owned buildings for hospitals, off-license use of drugs, compulsory vaccination or implementation of emergency shifts in essential services. These decisions need a legal framework to ensure transparent assessment and justification of the measures that are being considered, and to ensure coherence with international legislation (International Health Regulations).’ WHO



The Vaccine Resistance Movement has evolved four primary goals:

1) Awakening people around the world to their own inherent power & instinct for self-determination of the body

2) Exposing vaccine fraud & Industry/Media/Gov’t malfeasance

3) Preparing for multiple Class Action Lawsuits to be served to respective Health Agencies worldwide

4) Identifying the real cause & cure for Autism

Mandatory Vaccinations are just around the corner and we MUST prepare our defense given a World Health Organization treaty bent on curtailing our inherent rights to self determination of the body.

The Vaccine Resistance Movement does not require monthly or annual donations from subscribers, as do many similar sites, primarily because I recognize the importance of sharing this critical information freely & openly. That being said, I have so many promises left to keep, in this war against the Vaccine Industry, so many walls yet to breach.

Please support VRM in our efforts to fight Big Pharma & the Vaccine lobby. Granted no easy task but we’re committed to resist the Medical Dictatorship being set up for us all. We are also strengthened by having the truth on our side. And each other.

Your donations will help us navigating through the trenches, with website management, legal assistance, rally costs, signs, printing, and overall general expenses.

The Vaccine Resistance Movement is strictly non-profit for a reason. Thus we rely entirely upon donations & grassroots efforts to move forward with the bolder initiatives planned. 

To those of you who have contributed along the way, much thanks for the ongoing support. It is a privilege to be part of this community-wide awakening. Joel Lord VRM