VTHE PEOPLE ARE RISING UP AGAINST VACCINE LOBBY – In response to an April 23, 2010 report by the H1N1 Vaccine Safety Risk Assessment Working Side Effects Group (VSRAWG) of the National Vaccine Advisory Committee (NVAC) identifying three potential pandemic H1N1 vaccine safety signals for neuroimmune (Guillain-Barre¢ Syndrome, Bell’s palsy) and blood disorders (thrombocytopenias), the National Vaccine Information Center is urging an expansion of influenza vaccine safety monitoring and assessment.



H1N1bustTOXIC WASTE TO COST TAXPAYERS $20,000,000  – British Columbia, Canada could throw away almost $20 million worth of H1N1 vaccine because it went unused during swine-flu season and will soon expire. Only 40 per cent of B.C.’s population chose to be vaccinated against H1N1, which meant roughly 2.5 million of the 4.3 million doses were unused. The doses were supposed to be good for 18 months.



WHOpayoffWHO APPOINTS COVER-UP COMMITTEE – Reports that the WHO is appointing an ‘independent’ committee to investigate its own conduct in the H1N1 panic of 2009 has been tempered by the fact that one of the committee’s members, John Mackenzie, was in fact one of the advisors who urged the WHO to declare a pandemic in the first place. He also has ties to vaccine manufacturers, making him part of the very charge being investigated: that the WHO relied on advisors with a financial interest in declaring a pandemic.



gasmaskSECRET BIOCHEMICAL TESTING ON BRITISH CITIZENS – The UK Ministry of Defence turned large parts of the country into a giant laboratory to conduct a series of secret germ warfare tests on the public. A government report just released provides for the first time a comprehensive official history of Britain’s biological weapons trials between 1940 and 1979. Many of these tests involved releasing potentially dangerous chemicals and micro-organisms over vast swaths of the population without the public being told. Some families in areas which bore the brunt of the secret tests are convinced the experiments have led to their children suffering birth defects, physical handicaps and learning difficulties.



FukudaWHO COVER-UP HAS BEGUN Global health chiefs have finally admitted that they may have overreacted to the swine flu ‘pandemic’ – landing governments with millions of unused vaccines. The World Health Organisation has conceded that it may have been guilty of failing to communicate ‘uncertainties’ about how virulent the new virus was.

“The reality is there is a huge amount of uncertainty (in a pandemic). I think we did not convey the uncertainty. That was interpreted by many as a non-transparent process. Confusion about phases and level of severity remains a very vexing issue.” Keiji Fukuda/WHO top influenza expert



rotarix01DIARRHEA VACCINE ROTARIX SUSPENDED: Barbara Loe Fisher, founder of the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) recently interviewed by Dr. Joseph Mercola – The FDA Shuts Down Common Infant Vaccine After Startling Discovery

“The FDA learned about the contamination after an academic research team using a novel technique to look for viruses in a range of vaccines found the material in GlaxoSmithKline’s product and told the company,” FDA Commissioner Dr. Margaret Hamburg told CNN.



Roberts parentsSUDDEN DEATH OF AUTISTIC TEEN LINKED TO ANTI-PSYCHOTIC DRUG – FAMILY CALLS FOR INQUIRY “It was particularly dangerous to give a drug that could cause heart failure. It’s a chemical cosh. We want justice for Harry but also to ensure other autistic people aren’t treated like this.” She said that under the Mental Capacity Act of 2005 guardians should be informed of treatment where a person did not have the capacity to consent.’



chloraA 2005 Dutch study revealed that certain gastric, anti-psychotic and antibiotic drugs interfere with the heart’s electrical activity and cause an estimated 15,000 sudden cardiac deaths a year in Europe and the United States. The research, reported in the European Heart Journal, examined the effects of gastrointestinal drugs cisapride and domperidone; anti-psychotics chlorpromazine, haloperidol and pimozide; and antibiotics erythromycin and clarithomycin. In addition, a September 2006 report by the Department of Health & Human Services’ (HHS) Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) showed that certain osteoarthritis drugs may have similarly life-threatening risks.


Measles IndiaLIVE VIRUS VACCINE KILLS 3 CHILDREN IN CUBA, INJURES DOZENS MORE – ‘Three Cuban children have died and dozens more are ill after receiving a single measles vaccine manufactured in India.

The Cuban Health Ministry said a “rare accident” had occurred on 22 May after a group of schoolchildren were inoculated against the disease with apparently contaminated doses from India. The vaccines were certified by the World Health Organisation and purchased through the Pan-American Health Organisation.’



measlesvaccM-VAC™ Measles Vaccine Live I.P. (Lyophilised) manufactured in India: ‘Contains live attenuated measles virus (Edmonston Zagreb Strain) propagated on Human Diploid Cells (HDC). Each dose of 0.5 ml contains not less than 1000 CCID50 of Measles virus.’



masks_deesEUROPEAN PARLIAMENT MEMBER FINALLY CONFRONTS CHEMTRAILS: Dutch MEP Erik Meijer – ‘Subject: aircraft condensation trails which no longer only contain water but cause persistent milky veils, possibly due to the presence of barium, aluminium and iron. Is the Commission aware that, since 1999, members of the public have been complaining about the growing presence in the air of aircraft condensation trails of a new type, which sometimes persist for hours and which spread far more widely than in the past, creating milky veils which are dubbed ‘aerial obscuration”



china vaccine scandalA Chinese state media report last month said four children had died and more than 70 others in Shanxi fell ill after they received shots against illnesses such as hepatitis B and rabies between 2006 and 2008. The China Economic Times report blamed vaccines that had been exposed to excessive heat and should have been destroyed. The report quoted Chen Tao’an, a whistleblower at Shanxi’s Centre for Disease Control (CDC) where the vaccines were being handled, as a key source.’

The State Food and Drug Administration has admitted that “inferior materials” were used in producing the rabies vaccines. It said the firm had been ordered to halt production and some employees were suspected of criminal activity. The parents of the children in the Shanxi case are convinced their children were harmed by faulty shots.



Swine20flu20researchSMOKING GUN: NEW STUDY LINKING SEASONAL FLU SHOT TO INCREASED RISK OF INFECTION WITH H1N1 SWINE FLU – ‘In one study, the researchers used an ongoing sentinel monitoring system to assess the frequency of prior vaccination with the seasonal flu vaccine in people diagnosed with H1N1 swine flu in 2009 compared to people without swine flu.

The researchers found that seasonal flu vaccination was associated with a 68 percent increased risk of getting swine flu.

The other three studies included additional case-control investigations in Ontario and Quebec, as well as a transmission study in 47 Quebec households that were hit with swine flu. In these studies, researchers found that seasonal flu vaccination was associated with a 1.4- to 5.0-times greater risk of having swine flu.’



BCCDCAssociation between the 2008–09 Seasonal Influenza Vaccine and Pandemic H1N1 Illness during Spring–Summer 2009: Four Observational Studies from Canada: ‘Estimates from the sentinel and three other observational studies, involving a total of 1,226 laboratory-confirmed pH1N1 cases and 1,505 controls, indicated that prior receipt of 2008–09 TIV (trivalent inactivated influenza vaccine aka regular flu shot) was associated with increased risk of medically attended pH1N1 illness during the spring–summer 2009′



flu_vaccine_cana_250521gm-a‘A “perplexing” Canadian study linking H1N1 to seasonal flu shots is throwing national influenza plans into disarray and testing public faith in gov’t agencies responsible for protecting the nation’s health. Study confounds infectious-disease experts in suggesting that people vaccinated against seasonal flu are twice as likely to catch swine flu.’

“It has confused things very badly,” said Dr. Ethan Rubinstein, head of adult infectious diseases at the University of Manitoba. “And it has certainly cost us credibility from the public because of conflicting recommendations. Until last week, there had always been much encouragement to get the seasonal flu vaccine.”



gardasil3GARDASIL SCANDAL UNFOLDING IN INDIA – ‘The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) has told Andhra Pradesh and Gujarat to immediately suspend the cervical cancer control vaccination programme for girls. The programme was marred by controversy after four deaths and complications among 120 girls were reported after vaccination. The girls complained of stomach disorders, epilepsy, headaches and early menarche. Women activists fear the vaccine may impact the mental health of girls who have shown no signs of distress so far.’

“How has the government embarked on the study of giving three injections to the girls when it is also planning a massive multi-centric dose determination study to see if two doses will suffice?”



shot3.8 million doses of H1N1 are being shipped to Africa from the UK. The WHO are ensuring a perpetual pandemic & a new generation prone to cancer. According to Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg viruses require a moderate type climate in which to thrive. The African Continent is too hot & dry an environment. The UN knows this fact.

‘It is also possible the vaccine could be used to combat seasonal flu this winter as it is thought the swine flu virus will become the dominant strain.’



Wakefield and Wife“Let me make it absolutely clear that, at its heart, the GMC hearing has been about the protection of MMR vaccination policy. The case has been driven by an agenda to crush dissent that in my opinion serves the government and the pharmaceutical industry — not the welfare of children. It’s important to note that there has never been a complaint against any of the doctors by any parent involved in this case — only universal parental support and gratitude.

Our only “crime” in this matter has been to listen to the concerns of parents, act according to the demands of our professional training, and provide appropriate care to this neglected population of children.”

In the course of our work, we discovered and treated a new intestinal disease syndrome in children with autism, alleviating suffering in affected children around the world. This should be cause for celebration. Instead, we have been vilified in the press, and demonized by a wasteful PR campaign by the Department of Health. The aim of this negative publicity was to discredit my criticism of vaccine safety research.”



Keiji Fukuda“The recommendation to put the pandemic virus in the upcoming vaccine really means that this has been a dominant virus, and it is expected that it will continue to be a very significant virus circulating around the world. At this point, we have to say that the pandemic is not over,” Keiji Fukuda, MD, MPH, special adviser to the WHO



WHOSWINE FLU VIRUS TO REPLACE SEASONAL SHOT ‘Based on the analyses it is expected that A (H1N1) pandaemic 2009, A (H3N2) and B viruses will co-circulate in the northern hemisphere 2010-2011 with the likelihood that the pandemic A (H1N1) 2009 viruses will predominate. Based on recent epidemiological evidence it is anticipated that seasonal A (H1N1) viruses are not likely to circulate at significant levels during the 2010-2011 northern hemisphere season; hence it has not been recommended for inclusion in the 2010-2011 vaccine.’

Recommended viruses to be used for 2010-2011:

1) A/California/7/2009 (H1N1)-like virus

2) A/Perth/16/2009 (H3N2)-like virus

3) B/Brisbane/60/2008-like virus



P4FRENCH BIO-WEAPONS LAB P4 IS NOW WORKING EXCLUSIVELY ON AN H1N1/H5N1 HYBRID VIRUS ‘Over the last three weeks, the P4 in Lyon has stopped all other experiments. This maximum security laboratory (1 of 20 worldwide) is currently focusing on high-risk experiments: attempts to produce a cross between the new H1N1 virus and bird flu, the H5N1 virus. The first spreads far and kills few; the second spreads not much and kills many. Creating a hybrid of the two would be disastrous.’

“We are trying to understand, by infecting a cell with these two viruses, which are the genetic determinants that would allow them to exchange genes (especially in pigs – Editor’s note)” says virologist Bruno Lina, who heads the influenza A project for this Inserm laboratory.




SebeliusUS HEALTH SECRETARY ADMITS TO PRESSURING MEDIA OVER VACCINE RESISTANCE MOVEMENT – “There are groups out there that insist that vaccines are responsible for a variety of problems despite all scientific evidence to the contrary. We have reached out to media outlets to try to get them to not give the views of these people equal weight in their reporting to what science has shown and continues to show about the safety of vaccines.”



RotarixGSK VACCINE FOR DIARRHEA SPREADS PIG VIRUS-  Federal health authorities are recommending that doctors suspend using Rotarix, saying the vaccine is contaminated with material from a pig virus. The contaminant material is DNA from porcine circovirus 1, a virus from pigs that is not known to cause disease in humans or animals. 30 million worldwide have gotten Rotarix vaccine.

FDA Report:http://www.fda.gov/NewsEvents/Newsroom/PressAnnouncements/ucm205625.htm



mosquitoesvaxTEST BLIMP: MOSQUITOES TO BE USED AS FORCED FLYING VACCINATORS – ‘Japanese researchers have developed a mosquito that spreads vaccine instead of disease. They attached SP15, a candidate vaccine against leishmaniasis to a Malaria mosquito. The mosquitoes produced SP15 in their saliva, the team reports in the current issue of Insect Molecular Biology. And when the insects were allowed to feast on mice, the mice developed antibodies against SP15.’



ThorsenCDC-GATE? ‘A Danish scientist involved in two major studies that debunked any linkage of vaccines to autism is suspected of misappropriating $2 million in U.S. grants at his university in Denmark.’

“Questions about Thorsen’s scientific integrity may finally force CDC to rethink the vaccine protocols since most of the other key pro-vaccine studies cited by CDC rely on the findings of Thorsen’s research group,” Robert F. Kennedy Jr.



Texas NurseNurse to Stand Trial for Reporting Doctor/Texas: Indicted and threatened with 10 years in prison for doing what she knew a nurse must

“It was surreal. I said how can this be? You can’t go to prison for doing the right thing.”



KimHolt_1582530cBaby P Whistleblower being ‘hounded out’ of Great Ormond Street Hospital/UK: The senior consultant who warned of “serious failings” at the Great Ormond Street Hospital clinic which sent Baby P home to die is being “hounded out,” according to her husband.



UK offloadUK to ship surplus vaccine supply to Third World: The government is making plans to offload millions of doses of swine flu vaccine amid predictions a “third wave” of the pandemic is unlikely to happen.

Options include selling surplus vaccine and donating it to poorer countries but a stockpile will remain in place. Cases of swine flu have now dropped dramatically to well below what is usually seen in winter flu outbreaks.



ElderleyFlu Shots Futile – Study concludes that immunizing nursing-home workers does nothing to cut the number of confirmed influenza cases among the homes’ elderly residents.

“What we were looking for is proof that influenza is decreased. Didn’t find it. We looked for proof that pneumonia is reduced. Didn’t find it.”



Gardasil BribeTeenage girls aged 16 to 18 are being given £45 of vouchers if they complete an inoculation course against the HPV virus. The £22,500 pilot scheme gives young women Love2shop vouchers if they have three injections. No parental consent is needed.


SwinepticGovernment Swine Flu Ad Portrays Vaccine Skeptics As Raving Lunatics: “Some folks believe anything. The swine flu vaccine is safe, effective, and you still need it, learn more at Kentucky’s flu website, that way you can separate the fact from the fiction.”



GoldshotjpgNew “Golden Era” for The Vaccine Industry: Malaria. Tuberculosis. Alzheimer’s disease. AIDS. Pandemic flu. Genital herpes. Urinary tract infections. Grass allergies. Traveler’s diarrhea. You name it, the pharmaceutical industry is working on a vaccine to prevent it. The lure of big profits, advances in technology and growing government support has been drawing in new companies.