Vaccine derived viral-bacterial-heavy metal “sludge” type contamination is responsible for the exponential surge in incidence of neuro-degenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s & Alzheimer’s (including the trend of Early Onset Alzheimer’s surfacing amongst the young) occurring throughout our communities. Evidence as to the main culprits points to the original Small Pox & Polio Vaccines, including the entire subsequent regime of standard immunization shots; coupled with the widespread over-use of antibiotics, Insulin, dietary hazards ie. Trans Fats (Margarine/Crisco), Sugars/Pop, iodized salt; any/all EMF/RF type “dirty radiation” (Cell/Smart Phones/tower derived), any/all variants of vaccine derived/environmental/dietary/cosmetic exposure to heavy metals (ie. Mercury, Aluminum, Cadmium, Lead) & any/all Pesticides

Alzheimer'sDementia cases set to triple by 2050 but still largely ignored: ‘Worldwide, nearly 35.6 million people live with dementia. This number is expected to double by 2030 (65.7 million) and more than triple by 2050 (115.4 million). Dementia affects people in all countries, with more than half (58%) living in low- and middle-income countries. By 2050, this is likely to rise to more than 70%.’ World (Un)Health Organization, April 11, 2012, Geneva

“Heavy metals & viruses in vaccines cause abnormal development in brain, long-term changes that put a child at high risk of neuro-degenerative diseases ie. Parkinson’s & Alzheimer’s for the rest of their life; also they become hyper-sensitive to environmental toxins (Pesticides, Herbicides). Live viruses in vaccines are incorporated into your genetic material & passed on to your children. Many rare forms of cancer are now very common ie Pancreatic cancer. Lymphoma is now the number one malignancy in 30 year olds and rising. Asthma has seen a ten fold increase over last 2 decades. Type 1 Diabetes has also been linked to auto-immune disorder caused by vaccines.” Dr. Russell Blaylock

Two primary factors here, in determining the extent of vaccine derived neurological & corresponding neuro-developmental damage (including the host of typical auto-immune failure responses) which are often overlooked in Medical circles? Timing & synergy.

Timing is CRITICAL. A baby has no blood barrier (physiological mechanism that alters the permeability of brain capillaries so that some substances, such as certain drugs, are prevented from entering brain tissue, while other substances are allowed to enter freely) on the brain – so that vital, unfinished area is still completely raw. The Myelin Sheath, a casing or insulator which protects the baby’s basic cells, is also under-developed. Early Onset Autism, which occurs anywhere from 12-18 months, coincides precisely with most intense period of standard immunization. By 15 months the average child in most developed countries, has received a minimum of 25 injections. This results in severe heavy metal toxicity interfering with the earliest stage of development, during the first 6 months after birth.

A baby’s blood-brain barrier takes no less than 7 months to establish its primary protective shielding: ‘It has been established that by week 28 of the intrauterine development the process of the structural and functional establishment of the BBB (blood-brain barrier) had been over as evidenced by the lack of specific alpha-1-globulin in umbilical blood of the neonates of the given gestation age.’ Volodin NN, Chekhonin VP, Tabolin VA, Rogatkin SO, Kashparov IA.

The synergy of vaccine derived heavy metal-virus-mycoplasma-excipient toxicity “sludge” targets 3 primary core “electrical grid” stations encasing the nerve center/brain kin to throwing water over a main keyboard operating system.In the event the Blood-Brain barrier, Myelin sheath & Meninges are breached, particularly at such an early stage in early childhood development, neuro-developmental disorders will inevitably follow.

The human body is bio-electric, a huge bio-conductive circuit board that runs throughout the entire body enabling all your systems to function & co-ordinate. You have 60,000 miles of blood vessels coursing throughout the body, a vast array of highways & byways & tributaries that are all inter-connected. The neurons in your brain rely on these ions to generate messages. from your brain throughout the body & back; the regulating of organs, your bloodstream, Heart, Kidney, Liver function – chelating & sequestering, the operation of one’s senses & warning signs, everything related to overall system co-ordination is managed via this delicate bio-conductive process. Enter Aluminum.

Aluminum is a positively charged bio-conductive element, 64 times more positive than colloidal blood products (ie. anything suspended in your blood) are negative; with the properties of a coagulant. It literally draws in all other metals & toxins in its path. When injected into deep muscle tissue or subcutaneously, this neurotoxin gets redistributed via the bloodstream (consisting of 90% water) to areas of fatty tissue (highly electrical tissues – negatively charged) throughout the body, builds up over time in these delicate centers; primarily in the Brain, Spinal cord, Myelin sheath, Meninges, cardiac cells, breasts & ovaries (in women), prostate (in men), kidneys, liver, gut & bowels.

This “sludging” is activated when Aluminum interacts with Hemoglobin in flow, in the negatively charged environment. This causes the negatively charged blood products to “attract” towards the larger, more massive positively charged Aluminum, causing clumping or “sludging”. This restricts blood flow, and it changes the Zeta Potential to change from -15mv (minus 15 milivolts) towards -10 mv (minus 10 milivolts), or possibly closer to zero. This is an increase in Zeta Potential, from a negatively charge towards neutral. (This is somewhat analogous to a change in state of water as it turns to ice – it’s a change in viscosity, affecting blood flow).

The viscosity of this toxic sludge resulting from vaccines which accumulates in the organs (ie. heart, liver, kidney), joints, meninges, intestines, along the neural pathways, veins & capillaries interlacing the entire body (resulting from “stagnant” blood), is comparable to the black paste-like build-up found over time in the lining of your drains – especially in terms of its impact on your vital health.

Within 72 hours of oxygen deprivation any cell can become cancerous. Cancer cells thrive in an oxygen-deprived environment. This will occur when bio-conductive aluminum (consisting of live virus, antibiotic, heavy metal, detergent coagulated sludge) clogs/singes the vast network of arterial veins & capillaries leading to the brain, inducing Ischemia.

Oxygen–glucose deprivation resulted in expression of apoptotic and necrotic cell death phenotypes, especially in neurons.’ ‘Following 72 hours incubation in the presence of 0.3% O2, cells were labeled with Annexin V/PI and the level of cell death was measured by flow cytometry. In 6 independent experiments, hypoxia increased levels of Annexin V-positive OC316 cells from 5.3 ± 1.0% to 19.2 ± 2.8%; …cell death under these conditions had predominant features of late apoptosis.’

Meanwhile bad food choices (casein, gluten, poly-saturated fats, iodized salts, sugars) produce a breeding ground in the body for long-term infections, thyroid disorder, disease & vaccine derived viruses. All viruses thrive in a non-alkaline, acidic environment. Overall the impact of of Ischemia & excessive alkalinity serve as a double-edged sword, critically damaging our vital health.

The road-map leading to most neurological & neuro-developmental disorders traces back to the earliest vaccines administered to babies (HEP B, DTaP, PCV, RV, HIB, IPV, MMR). According to the CDC’s ‘Recommended Immunization Schedule for Persons Aged 0 Through 6 Years—United States • 2012′ by 15 months the average child has received 25 injections including: 3 doses of Hepatitis B, Rotavirus, HIB (Haemophilus Influenzae Type b), IPV (Inactivated Polio Vaccine) & Hepatitis A, 4 doses of DPT (Diphtheria, Pertussis, Tetanus) & PCV (Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccine), 1 dose of Varicella & Meningococcal and 2 doses of MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella).

Additionally, the HPV vaccines, Gardasil & Cervarix, contribute to “immune-mediated reactions to the nervous system” resulting in “Motor Neuron Disease” throughout the brain; and for those young teens whose threshold cannot withstand the toxic assault, due to a prolonged, compromised immune system (coupled with pre-existing medical conditions) stemming from the long-term accumulation of vaccine/anti-biotic/bad food choices inflicted erosion/saturation of the brain & gut, the eventuality of “multifocal or atypical demyelinating syndromes” (ie. Multiple Sclerosis).

We report five patients who presented with multifocal or atypical demyelinating syndromes within 21 days of immunization with the quadrivalent human papilloma virus (HPV) vaccine, Gardasil. Although the target population for vaccination, young females, has an inherently high risk for MS, the temporal association with demyelinating events in these cases may be explained by the potent immuno-stimulatory properties of HPV virus-like particles which comprise the vaccine.’ Department of Neurology, St Vincent’s Hospital, Darlinghurst, New South Wales, Australia

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Globalist funded Eugenics operation in Third World regions under fire as viral shedding from WHO conducted Polio mass vaccination program triggers an exponential spike in cases of paralysis (wild Polio strain variant) throughout India’s most heavily vaccinated communities – at least 47,500 cases of NPAFP (non Polio acute flaccid paralysis)

bill-gates-vaccine-depopulation-genocide-vaccination‘Medical experts in paediatrics in the country have lambasted the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the Bill Gates Foundation for trumpeting India’s polio eradication campaign which they knew 10 years back that it was never going to succeed. ‘India was taken off the list of polio-endemic countries by the WHO on January 12, 2012 but the polio eradication campaign will have to be continued in some format for ever. The long promised monetary benefits from ceasing to vaccinate against poliovirus will never be achieved’, the well known paediatricians said.

“It was unethical for WHO and Bill Gates to flog this programme when they knew 10 years back that it was never to succeed. Getting poor countries to expend their scarce resources on an impossible dream over the last 10 years was unethical,” said Dr Neetu Vashisht and Dr Jacob Puliyel of the Department of Paediatrics at St Stephens Hospital in Delhi in their report in the April issue of ‘Indian Journal of Medical Ethics’.

January 12, 2012, marked a significant milestone for India as it was the first anniversary of the last reported wild polio case from India.

The two doctors noted that it was long known to the scientific community that eradication of polio was impossible because scientists had synthesized poliovirus in a test-tube as early as in 2002. “The sequence of its genome is known and modern biotechnology allows it to be resurrected at any time in the lab,” they said and added, “Man can thus never let down his guard against poliovirus.”

Dr Vashisht and Dr Puliyel said that another major ethical issue raised by the campaign is the failure to thoroughly investigate the increase in the incidence of non-polio acute flaccid paralysis (NPAFP) in areas where many doses of vaccine were used. NPAFP is clinically indistinguishable from polio paralysis but twice as deadly.

The authors noted that while India was polio-free in 2011, in the same year, there were 47500 cases of NPAFP. While data from India’s National Polio Surveillance Project showed NPAFP rate increased in proportion to the number of polio vaccine doses received, independent studies showed that children identified with NPAFP “were at more than twice the risk of dying than those with wild polio infection.”

According to their report, nationally, the NPAFP rate is now twelve times higher than expected. In the states of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar — which have pulse polio rounds nearly every month–the NPAFP rate is 25 and 35 fold higher than the international norms.’

Experimental Type 1 Polio Vaccine drops linked to new outbreak of polio in India:

Indian officials are firmly denying any causal link between the sudden death of an infant mere hours after receiving a 5th round dose of Polio Inoculation, part of an additional 2 round dosage of oral drops (Birth, 6 wks, 10 wks, 14 wks, 9-12 months, 18 moths, 2 yrs), despite conclusive evidence of viral shedding & paralytic poliomyelitis associated with the live virus Polio vaccine.  ‘The final postmortem report of a two-year-old boy who died hours after receiving oral polio vaccine has categorically established that the cause of death was not the vaccine.’

‘In 2007 number of (Polio/OPV) vaccination rounds were increased to one round every month, but in 2007 number of polio cases increased further. In 2005 there were 66 polio cases whereas in 2006 and 2007 number of polio cases increased to 676 and 863, respectively. Some mutations in polio viruses may be responsible for development of resistance to antibodies generated by OPV and a reason for the recent steep rise in polio incidence since 2006. Because of these two factors, OPV cannot eradicate polio from India.’

Monovalent Oral Polio Type 1 Vaccine (mOPV Type 1) Manufactured by Panacea Biotec

Description – Version 1: mOPV Type 1 (Substrate – Monkey Kidney Cells) The live monovalent Oral Polio Type 1 Vaccine (mOPV Type 1) contains suspension of live attenuated poliomyelitis type 1 virus (Sabin strain) prepared in Monkey Kidney cells. Each dose contains not less than 106.0CCID50 virus concentration of type 1. MgCI21M is used as a stabilizer and phenol red as an indicator. During formulation of mOPV Type 1 trace amounts of antibiotics: Kanamycin & Neomycin Sulphate are added.

Version 2: mOPV Type 1 (Substrate – Vero Cells) The live monovalent Oral Polio Type 1 Vaccine (mOPV Type 1) contains suspension of live attenuated poliomyelitis type 1 virus (Sabin strain) prepared in Vero cells. Each dose contains not less than 106.0CCID50 virus concentration of type 1. MgCI21M is used as a stabilizer and phenol red as an indicator. During formulation of mOPV Type 1 trace amounts of antibiotics: Kanamycin & Neomycin Sulphate are added.

“Continuous maintenance of desired cold temperature during all the post manufacturing stages is known as cold chain. Oral polio vaccine (OPV) must be packed with dry ice (solid carbondioxide) during transportation and must be delivered at the point of use within three days. Even under freezing temperature conditions, the oral polio vaccine remains fluid as long as the temperature is above -140 C, due to the presence of sorbitol in the vaccine. The life period of OPV is one year after manufacture.

While executing a pulse polio programme on a mass scale, some of the above mentioned vital cold chain precautions may not be strictly practiced. The reasons may be several such as ignorance, negligence, irresponsible or careless attitude, overload of work, tired and exhausted staff, routinisation of the process of programme implementation and lack of adequate supervisory control. If the sense of responsibility and accountability has not be inculcated, the desired goal of effective immunisation of every child will remain only a dream.

Most of the lay people and dignitaries associated with the inauguration of the pulse polio programmes with fanfare in front of TV cameras are completely unaware of the technicalities involved in protecting the vaccine for guaranteed effectiveness. Even the two drops which are administered may not fall correctly in the mouth for proper swallowing by the child. Therefore, one major threat lurking constantly is the possible outbreak of polio infection, should the cold chain fail to work.

It must be mentioned that some researchers have expressed doubts about the safety of oral polio vaccine. European countries such as Netherlands, Finland and Denmark so also USA have been advocating the use of intramuscular injectable polio vaccine, which contains killed virus. As long as the immunisation with live oral polio vaccine continues in our country, the risk of associated paralytic poliomyelitis will continue to threaten.” Dr WV Lawate, India.

“Therefore, one major threat lurking constantly is the possible outbreak of polio infection…the risk of associated paralytic poliomyelitis will continue to threaten.”

“There must be some thing wrong with the polio drops if even after so many doses my child has contracted polio. The government should test medicines before they are used. Pata nahin bachchoo ko kya pila rahin hain!” (Don’t know what they are making my child drink), she adds.

“Head of the pediatrics department of Delhi- based St Stephen’s Hospital, Jacob Puliyel, took up the matter with Lancet. In his strong-worded letter to Lancet’s editor, he wrote: “We are shocked and dismayed that Lancet should have published the paper on the protective efficacy of monovalent oral Type I poliovirus…having overlooked the serious ethical issues involved.” He went on to write, “What was introduced, according to this article, was a new vaccine that was five times more potent than previous vaccines, presumably also with the increased likelihood of adverse effects. No informed consent was taken, nor was the public told that the vaccine was experimental. Efforts were made to give the impression that the monovalent vaccine was not new.” Tehelka, New Delhi, India, July 28, 2007

‘Wild Poliovirus Type 1 and Type 3 Importations – 15 Countries, Africa, 2008-2009: The Global Polio Eradication Initiative began in 1988; by 2006, indigenous transmission of wild poliovirus (WPV) type 2 infection had been interrupted globally, and indigenous transmission of type 1 and 3 (WPV1 and WPV3) infection had been interrupted in all but four countries worldwide (Afghanistan, India, Nigeria, and Pakistan).

Despite this success in controlling indigenous transmission, during 2002–2006, 20 previously polio-free countries* in Africa and Asia had importations of WPV1 originating from Nigeria, and three polio-free countries in Africa had WPV1 importations originating from India. By the end of 2007, control efforts in all countries except Angola, Chad, Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), Niger, and Sudan had stopped transmission of WPV1 caused by these importations. However, during 2008–2009, multiple importations of WPV from countries with ongoing transmission resumed in Africa.

This report describes 32 WPV importations into 15 African countries, resulting in 96 polio cases during January 2008–March 2009 and persistent WPV transmission in five previously polio-free African countries. As with the 2002–2006 resurgence, all of the importations originated from Nigeria or India, but more rapid WPV identification and response resulted in substantially fewer polio cases than reported during 2002–2006.’ Centers for Disease Control

See: VRM: Polio – United Nations & The Great Cull


VRM editorial: Contrary to the distorted view of Medical history painted by Corporate Media “spin”, it was, in fact, the original Small Pox Vaccine which unleashed the first wave of hybrid cancers throughout our communities. Subsequently, the 20th Century advent of Insulin treatment (for Diabetes), Penicillin (including all related antibiotics). the saturation of Trans-fats & pop into the mainstream diet, in addition to widespread inter-generational cross-infection from the Simian Virus (SV40) tainted Polio Vaccine, triggered an exponential spike in hybrid cancer rates across the board while increasingly undermining natural immunity; as a cat’s cradle of hitherto unknown forms of cancer took hold throughout the population, many variants of which were subsequently passed on, generation to generation, due to the resulting viral shedding embedded in the DNA – transferred from parent to offspring in utero via the Placenta & during breast-feeding phase after birth via the Colostrum.

Small Pox Vaccination“It would seem impossible for a rational mind to conceive that a filthy virus derived from a Small Pox corpse, the ulcerated utter of a cow or the running sores of a sick horse’s heels and cultivated in scabbed festers on a calf’s abdomen could fail to have disastrous effects when inoculated into the human body.” Dr. Beddow Baily, 1936

“There’s no question but that perfect sanitation has almost obliterated this disease (Small Pox) and sooner or later will dispose of it entirely. Of course when that time comes, in all probability credit will be given to vaccination.” John Tilden (1851-1940)

“Sanitation did for Prussia what 35 years of compulsory vaccination was unable to accomplish. At the present time in Prussia small-pox is almost extinct. (Cheers.) It is not that people ‘are being vaccinated more; they are vaccinated less.” Dr Hadwen MD (The Case Against Vaccination – an address at Gloucester on Saturday, January 25th, 1896, during the Gloucester Smallpox Epidemic)

“By the Act of 1840 anyone who gave another small-pox was liable to a month’s imprisonment; by the Act of 1853 if you don’t give another small-pox—which is what cow-pox is supposed to be—you are liable to a fine of £1 and costs. So that between the two things, as Mr. Alfred Milnes has said, “a man is about as happy as a Jew in Russia”. Since the passing of the Act in 1853 we have had no less than three distinct epidemics. In 1857-9 we had more than 14,000 deaths from smallpox; in the 1863-5 epidemic the deaths had increased to 20,000; and in 1871-2 they totaled up to the tune of 44,800.” Dr Hadwen MD

“I once believed in Jenner; I once believed in Pasteur. I believed in vaccination. I believed in vivisection. But I changed my views as the result of hard thinking. I belong to the new fashion and not to the old, antiquated fashion of my medical opponents.” Dr Hadwen MD

“Did ever you hear, in all the experience of the whole medical profession since the days of Hippocrates, such a marvellous combination of exceptions and rarities gathered together in one little body, all so carefully arranged by Providence for the special purpose of convicting a heterodox medical practitioner of manslaughter? (Laughter.) I once believed in Jenner; I once believed in Pasteur. I believed in vaccination. I believed in vivisection. But I changed my views as the result of hard thinking. Why is it that medical men for the most part follow the fashion of the day? Is it that they dare not think?. Are they like Sidney Smith ‘s old lady who said she never read the other side of a subject in case she might be prejudiced? . A man is eminent as long as he is orthodox. When he begins to think for himself he becomes a crank. It is the great commercial manufacturing firms who are providing the brains for the medical man of today.” Dr Hadwen, Queen’s Hall, London, Fri, Feb 6, 1925

“It is the great commercial manufacturing firms who are providing the brains for the medical man of to-day.” Dr Hadwen 1925

“Cancer was practically unknown until compulsory vaccination with cowpox vaccine began to be introduced. I have had to deal with at least two hundred cases of cancer, and I never saw a case of cancer in an unvaccinated person.” Dr. W.B. Clark of Indiana/1936

‘No hospital admissions for gastric cancer or peptic ulcer were recorded prior to 1800 (based on inpatient records of the last two centuries from four hospitals in Scotland and three US hospitals). Hospital admissions for gastric cancer increased in an exponential fashion throughout the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century…occurrence of gastric cancer, gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer markedly increased during the 19th century.’

A hundred years ago less than 1 in 1000 people died of cancer. According to the World Health Organization ‘Cancer is a leading cause of death worldwide and accounted for 7.6 million deaths (around 13% of all deaths) in 2008. Deaths from cancer worldwide are projected to continue to rise to over 11 million in 2030.’

“If I am able to help only one cancer sufferer to escape the excruciating and inescapable pain of death caused through treatment by ‘orthodox methods,’ I have done something worthwhile.” Maurice Natenberg, author of ‘The Cancer Blackout‘

1892-93: 19.3 cases of Small Pox per 10,000 were reported in Leicester, UK. The same year in similar sized Warrington, UK with 99.2% vaccinated? 123.3 cases of Small Pox

1910-1933: 109 children under 5 died of Small Pox

1910-1933: 270 children died from vaccination

1933-1961: No children under 5 died from Small Pox

1933-1961: 115 children died from vaccination

The Salk & Sabin Polio vaccine spawned a host of new cancers & syndromes including Mesothelioma (fatal tumor of the membrane surrounding the lungs), Brain cancers (Primarily Ependymomas & Choroid Plexus Tumors, but also Astrocytomas, Glioblastomas, Medulloblastoma, Meningiomas), Bone cancers (Primarily Osteosarcomas, but also Chondrosarcoma & Giant Cell Tumors), Post-Polio Syndrome, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, Aseptic Meningitis & Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma

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The dark legacy of Australia’s 2010 Flu vaccine debacle MUST be exposed & routed out, lest the next generation succumb to the same nightmare scenario

ShotsThe real reason so many young children were adversely affected by Australia’s 2010 Flu vaccine cocktail? Because it contained a staggering 50 micrograms of Thimerosal in the Panvax shot (most multi-dose vaccines containing Thimerosal Mercury average 25 micrograms), H1N1 Subunits (live virus slightly modified with detergent), Neomycin & Polymyxin (both anti-biotics associated with infertility & kidney failure), Beta-proplolactone (Carcinogen).


cash_cowAdditionally the Australian Government purposefully lied to the nation as to the recklessly experimental, untested nature of the Flu vaccine being serviced for widespread distribution; part of a massive cover-up involving kick-backs & media deception, the effects of which rippled across the globe as Doppleganger versions of the same formula were replicated in the UK and elsewhere.

Note: Panvax aka Fluvax aka Afluria aka Enzira * Identical formula, deceptive marketing ploy

Most multi-dose vaccines currently average 25 micrograms of Thimerosal Mercury. Based on EPA standards this is considered a safe level of exposure for a 2500 pound adult. Australia’s 2010 Flu vaccine Panvax contains 50 micrograms of Thimerosal; technically a safe level of exposure for a 1100 pound adult. Unless you were born a Mack Truck this is tantamount to attempted murder. Time for the Australian community to rise up against this tyranny with a massive Class Action law suit.

‘Included in the ingredients are two antibiotics, Neomycin and Polymyxin B Sulphate. Both are noted for serious side effects, predominantly kidney failure. It is warned both these antibiotics not be used by pregnant women. Neomycin is in the FDA pregnancy category D. This means that it is known to be harmful to an unborn baby. In the “first tier” of candidates to receive this unregistered, unapproved vaccine, pregnant women are on top of the list. Beta-Propiolactone is another listed ingredient. Ranked as one of the most hazardous compounds (worst 10%) to humans and “reasonably expected to be a human carcinogen” (International Agency for Research on Cancer – IARC, 1999). Βeta-Propiolactone is a disinfectant. Panvax is formulated using chick embryos (Ovalbumin). People who suffer allergy to eggs or anaphylactic reactions may experience problems.’

‘The Australian is reporting that clinical tests were never carried out on this particular vaccine, which was a first-time combination of seasonal flu with Panvax, a vaccine against the H1N1 strain. Australia was the first country to use this type of vaccine, the report said. Panvax was tested on 400 children before its release last year, but the combined shot was not subjected to any clinical trials.’

‘A family is in mourning after their toddler unexpectedly died less than 12 hours after receiving a seasonal flu vaccination. Two-year-old twin Ashley Jade Epapara had been “perfectly fine” before dying at her home, on Brisbane’s southside, on April 9. Parents David & Nicole are shattered by the mysterious death of their baby girl. “It’s dreadful, it’s a very hard time,” Mr Epapara said. Ashley’s twin sister, Jaime, also received the flu jab at the same time and is believed to have been vomiting the night before her sister died.’

‘Queensland police are preparing a report for the coroner into the death of a Brisbane child who had earlier received the seasonal flu vaccine. The two-year-old girl from Upper Mount Gravatt on the city’s southside died earlier this month, the day after she was immunized.’

The Australian Health Minister, Kim Hames, says 45 children have been taken to hospital suffering high temperatures and febrile convulsions after receiving the vaccination. Dr Hames says the program will be suspended until the department finishes its investigation. He says parents who have had their children vaccinated should take precautions.”If it’s longer than 12 hours ago then there is no risk. But if it’s in the last 12 hours they should make sure that they give their child paracetamol and then take every effort to make sure that the temperature of their child is settled.”

‘Queensland police are preparing a report for the coroner into the death of a Brisbane child who had earlier received the seasonal flu vaccine. The two-year-old girl from Upper Mount Gravatt on the city’s southside died earlier this month, the day after she was immunized.’

‘The Australian Government has granted an exemption allowing the dispensing of this vaccine, without it being approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA). That means that client consent must be obtained and recorded in detail on special Commonwealth consent forms prior to injection.’

“One has to wonder about the ethics involved when children are offered a new vaccine which has never been used in this age group before as part of a study funded by the vaccine’s manufacturers and parents aren’t even told. Especially when the State Government has pushed so hard to get parents to agree to this vaccine – even sending personal letters out to families with children in this age range using information from the Medicare database.” says Meryl Dorey, media spokesperson for the AVN (Australian Vaccination Network).

250 reports of adverse reactions – a figure experts and parents fear is being severely underestimated. It has became a hot topic in online parenting forums such as ‘Essential Baby’, where hundreds of mothers and fathers have expressed their fears and detailed nightmare stories of their children’s reactions.

Perth mother Marrisa Moir reports her two-year-old son began gagging and squealing in the bath about four hours after having the flu vaccine on April 9. “I grabbed him out of the bath and then he started shaking uncontrollably. He couldn’t stand or hold anything, he was shaking that much. He curled his arms over his chest, kept gagging and letting out squeals. I had no idea what the hell was going on.”

‘The Australian revealed last week that two members of the DHA’s Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation are also members of CSL’s vaccine advisory board. ATAGI chairman Terry Nolan, foundation professor of the school of population health at the University of Melbourne and deputy chairman of the research committee of the National Health and Medical Research Council, and ATAGI member Peter Richmond, senior lecturer at the University of Western Australia’s school of paediatrics, have declared their links with CSL, including honorariums from the company, in scientific journals. Nolan also has declared “travel support” from drug companies CSL, Novartis and GlaxoSmithKline to attend scientific meetings to present research findings. In addition to his position on government advisory committees, Nolan supervised CSL’s clinical trial last year of the swine flu vaccine in 400 Australian children.’

Flu jab linked to fits in under fives: ‘GPs (UK) have been told not to use a particular flu jab on 110,000 children under five after it was linked with a tenfold increase in fits, it can be revealed. The action is being taken as rate of convulsions caused by high fever among children in Australia given the jab was ten times higher than normal. Up to one in 100 children given the jab, made in Australia by CSL and marketed in the UK by Pfizer, suffered febrile convulsions in the following hours and days. “This is the same product that will be marketed in the UK by Pfizer as Enzira and generic influenza vaccine for the 2010/11 influenza vaccination season. Evidence from Australia suggests a rate of febrile convulsions of about one per 100 for children who were vaccinated with Fluvax. This increased risk appears to be a product specific reaction and evidence from Australia of vaccination with other products has so far not indicated a similar level of risk.”

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VRM editorial: Long-term holistic solutions toward overcoming Flu-like symptoms & maintaining optimal levels of the body’s natural immunity

fluhoaxMost consumers in society are in a chronic state of poor health, suffering from excessively high levels of Acidity. All viruses tend to thrive in a non-alkaline, heavily acidic environment. The human body needs to maintain a pH (parts Hydrogen) ratio of between 6.8 and 7.1 (Alkalinity) to that of Acidity (between 2.9 and 3.2/10), in order to maintain a healthy internal balance. Apple Cider Vinegar (strictly organic) provides the body with an ideal quotient. It is recommended you take a swig of ACV (diluted) 2-3 days per week (routine may vary according to your constitution), at the start of each day. Sodium Bi-carbonate Organic baking soda (teaspoon diluted in water) should be taken at the end of each day (alternately added to your bath).

This gives your body a powerful “double punch” impact/velocity against the onset of infections & long-term cancer.

Long-term holistic solutions toward overcoming Flu-like symptoms –

Coconut, Flax, Hemp Seed, Tea Tree & Oregano Oil, Vitamin D3 (liquid form), Glycyrrhizin (active component of licorice roots), Colloidal Silver, Noni & Elderberry Juice, Star Anise, Laetrile or Vitamin B17, Grape Seed Extract, Seaweed (rich in Iodine), Curcumin (found in Tumeric Spice).

Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) – one of the Omega 3 fatty acids found in fish oil supplements, is a potent immune suppressant. If you take high dose EPA you will be more susceptible to infections, because it is a powerful immune suppressant. However, in the case of an immune adjuvant reaction, you want to reduce it. ‘Studies show that if you take EPA oil one hour before injecting a very powerful adjuvant called lipopolysaccharide (LPS), it would completely block the ability of the LPS to cause brain inflammation. Take a moderate dose everyday and more if needed to tame a cytokine storm.‘

It is critical to begin replenishing the body of these vital vitamins/antioxidants (Vitamin’s A, B6/B12, C, D3, E, Glutathione) & trace minerals (Selenium, Magnesium) immediately. Ideally you want to seek out complementary, natural organic sources rich in these select elements. The body can better assimilate their properties (holistically) when these foods are consumed in their raw, uncooked form. Juicing is always optional, however there is always the potential for a system overload (which can hinder Thyroid function – the unleashing of an over-abundance of free radicals in the body); where-as the proportional levels are never exceeded in the raw, natural (organic) food format.

Natural organic fruit/vegetable/plant/oil//fish/meat “sea & soil based” sources rich in vitamins/antioxidants/minerals include:

Sources of Vitamin A – Wild Halibut, Cod, Krill & Salmon liver oil, Carrots, Spinach, Celery

Sources of Vitamin B6 – Wild Snapper & Salmon flesh, organic Bell Peppers, Spinach, Baked Potatoes, Green Peas, Celery, Yams, Broccoli, Asparagus, Turnip Greens, Lentils, Chickpeas, Kidney Beans, Wheat Germ, Sunflower Seeds, Cashews & Hazelnuts

Sources of Vitamin B12 – Sardines, Beef & Kidney Liver, Free-range Eggs

Sources of Vitamin C – Organic Goose/Straw/Blue/Black/Rasp/Goji/Noni/Elderberries , Guava, Lime, Orange, Cantaloupe, Tomato, Celery, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Amaranth, Potato, Radish

Sources of Vitamin D3 – Regular, measured exposure to natural ultra-violet sunlight, Coconut Oil (internal & external), Aloe Vera gel (external), Wild Halibut, Cod, Krill, Shark & Salmon Liver Oil (internal), light exposed Mushrooms (internal), Goose/Straw/Blue/Black/Rasp/Goji/Noni/Elderberries (internal)

Sources of Vitamin E – Organic Wheatgerm/Safflower/Sunflower/Olive oil, Spinach, Broccoli, Hazel/Pine/Peanuts, Almonds, Sardines, Herring

Sources of Glutathione – Curcumin/Tumeric spice, Asparagus, Milk Thistle, Undenatured/non-heat treated Whey Protein “We literally cannot survive without this antioxidant.” Earl Mindell, R.Ph., Ph.D.

Sources of Selenium – Brazil nuts (dried, unblanched), Sesame Seeds, Mollusks, Oyster, Lobster, Shrimp, Herring, Liver, Egg, Beef, Oats, Brown Rice, Garlic, Broccoli, Wheat Germ, Whole Grains, Mushrooms, Red Grapes

Sources of Magnesium – Pumpkin & Squash Seed kernels, Brazil Nuts, Almonds, Cashews, Peanuts, Buckwheat, Black/White Soy Beans, Brown Rice, Halibut, Probiotic Yogurt/Kefir, Celery

Blueberries (flavonoids) help to stave off Parkinson’s disease (classic neuro-degenerative type disorder associated with vaccine derived synergistic heavy metal “sludge” toxicity breaching of the Blood-Brain area & demylenation/scarring of Myelin Sheath). “Our findings (Harvard School of Public Health) suggest that flavonoids, specifically a group called anthocyanins, may have neuroprotective effects. If confirmed, flavonoids may be a natural and healthy way to reduce your risk of developing Parkinson’s disease.“…’Flavonoids, namely curcumin, quercetin, ferulic acid and ellagic acid, particularly in a mixture, have been found to block the ability of the (vaccine) adjuvants to trigger a long-term immune reaction. If you take it an hour before the vaccination, it should help dampen the immune reactions.‘

Black rice is loaded with antioxidants, rivaling even blueberries – ‘Anthocyanin antioxidants have shown promise in fighting heart disease, cancer and other diseases. Several studies have shown they can reduce blood levels of low-density lipoprotein cholesterol, also known as LDL or bad cholesterol….”Just a spoonful of black rice bran contains more health-promoting anthocyanin antioxidants than are found in a spoonful of blueberries, but with less sugar and more fibre and vitamin E antioxidants.”‘

Note: Celery contains a good concentration of calcium (balanced out accordingly with Vitamin’s A, C, B1/B2/B6, K, potassium, magnesium & phosphorous); dietary essential, and a practical alternative to milk (including ‘calcium’ pill substitute). Consider juicing celery to meet these levels (in addition to regular consumption in its raw form). ‘Parsley is very high in a flavonoid called apigenin and celery is high in luteolin. Both are very potent in inhibiting autoimmune diseases, particularly the apigenin.‘

In summary, the Western Medical Establishment is complicit in undermining the entire bedrock of natural immunity throughout our communities, a convergence of post vaccination adverse reactions, exacerbated by hospital administered Prescription Drugs, which is responsible for MOST, IF NOT ALL CASES of neurological breakdown occurring in the body – chiefly Anaphylaxis (a system-wide allergic & functional breakdown, described as ‘a severe, whole-body allergic reaction to a chemical that has become an allergen‘), and Encephalitis (inflammation of the brain & meninges/Meningoencephalitis manifesting as ‘diffuse and/or focal neuropsychological dysfunction‘); including the eventuality of “multifocal or atypical demyelinating syndromes” (ie. Multiple Sclerosis). Additionally the loss of natural anti-biotic/anti-viral resistance from the overuse (from any use whatsoever) of Prescription Anti-biotics & Anti-virals further erodes the viability of natural immunity, which leads to serious circulatory complications (ie. Myocarditis – inflammation of the heart muscle), often resulting in sudden death.

The Flu has gained strength generation to generation primarily because of the mistakes made by Western Allopathic Medicine. Additionally our lakes, rivers, oceans, mountains, fields, backyards, sewer systems, have become a dumping ground for the byproduct waste of toxic vaccines, a myriad cocktail of potent prescription drug & anti-biotic run-off, live virus & bacterial hybrids, a plethora of sterility & infertility causing agents, cancer triggers, literally coursing through our groundwater. We must be vigilant to seek out all things organic to rid our bodies of any vestiges of this environmental detritus.

Ultimately a holistic approach is needed to build & sustain your optimal levels of natural immunity. Once you have patiently tended to every area of this fundamental well-being (ie. maintaining your Thyroid balance, Alkalinity levels, chelating the body of harmful toxins, eating the right food combinations, replenishing your vital trace minerals & anti-oxidants), the body will begin to thrive as it was naturally intended. Our ancestors understood these basic principles instinctively – as they were essential for their survival. We must therefore seek to rekindle that intrinsic awareness, lost through generations of urban dwelling & over-dependency on outside forces, to learn to manage our own vital health choices; as we finally move ahead in pursuit of self-determination of the body.

Excerpt from VRM: The Flu Report 


BREAKING NEWS: Australia rolls out fascist ‘Draft Mental Health Bill’, which, if legislated, will literally cut off parental consent & protection of their child at 12 years of age – a dangerous & shameful precedent against which all communities must resist, the targeting of innocent children by the State for purposes of garnering Big Pharma profits, forced drug dependency, Medical experimentation & population reduction. Enough is enough. Wake up, folks!

betrayalCHILDREN OF ANY AGE TO CONSENT TO STERILISATION: If a psychiatrist decides that a child (under 18 years) has sufficient maturity, he or she will be able to consent to sterilisation. Parental consent will not be needed. Only after the sterilisation procedure has been performed does it have to be reported and then only to the Chief Psychiatrist. [Pages: 135 & 136 of the Draft Mental Health Bill 2011]

12 YEAR OLDS WILL BE ABLE TO CONSENT TO PSYCHOSURGERY: Banned in N.S.W. and the N.T., psychosurgery irreversibly damages the brain by surgery, burning or inserting electrodes. This draft bill proposes to allow a 12 year old child, if considered to be sufficiently mature by a psychiatrist, to be able to consent to psychosurgery. Once the child has consented it goes before the Mental Health Tribunal (MHT) for approval. Parental consent is also not needed for the MHT to approve the psychosurgery. [Pages: 108, 109, 110, 197,198, 199, 213]

12 YEAR OLDS WILL BE ABLE TO CONSENT TO ELECTROSHOCK (ECT): Electroshock is hundreds of volts of electricity to the head. Any child aged 12 and over, whom a child and adolescent psychiatrist decides is “mature” enough, will be able to consent to electroshock. Also, once consent is given, there is no requirement for parents or anyone, including the MHT, to approve the electroshock. Electroshock should be banned. Its use on the elderly, pregnant women and children is especially destructive. [Pages: 100, 101, 103, 104, 194, 105]

RESTRAINT AND SECLUSION OF CHILDREN: Children can be restrained in a psychiatric institution, with the use of mechanical restraint (manacles, belts, straps etc.) and bodily force. Chemical restraint – the use of psychiatric drugs to subdue and control the person – is not covered in the draft bill, so there are no legal safeguards to prevent its application. Death can result from all forms of restraint. [Pages: 122, 121, 113, 246]

INVOLUNTARY COMMITMENT OF CHILDREN: A psychiatrist can involuntarily detain any child for up to 14 days if “suspected” of mental illness. Parents will not be able to discharge their child during this period and take them home. The psychiatrist can then make a “continuation order” to continue the detainment for up to 3 months and thereafter for each subsequent 3 month period. During detainment, the child could be drugged, restrained, secluded, given electroshock if over 12 and could be put into a ward with adults. Parental consent is not required to continue the detainment or for any treatment, including the child being placed on a legal order to continue to receive drugs at home. The MHT hold hearings on the detainment of a child, but there is no guarantee the child will be able to go home. In 2010/11 there were 1,248 hearings for all ages and only 58 people had their status changed from involuntary to voluntary. [Pages: 21, 22, 35, 19, 107, 36, 53, 54, 183 -185, 190, 191, 213, 214,18, 46, 47, 48, 65, 66, 70, 73, 75-77]

WHO WILL BE ABLE TO DETAIN A CHILD IS NOT FULLY KNOWN: An “authorised mental health practitioner” can also detain a child or adult in the draft bill. Exactly who an authorised mental health practitioner is, is not defined by the draft bill. The Chief Psychiatrist can literally give anyone or any profession the power to detain someone just because he considers they are qualified and by publishing the decision in the Gazette. This clause must be removed from the Draft Mental Health Bill 2011. Only a judge or magistrate should have the power to order someone be detained, and only with full legal representation for the person facing depravation of liberty [Pages: 246, 247, 21, 22]


VRM EDITORIAL: Keys to Natural Immunity – Inter-dependent role of the Liver, Kidneys, Thymus & Thyroid Gland in processing Vitamins D3, A, C & E

113477001Unlocking the keys to natural immunity requires a holistic approach to the complex functioning of the body. Every major organ & gland (comprising the Thyroid, Thymus, Pituitary, Pineal, Adrenal, Pancreas, Ovaries, Testis) are entirely interdependent, a magnificently delicate apparatus of interconnections, without any one of which, the entire system of operations will inevitably fail, leading to a chain-reaction of adverse metabolic breakdown, deterioration in effectiveness of your natural health & compromised immunity. Case in point, the Liver converts Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) into Calcidiol (25-hydroxycholecalciferol – aids in prevention of chronic Liver disease, Thyroid disorders, Diabetes, Cancer), from which the kidneys generate Calcitriol (active form of Vitamin D designed to increase calcium levels in the body in order to treat skeletal & tissue-related calcium deficiencies caused by kidney/thyroid disorders).

The liver and kidney have important enzymes that change vitamin D from the sun or food to the biologically active form of vitamin D. People with chronic kidney and liver disease are at increased risk of low vitamin D because they lack these enzymes.

Calcitriol (1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D or 1,25(OH)2D3): Calcitriol is made from calcidiol, in the kidneys as well as in other organs, and is the most potent steroid hormone in the human body. Referred to as “activated vitamin D,” calcitriol is said by the experts to “unlock” a cell’s DNA library. Acting through the vitamin D receptors (VDR), calcitriol controls the expression of genes, activating about two-thirds of the ones it controls, suppressing the rest.’ Vitamin D Council

‘Once out of the lysosome (the cells’ garbage disposal system – degrades the products of ingestion & worn out organelles such as mitochondria, handles the products of receptor-mediated endocytosis such as the receptor, ligand and associated membrane) , calcidiol binds to intracellular vitamin D binding protein (IDBP) which facilitates the localization of vitamin D metabolites in the cell.

The liver plays a unique role in controlling carbohydrate metabolism by maintaining glucose concentrations in a normal range over both short and long periods of times. In type 2 diabetes, alterations in hepatic glucose metabolism are observed, i.e. increased postabsorptive glucose production and impaired suppression of glucose production together with diminished glucose uptake following carbohydrate ingestion. The simultaneous overproduction of glucose and fatty acids in liver further stimulates the secretion of insulin by the pancreatic cells, and elicits further peripheral insulin resistance thereby establishing a vicious circle.’ C Postic, R Dentin, J Girard

Low vitamin D levels and bone disease are well-recognized complications of “cholestatic” liver disease, which decreases the production or flow of bile. More recently, studies have confirmed low vitamin D levels in noncholestatic liver disease.‘ Satheesh Nair, MD, FACP

‘VDBP (vitamin D-binding protein/Gc-globulin) is converted to macrophage-activating factor by the action of either b-galactosidase from B lymphocytes or sialidase from T lymphocytes on carbohydrate side chains of the protein…VDBP-binding sites are upregulated on activated neutrophils (’plays an important role in the inflammatory response to Gram-negative bacterial infections‘), suggesting that changes in its circulating concentration might occur in inflammatory conditions. Consistent with this, in vitro work has shown that GC transcription is enhanced by proinflammatory cytokines (those which make disease worse).’ British Medical Journal

Recent Kidney Disease Outcomes Quality Initiative guidelines have raised concerns of 25-hydroxyvitamin D, or calcidiol, insufficiency and deficiency in patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD) not yet on dialysis therapy…a high prevalence of calcidiol deficiency and insufficiency in patients with moderate and severe CKD not on dialysis therapy regardless of geographic location.‘ Department of Medicine, Indiana University School of Medicine, Indianapolis, IN

endocrine_systemUnder conditions of stress the Adrenal gland releases Cortisol (steroid hormone) throughout the body, which inhibits the production of T-Lymphocytes (white blood cells designed for cell-mediated immunity; regulate inflammation/cytokines & joint destruction/rheumatoid arthritis, stave off respiratory infections) in the Thymus gland (chief producer of T-Lymphocytes in the body).

In turn, the Lymphocytes (which service your lungs) also depend on Vitamin D3 (steroid hormone known as “cholecalciferol” derived primarily from direct exposure to sunlight & via fatty fish, egg yolks, and dairy products) in order to process Vitamins C & E, while regulating proinflammatory cytokines (those which make disease worse); thus staving off infections, ie. colds, influenza, asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia.

Vitamin D’s metabolic product, 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D (calcitriol), is actually a secosteroid hormone that is the key which unlocks binding sites on the human genome. The human genome contains more than 2,700 binding sites for calcitriol; those binding sites are near genes involved in virtually every known major disease of humans’.…’The liver converts vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) to calcidiol…those with CLD ( chronic liver disease) have reduced vitamin D blood levels because the liver’s ability to convert vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) to circulating vitamin D (calcidiol) is reduced…risk of bone diseases such as osteoporosis which often accompanies chronic liver disease because of the liver’s reduced function.

The Thyroid Gland is key to overall health, producing T3 & T4 hormones ((Iodine Atoms). Iodine helps regulate metabolism in the body. Thyroid synthesizes vital T3 (rare) from T4 (plentiful). the human body requires 150 mg per day – 80% comes from T4 conversion to T3 in the Liver. Notably, the synergy of vaccine derived heavy metal/excipient type “sludge” toxicity neutralizes this function.

Vitamin A plays a central role in the development & differentiation of white blood cells, such as lymphocytes, which are essential to the immune response. Vitamin A deficiency has been shown to increase T3 and this is further increased by an additional deficiency of iodine. “In the A- and A-I- groups, blood levels of retinol fell to one tenth of the control mean and circulating concentrations of total and free T4 and T3 increased significantly. This biochemical hyperthyroidism contrasted with the maintenance of normal TSH plasma values, suggesting a generalized peripheral refractoriness to thyroid hormones.”

Vitamin C is required for the synthesis of collagen, the inter-cellular “cement” substance which gives structure to muscles, vascular tissues, bones, tendons and ligaments.

Vitamin E is an antioxidant which intercepts free radicals and therefore prevents lipid destruction chain reactions. It maintains the integrity of cell membranes. After reactions with free radicals the antioxidant function of Vitamin E is lost. Vitamin C is also able to regenerate Vitamin E but not when the Vitamin D3 levels drop off. Vitamins C & E are dependent on Vitamin A.

Therefore when any of these components are off kilter the entire bedrock of your immunity is compromised.

See: VRM: The Problem With Vaccines Part 4 – Primary Aspects of Vaccine Toxicity Affecting The Body

See: VRM: The Problem With Vaccines Part 5A – Detoxification & Restoration of the Body

See: VRM: The Problem With Vaccines Part 5B – Detoxification & Restoration of the Body


BREAKING NEWS: Clinical Researchers admit to growing frustration over public distrust of Vaccine Industry, equate mandatory enrollment in vaccine trials with civic duty “akin to military conscription” & “mandated choice”

Vaccine Trials1‘Given the often unquantifiable risks to the recipients of vaccines in early stages of development, clinical trials have traditionally relied on informed and consenting volunteers who appreciate the potential risks but still choose to participate for altruistic reasons…In recent decades there has been a distressing decline in the numbers of healthy volunteers who participate in clinical trials, a decline that has the potential to become a key rate-limiting factor in vaccine development. Reasons for this decline are unclear but are likely to be multifaceted.

If progression of promising vaccines from the lab to the clinic is to remain unaffected and financial inducement is an ethically unacceptable solution to the recruitment shortage, other strategies need to be considered. Compulsory involvement in vaccine studies is one alternative solution that is not as outlandish as it might seem on first consideration. Many societies already mandate that citizens undertake activities for the good of society; in several European countries registration for organ-donation has switched from “opt-in” (the current U.S. system) to “opt-out” systems (in which those who do not specifically register as nondonors are presumed to consent to donation) [10], and most societies expect citizens to undertake jury service when called upon. In these examples, the risks or inconvenience to an individual are usually limited and minor. Mandatory involvement in vaccine trials is therefore perhaps more akin to military conscription, a policy operating today in 66 countries. In both conscription and obligatory trial participation, individuals have little or no choice regarding involvement and face inherent risks over which they have no control, all for the greater good of society.

The fundamental principles of medical ethics—beneficence, nonmaleficence, respect for autonomy, and justice—are, as always, conflicted on this issue. Given the inherent risks and common lack of efficacy in many candidate vaccines in development, the principles of nonmaleficence and beneficence would argue against the involvement of subjects in most clinical trials. Justice would reason for the fair treatment of all, supporting mandatory enrollment to help ensure that the risks of developing an intervention that could benefit all are equally borne by all.

Respect for autonomy, on the other hand, would recognize and maintain the right of individuals to self-determination and their corresponding right to refuse a medical intervention. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights upholds the rights, dignity, and freedom of individuals and the need to protect people from “arbitrary interference” [14]—principles that would inevitably be compromised by mandatory enrollment in vaccine trials. Health services depend absolutely on the public’s confidence and trust—compromising on respect for autonomy would undermine this fundamental premise and launch us on a precarious slippery slope that may be difficult to climb back up.

A more palatable and realistic option is a policy of “mandated choice.” In this case individuals would be required by law to state in advance their willingness to participate in vaccine trials [15]. The advantage of this system is that it could identify a large cohort of willing volunteers from which participants could be recruited rapidly without jeopardizing individual autonomy. It would encourage an open, noncoercive philosophy for tackling societal challenges without compromising individual freedom or public trust in the health care system.’ Susanne Sheehy, BM BCh, MRCP, DTM&H, and Joel Meyer, BM BCh, MRCP

Note: ‘Given the often unquantifiable risks to the recipients of vaccines in early stages of development…’

Note: ‘Given the inherent risks and common lack of efficacy in many candidate vaccines in development…’

The misleading nature of Relative risk-type Studies (mainstay for the majority of Standard Immunization-type Vaccine related Clinical Trials)  – ‘If a study reports that a drug reduces your risk of developing breast cancer by 50%, that may sound great, but you must ask whether this is the relative risk or the absolute risk. Here is an example: In a clinical trial, one hundred (100) women (the subjects) take a new drug to see if it reduces the risk of breast cancer, and one hundred (100) women (the controls) take a placebo (dummy pill). Assume that after five years, researchers release data showing that two of the women who took the drug (the subjects) develop breast cancer and four of the women who took the placebo (the controls) develop breast cancer.

Based on this data, which headline is correct? “New Miracle Drug Cuts Breast Cancer Risk by 50%!” vs. “New Drug Results in 2% Drop in Breast Cancer Risk!” If you said both headlines are correct, you are right. The headlines represent two different ways to express the data. The first headline expresses the relative risk reduction the two women who took the drug (subjects) and developed breast cancer equal half the number (50%) of the four women who took the placebo (controls) and developed breast cancer. The second headline expresses the absolute risk reduction 2% of the subjects (2 out of 100) who took the drug developed breast cancer and 4% of the controls (4 out of 100) who took the placebo developed breast cancer an absolute difference of 2% (4% minus 2%).’ Annie Appleseed Project

An important feature of relative risk is that it tells you nothing about the actual risk. This can be very important for evaluating how significant a relative increase might be.‘ George Mason University

See: VRM: Vaccine Exemptions – Protecting Human Right & Voluntary Consent

See: VRM: H1N1 Vaccine Surplus From 2009 Reveals Growing Distrust of Gov’t & WHO – Cost To Taxpayers Exceeds 2.5 Billion

See: VRM: CDC-Gate Exposes A Trail of Fraud Behind Autism Studies

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BREAKING NEWS: Pandemic preparedness & the dark agenda ahead

VRM1We are currently entering the next phase in the Globalist plan to erode the bedrock of natural immunity amongst the general population, a race to gain complete control over our inherent right to self-determination of the body. Based on all my research thus far into the darker aspects of the Vaccine Industry Medical Mafia now firmly in place, a powerful Technocracy of Elites, backed by a Military/Scientific Industrial Complex in collusion with Gov’t Institutions, the UN/World Health Organization & major private Philanthropist-type Global investments, I’m certain we are on the verge of another False Flag Pandemic, comparable to the trial run version of 2009 but far more virulent this time – unleashed via the network of Level 4-5 Bio-labs in place (mainly US) most likely during the Spring-Summer of 2012; a deadly Virus-Bacterium hybrid based on a Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research formula (H1N1 Swine flu + H1N2 Swine flu + H5N1 Bird flu + H3N2 Human flu + Bacteria = Pandemic).
Pandemic PreparednessResearch on the H1N1 Virus/Bacterium hybrid for bioweaponry purposes traces back to a little known Rockefeller funded project. During 1942 the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research, centered in Princeton, New Jersey, undertook a major study titled ‘Synergistic Action Of Hemophilus Influenzae Suis And The Swine influenza Virus On The Chick Embryo’ led by Frederik B. Bang, M.D. through the Department of Animal and Plant Pathology.

The darker implications of their discovery, the harnessing of animal-human live viruses & bacterium for bio-weaponry purposes (H1N1 Swine flu + H1N2 Swine flu + H5N1 Bird flu + H3N2 Human flu + Bacteria = Pandemic) cannot be ignored given the Rockefeller history of involvement in the eugenics movement; suggesting more than just a benign generosity of enlightened philanthropists at work.

Rockefeller Institute Staff“We have found that the combined infection of embryos with swine influenza virus and H. infl~nzae suis produces a highly lethal infection, while neither one alone kills many embryos. Infection with the virus allows the Hemophilus to persist longer than it does in normal embryos.

Finally the combined infection has a selective destructive effect on the embryo lungs.” Frederik B. Bang, M.D/1942

Summary: ‘The synergistic effect of Hemophilus influenzae suis and swine influenza virus in the pig can be reproduced by the inoculation of these agents on the chorioallantoic membrane of 9 to 10 day old chick embryos. Two strains of human influenza virus that were studied failed to substitute for the swine virus in the synergistic reaction. No loss of synergistic effect was noted when the swine influenza virus was put through 11 chick embryo passages. Recently isolated and old stock strains of Hemophilus were equally able to enhance the effect of the virus. Heat-killed cultures of H. influenzae suis can be substituted for the bacterial component of the reaction. Infection of the embryo with swine influenza virus predisposes to infection with H. influenzae suis.

The combination of H. influenzae suis and swine influenza virus causes a selective destruction of the embryo lungs, not produced by the individual components. This pneumonia exhibits the essential features of the natural disease.’

‘Synergistic Action Of Hemophilus Influenzae Suis And The Swine influenza Virus On The Chick Embryo’

The Rockefeller Foundation recently published “Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development’; an in depth examination of society under various degrees/types of dictatorial ‘governance’ –  the implications that, given a total societal collapse, humans would willingly relinquish their already limited freedoms in exchange for manageable order; a grave reminder of how the so called ‘useless eaters’ or ‘bottom feeders’ are perceived by the elites, as essentially passive & malleable, subject to conditioning on a flowchart. The Rockefeller vision, a dystopic clinical analysis of human behavior in response to a major pandemic leaves little doubt as to the ultimate purpose behind the veil of misguided over-reaching philanthropy.

rockefellerscenariosExcerpt from study: Scenario Narratives: LOCK STEP – A world of tighter top-down government control and more authoritarian leadership, with limited innovation and growing citizen pushback:

In 2012, the pandemic that the world had been anticipating for years finally hit. Unlike 2009’s H1N1, this new influenza strain — originating from wild geese — was extremely virulent and deadly. Even the most pandemic-prepared nations were quickly overwhelmed when the virus streaked around the world, infecting nearly 20 percent of the global population and killing 8 million in just seven months, the majority of them healthy young adults.

‘North Carolina Novartis Site Is First Cell-Based Flu Vaccine Facility in the Country (USA): If a flu pandemic strikes the United States, a Novartis (NYSE: NVS  ) plant in North Carolina now stands ready to respond with vaccine techniques that offer speed and scalability advantages over traditional vaccine-making methods.

Novartis’ vaccine facility in Holly Springs, North Carolina today became the first cell culture vaccine facility authorized by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for emergency use during a pandemic. The plant will develop vaccines from cultured animal cells, in contrast to the traditional method of making flu vaccines from chicken eggs…The Novartis site is designed to provide 150 million adjuvanted doses of pandemic influenza vaccine within six months of declaration of an influenza pandemic. In the event of an influenza pandemic, the new Novartis facility could produce up to 25 percent of the vaccine needed in the United States. The cell-based technology employed by the plant could also be adapted to produce vaccines for other infectious diseases in an emergency. The new Holly Springs plant came about in partnership with the federal government. Novartis and HHS collaboration committed $1 billion to the facility, with federal funds coming from BARDA (Biomedical Advanced Research & Development Authority).’

“Today we’re marking the first change in influenza vaccine manufacturing in the United States in 50 years. The pandemic readiness of this facility is a major milestone in national preparedness for pandemic influenza and other diseases.” Robin Robinson, Director of BARDA
Note: ‘The Novartis site is designed to provide 150 million adjuvanted doses of pandemic influenza vaccine within six months of declaration of an influenza pandemic…up to 25 percent of the vaccine needed in the United States.’
‘First U.S. cell-based flu vaccine plant set for dedication: The facility is a public-private partnership of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, and Novartis Vaccines and Diagnostics, Inc. of Cambridge, Mass. This partnership will be maintained under contract for at least 25 years…In addition to partnering to bring cell-based flu vaccine and adjuvant technologies to the United States, HHS and Novartis are partnering with Synthetic Genomics Vaccines of Rockville, Maryland on new technologies to shorten the vaccine manufacturing timeline by optimizing vaccine virus seed strains used for flu vaccine production…BARDA and Novartis also are working with North Carolina State University to train scientists from other countries to use cell culture based manufacturing techniques similar to what is used in the new facility. The training program is part of a World Health Organization initiative to strengthen the ability of developing countries to produce flu vaccine, potentially reducing the global threat from influenza.’
UPDATE: Tracking the worldwide spread of H1N1, H5N1 & H3N2 in 2011/2012- ‘Globally influenza A(H3N2) was the predominant virus subtype detected. Influenza A(H1N1)pdm09 detection was very low, while the proportion of circulating B virus varied. In Europe, North America and the Middle East, an increase of influenza A(H3N2) activity was observed in some countries with localized to regional activity reported. Influenza B virus was detected at low levels with A(H1N1)pdm09 detected to a lesser extent. In Asia, activity of influenza viruses in various proportions started increasing in some countries at local to regional levels. Influenza A(H3N2) virus predominated in Japan and the Republic of Korea, while influenza B predominated in Cambodia, China and Singapore. In some other countries, A(H3N2) and B co-circulated. Influenza A(H1N1)pdm09 detection was low. In the southern hemisphere, at low levels, among circulating influenza viruses, A(H3N2) predominated in general.
A human case of influenza A(H5N1) virus infection was reported in China. The virus belongs to clade, from which, two candidate vaccine viruses are being developed by the WHO GISRS. Virus characterization is on-going in GISRS laboratories in Beijing and Hong Kong. An additional human case of infection with a variant influenza A(H3N2) virus A(H3N2)v was confirmed in the United States of America. The A(H3N2)v virus has 7 genes from the triple reassortant A(H3N2) viruses known to have been circulating in pigs in North America and the M gene from an A(H1N1)pdm09 virus. This is the 12th human case of A(H3N2)v infection. All these viruses characterized so far are antigenically closely related to the candidate vaccine virus developed from A/Minnesota/11/2010.’
Standardization of terminology for the variant A(H3N2) virus recently infecting humans: ‘Since July 2011, twelve human cases of infection with a variant influenza A(H3N2) virus have been detected in the United States. To date, no report has been received from elsewhere in the world. This virus has different virological characteristics from current circulating seasonal influenza viruses in humans, and has a new gene constellation: 7 genes from the triple reassortant A(H3N2) viruses known to have been circulating in pigs in the North America and the M gene from an A(H1N1)pdm09 virus, a seasonal virus currently circulating in humans.’ Joint announcement of FAO, OIE and WHO
We’re very aware that we don’t want to over-play or under-play. We’re trying to get that right. We’re trying to make sure that we’re ready to move quickly, if we have to move quickly, but also trying not to raise alarm bells.” Dr. Keiji Fukuda, WHO assistant director-general for health security and environment

For centuries humankind has depended on an inherent natural immunity to survive; adapting to environmental changes while overcoming mutable diseases, viruses, bacterial or biological threats & inter-species cross contamination.With the 21st Century advancement of high-tech laboratory science (coupled with the unlimited finances of the Military Industrial Complex, Corporations & Governments in league with the World Health Organization), a new Scientific Elite has emerged; broken free from the natural laws of nature in a brazen attempt to re-engineer the species.

The advent of cloned DNA vaccines & Synthetic Genomics, backed by proponents of the Trans-humanist & Bioethics movements (post-Darwinian view, in which the species has the power to direct its own evolution), has opened a Pandora’s Box spelling the inevitable death of natural immunity.
The vanguard in the field of vaccine research claim “Cell-based vaccine production dramatically reduces the possibility for contamination”. Let us review some of the noteworthy findings of National Health Regulators & Medical Practitioners/Researchers thus far:

1. ‘Because the influenza virus genome is segmented, coinfection of a single host cell with two or more different influenza viruses can result in a reassortment (or shuffle) of their genetic material.’

2. ‘Because neoplastic (cancerous) cells survive indefinitely, it is easier to qualify and bank cells that have passed all tests, especially as compared with primary cells (which are derived repeatedly from live tissue and must be re-qualified with each use).’ NOTE: Optaflu, early cell based Novartis prototype vaccine, was produced using a cell line called Madin-Darby (MDCK), cells extracted from the kidneys of a female cocker spaniel.

3. ‘Adventitious agents (mutable viruses/cross-contamination) could theoretically enter a viral vaccine through any of these ingredients (cell substrates, vaccine seed, tissue culture reagents, stabilizers).’

4. ‘Many novel vaccines are produced in animal cell substrates, and emerging infectious diseases may theoretically be transmitted from animals to humans through these vaccines.’

5. ‘It is unclear whether neoplastic cells have a greater or lower adventitious agent risk than other types of cells. Because they can be grown for long periods in tissue culture, there may be greater opportunities for any adventitious agents to be detected.’

6. ‘If their growth in tissue culture is not well controlled, there may exist additional opportunities for contamination of cells with a longer lifespan. In cases of neoplastic cells for which the transforming event is unknown, there is also a theoretical possibility that transformation occurred as a result of a previous viral infection.’

7. ‘Because some mammalian tumors and some cells transformed by viruses contain infectious virus, cells transformed by an unknown mechanism have a theoretical risk of containing a transforming virus.’

8. ‘The human body retains a genetic memory of the foreign substances (endogenous retroviruses – remnants of ancestral exogenous retroviral infections fixed in the germline DNA) to which it has been exposed, including viral and bacterial vaccines…There appears to be a limit on how much foreign material to which the human body can be exposed before some level of genetic damage occurs and a chronic disease initiates.‘ Testimony of Dr. Howard B. Urnovitz, August 3, 1999, Committee on Government Reform and Oversight/House of Representatives

9. ‘Over 200 viruses cause influenza and influenza-like illness which produce the same symptoms (fever, headache, aches and pains, cough and runny noses). At best, vaccines might be effective against only influenza A and B, which represent about 10% of all circulating viruses.’

10. ‘A “perplexing” Canadian study linking H1N1 to seasonal flu shots is throwing national influenza plans into disarray and testing public faith in gov’t agencies responsible for protecting the nation’s health. Study confounds infectious-disease experts in suggesting that people vaccinated against seasonal flu are twice as likely to catch swine flu.’

11. ‘There is concern that genetic technologies will be used to modify these already pathogenic agents and create “super-pathogens”. DNA shuffling (accelerated or directed molecular evolution) or combining genetic elements of distinct pathogenic viruses to create chimeric viruses, could be applied to bio-weapons enhancement.’

12. ‘Xenotropic murine leukemia (cancer) virus-related virus (XMRV) is a recently discovered human (endogenous, cloned) retrovirus that has been found in both chronic fatigue syndrome (Fibromyalgia) & prostate cancer patients. Although these findings need further confirmation, there is a potential safety concern regarding XMRV in cell substrates used in vaccines and in transmission by blood transfusion and blood products.’ FDA

On its face synthetic vaccine technology is clearly a rejection of God, and by extension a rejection of nature itself, the natural principles of life; ultimately a rejection of humankind. Self-determination of the body will not have a place in this Brave New World. “Within thirty years, we will have the technological means to create superhuman intelligence. Shortly after, the human era will be ended.” Vernor Vinge, computer scientist, author of ‘Technological Singularity‘.

Our bodies are sovereign territory and subject to our exclusive self-determination. Any attempted violation of this trust must be construed as a breach of that basic right. May natural immunity be your guiding light through these uncertain times ahead. Words to live by.

We the undersigned, as Freemen & Freewomen, do not recognize the authority of The World Health Organization (WHO) to mandate general forced vaccinations. Our bodies are sovereign territory and subject to our exclusive self-determination. Any attempted violation of this trust must be construed as a breach of said basic right. We are thus holding our elected Governments accountable in this defense with an issuance of notice: a preemptive Class Action Lawsuit to be served in the event our inalienable rights to choose are forsaken.’ – Excerpt from A UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF RESISTANCE TO MANDATORY VACCINATIONS

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BREAKING NEWS: New Controlled Study finds poliomavirus infection in postmortem brains of sufferers of Autism (inter-generational cross-infection from Salk & Sabin Polio inoculations) – 67% infection with Simian Virus (SV40)

polio3‘Vertical viral transmission represents a nongenetic mechanism of disease compatible with high parent-to-offspring transmission and with low rates of disease-specific genetic abnormalities. Vertically transmitted viruses should be found more frequently in the affected tissues of autistic individuals compared to controls. Our initial step was thus to assess by nested polymerase chain reaction (PCR) and DNA sequence analysis the presence of cytomegalovirus (CMV), Epstein-Barr virus (EBV), herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV1), herpes simplex virus type 2 (HSV2), human herpes virus 6 (HHV6), BK virus (BKV), JC virus (JCV), and simian virus 40 (SV40) in genomic DNA extracted from postmortem temporocortical tissue (Brodmann areas 41/42) belonging to 15 autistic patients and 13 controls. BKV, JCV, and SV40 combined are significantly more frequent among autistic patients compared to controls (67% versus 23%, respectively; P <.05). The majority of positives yielded archetypal sequences, whereas six patients and two controls unveiled single–base pair changes in two or more sequenced clones.’ Laboratory of Molecular Psychiatry, Psychiatric Genetics/Neurogenetics, University Campus Bio-Medico, Rome, Italy

Many here voice a silent view that the Salk and Sabin vaccine, being made of monkey tissue…has been directly responsible for the major increase in leukemia in this country.” Frederick Klenner M.D., F.C.C.P.

PolioWithin a few years of the polio vaccine we started seeing some strange phenomena like the year before the first 300,000 doses were given in the United States childhood leukaemia had never struck in children under the age of two. One year after the first onslaught they had the first cases of children under the age of two that died of leukaemia…….. Dr Herbert Radnor observed that in a small area of this little town, in an area where no cases of leukaemia had been expected or at the most one in 4 years according to previous statistics, they suddenly had a rash like an epidemic within a few blocks.” Dr Eva Snead, author of ‘Some Call it Aids – I Call it Murder’

Note: The mother’s placenta, & breast milk (Colostrum) are inextricably linked, providing a baby’s primary initial source of nourishment through the long journey of formation in utero; while supplying the basic building blocks of life necessary to guarantee a safe transition into early childhood development. Mother & baby share the same Immune system while the baby is ‘in Utero’ and for the entire duration whilst the mother is breast-feeding.

Baby‘Studies of the organs and tissues of the first generation progeny revealed mercury in the stomach and intestine at birth and in the first week of life, apparently on account of the entry of mercury through the placental barrier and by way of their mother’s milk. Subsequently, it was noted that the first-generation progeny of mothers that had been previously exposed to the ethyl mercury compound had significantly reduced fertility in comparison to controls. Second generation progeny had low viability, lagged in their weight growth, were retarded with respect to ossification in several cases. Finally, it was then observed when mating the second generation progeny that there was a significant decrease in fertility in comparison to the control group.’

‘SV40 is a poliomavirus with double-stranded circular DNA…Important roles of the early proteins in TSG, oncogene and growth factor regulation…SV40Tag can bind to and inhibit p53 and pRb TSGs, and SV40tag has been shown to inhibit PP2A, which may lead to the activation of Wnt and ERK signaling pathways. SV40 infection may also increase autocrine and paracrine signaling through a variety of growth factor pathways and induce the expression of telomerase. SV40 infection may increase the transcription and activation of Notch–1, which may have an important role in mesothelial cell transformation and proliferation…in vivo evidence from mesothelioma samples. 10 out of 11 tumors with detectable SV40Tag expression also stained positively for activated Akt (protein kinase that plays a key role in multiple cellular processes such as glucose metabolism, cell proliferation, apoptosis, transcription and cell migration).

From 1955 to 1963, the polio vaccine supplied to the United States, Canada, Europe, Asia and Africa was contaminated with SV40. Furthermore, the possibility of horizontal transmission may have enlarged this exposure. Many studies have found evidence of SV40 infection. A meta-analysis conducted by Vilchez reviewed molecular, pathological, and clinical data from 1,793 cancer patients. He concluded that there is significant data to support a role for SV40 infection in human brain cancers, bone cancers, malignant mesothelioma, and non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.’ Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine;year=2008;volume=7;issue=1;spage=3;epage=3;aulast=Weiner


‘For four decades (currently five), government officials have insisted that there is no evidence the simian virus called SV40 is harmful to humans. But in recent years, dozens of scientific studies have found the virus in a steadily increasing number of rare brain, bone and lung-related tumors – the same malignant cancer SV40 causes in lab animals. Even more troubling, the virus has been detected in tumors removed from people never inoculated with the contaminated vaccine, leading some to worry that those infected by the vaccine might be spreading SV40.

In recent years more than 60 scientific studies have found SV40 in rare human brain, bone and lung-related cancers, the same kinds of tumors the virus caused in laboratory animals. Some scientists believe SV40 may play a role in causing those cancers.

One of the biggest mysteries, however, is why SV40 has been found in tumors removed from people who never received the contaminated Salk vaccine.

Researchers have several theories for how the virus could have spread from those infected through the Salk vaccine: in transmission from mother to fetus or through breast milk; through sexual activity or a flu-like virus.

But the Lederle documents, which were obtained by Philadelphia attorney Stanley Kops in litigation not related to SV40, raise the possibility the virus might have been transmitted by contaminated oral vaccine, licensed for production in 1962.

– A confidential memo in 1979 from a Lederle official stating: “It should be noted that Lederle did not test the original Sabin seeds for extraneous agents or neurovirulence since Dr. Sabin assured us that this had been done.”

– Another memo stating that Lederle did not test the seed “since only 50 (milliliters) or less of each seed were provided by Dr. Sabin.”

The two memos added that testing was unnecessary because later vaccine samples submitted for license were free of SV40.

Kops also said that he had taken testimony in 1998 from a top Lederle official who said the company did not have the test results from many of the vaccine lots.

“The vaccine manufacturers and the government need to disclose what really happened,” said Kops. “Without the facts, (scientists) will continue to look in the wrong places to explain how people were infected with SV40 after 1961.” Lederle did not respond to requests for comment.

Last year (2000), a lawsuit was filed in Los Angeles against Lederle by the parents of 2 1/2-year-old Alexander Horwin who died of a brain tumor that later tested positive for SV40. The suit claims that the tumor was caused by SV40 and that he became infected through a 1997 oral polio vaccine.

Kops and attorney Donald MacLachlin represent a New Jersey family that is considering a suit against vaccine manufacturers.

In 1970, surgeons removed a large brain tumor from 2-year-old Mark Moreno. He since has undergone five more surgeries and now wears a protective helmet over the large opening in his cranium where bone grafts never took. Moreno, now 33, lives with his mother and requires daily assistance.

Recent tests show Moreno’s tumor was riddled with SV40, according to the lawyers.

Eileen Moreno, Mark’s mother, believes her son’s brain tumor was caused by SV40 and that he was infected through the oral polio vaccine in 1968.

Last year (2000), two investigators from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration used genetic testing to examine 30 samples of bulk oral polio vaccine used in the United States going back to 1972. They reported finding no SV40. But the government has not used the genetic tests to determine whether vaccine made prior to 1972 was contaminated.

Dr. William Egan, deputy director of the FDA’s vaccine research branch, said testing went back only to 1972 because those samples were the only ones available to them. “There was nothing sinister,” he said. MacLachlin said he finds it “incredible” that the government hasn’t comprehensively investigated the possibility of SV40 contamination of the oral vaccine. ‘

‘The virus has been detected in rare cancers, including:

* Mesothelioma, a fatal tumor of the membrane surrounding the lungs. Few cases were reported prior to 1950, but the incidence has grown in the United States to 2,000 to 4,000 cases …a year, with greater incidence in Europe.
* Brain cancers: Primarily ependymomas and choroid plexus tumors, but also astrocytomas, glioblastomas, medulloblastoma, and meningiomas. Fewer than 1, 000 cases of these cancers are reported in the United States each year.
* Bone cancers: Primarily osteosarcomas, but also chondrosarcoma and giant cell tumors. These also make up fewer than 1,000 cases annually.’

‘Michele Carbone of Loyola University Medical Center in Chicago has announced results that suggest the Soviet polio vaccine was contaminated after 1963, possibly until the early 1980s. “Is there infectious virus? The short answer is, yes,” Carbone told the Vaccine Cell Substrate Conference 2004 in Rockville, Maryland, last week.

The vaccine was almost certainly used throughout the Soviet bloc and probably exported to China, Japan and several countries in Africa. That means hundreds of millions could have been exposed to SV40 after 1963. The consequences of exposure to the virus (which is not related to HIV in any way) are unclear. There is evidence is that some of the people given contaminated vaccines were infected by SV40, and that such infections might lead to the development of certain rare types of cancer many years down the line. But the link with cancer has neither been proved, nor shown to be false.

“There are two scenarios,” says Philip Minor of the National Institute for Biological Standards and Control in the UK. “One is that it doesn’t matter. The other is that it does.” Minor found three samples of the Soviet oral polio vaccine from the late 1960s in the NIBSC’s freezers, the only samples known to survive from this time. In 1999, he found they tested positive for SV40, whereas British samples from this period did not. “But we did not draw any broad conclusions,” Minor says.

Now Carbone has carried out further tests. He has confirmed the presence of SV40 in the Soviet vaccine samples using three separate tests. In two of the samples, he also showed that the SV40 remained infectious. In the third sample, there was no infectious poliovirus either, an indication that the sample of the live vaccine may have degraded.’


‘Health-care workers in Somalia today began a 3-day, United Nations-backed campaign to vaccinate more than 1.8 million young children against polio (2 nasal spray doses), 4 years after the Horn of Africa country was declared to be “polio-free”.’ “If we are to ensure that no new cases of polio emerge in Somalia, vaccination teams must be able to access every community, every household & every child aged under five.” Unicef Representative Rozanne Chorlton


Mesothelioma (fatal tumor of the membrane surrounding the lungs), Brain cancers (Primarily Ependymomas & Choroid Plexus Tumors, but also Astrocytomas, Glioblastomas, Medulloblastoma, Meningiomas), Bone cancers (Primarily Osteosarcomas, but also Chondrosarcoma & Giant Cell Tumors), Post-Polio Syndrome, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, Aseptic Meningitis & Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma

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BREAKING NEWS: Vaccine manufacturing giant GlaxoSmithKline found guilty of ongoing systemic corruption again, directly implicated in the deaths of 14 babies through illegal Vaccine Trials in Argentina – charges including ‘experimenting with human beings’ and ‘falsifying parental authorizations’

glaxosmithkline‘GlaxoSmithKline Argentina Laboratories company was fined 400,000 pesos (nearly $100,000 US) by Judge Marcelo Aguinsky following a report issued by the National Administration of Medicine, Food and Technology (ANMAT in Spanish) for the killing of 14 babies during illegal lab vaccine trials conducted between 2007 and 2008. Likewise, two doctors -Héctor Abate, and Miguel Tregnaghi- were fined with 300,000 pesos each for irregularities during the studies.

The charges included experimenting with human beings, falsifying parental authorizations so babies could participate in vaccine-trials conducted by the laboratory from 2007 to 2008.

Since 2007, 15,000 children under the age of one from Mendoza, San Juan and Santiago del Estero have been included in the research protocol, a statement of what the study is trying to achieve. Babies were recruited from poor families that attended to public hospitals. A total of 7 babies died in Santiago del Estero; 5 in Mendoza; and 2 in San Juan.

Pediatrician Ana Marchese, who reported the case through the Argentine Federation of Health Professionals (FESPROSA in Spanish), and was working at the Eva Perón children’s public hospital in Santiago del Estero when the studies wee being conducted, said this morning in conversations with Continental AM radio that “GSK Argentina set an protocol at the hospital, and recruited several doctors working there.”

“These doctors took advantage of many illiterate parents whom take their children for treatment by pressuring & forcing them into signing these 28-page consent forms, getting them involved in the trials.”–babies

UPDATE: ‘GlaxoSmithKline has responded stridently to claims it behaved unethically by failing to get proper consent from the parents of children recruited for a clinical trial in Argentina of its pneumococcal vaccine Synflorix. The drugs major has been fined 400,000 pesos (about $92,800) by Judge Marcelo Aguinsky following a report issued by the Argentinean National Administration of Medicine, Food and Technology (ANMAT). The judge found GSK responsible for “irregularities” in the recruitment of young children in 2007-8 and also fined two investigators about $70,000 each because consent forms were signed by illiterate parents or people who did not have custody of the children.

GSK says it “respectfully disagrees” with the ruling regarding the administrative conduct of the COMPAS study in Mendoza and will appeal. The firm says it conducts clinical trials “to the same high standards, irrespective of where in the world they are run” and “this includes the requirement to obtain informed consent from participants. That is a fundamental principle of our behaviour and any deviation from this is unacceptable”.

With regards to COMPAS, GSK says it identified “some administrative irregularities in the process of obtaining informed consent from a small proportion of patients” and reported these findings to ANMAT. The company “immediately put in place a corrective action plan which involved reconfirming informed consent of patients in the study and retraining doctors conducting the study where necessary”. The safety of patients was not put at risk  “and ANMAT agreed that the study could continue as planned”, GSK says. COMPAS, which involved close to 24,000 children, was completed in Argentina in June 2011 and is now undergoing its closing phase.’