After nearly 24 months of relentless oppression, psychological terrorism, living under draconian lockdowns, forced to concede the majority of our freedom to ignorant bureaucrats, the tide is turning.

Science inquiry was hijacked and medical experts were shunted and censored for countering the official narrative of the Covid agenda, Most governments around the world are now implementing measures unfit for a democracy or a constitutional republic, or anything resembling a fair and open society. Instead, they are laying the groundwork for a trans-national medical dictatorship, a digital health gulag, in which our bodies are essentially property of the state, a corrupt system where mandatory health policy is enforceable by law.

Vaccine mandates are the hallmark of fascism, NOT of an open and fair society.

Health freedom is an unalienable right, our birthright, which cannot be tethered or eliminated by external forces, so-called elites vested with power. You cannot arrest or stifle an ideology. All you can do is impose unlawful edicts to curtail those rights. Well, the dam is finally bursting, health freedom is on the march.

The global freedom convoy which has emerged is an end result of government overreach taken too far, the working force of the nation, the salt of the earth of every nation, backed into a corner, finally breaking the shackles and shouting, “Enough is enough.” We are witnessing health freedom in action, worldwide. 

‘My husband lost his beloved helicopter job. We are standing for our kids and grandkids. No government has the right to coerce or demand you inject anything into your body!  My body doesn’t belong to the government.’

I will die to protect my family and my children from the overreach of the government. This Mr. Trudeau, he is an insult to Canadians. I just want to know how far Mr. Trudeau would go if somebody took the food off of his table? Because that’s how far I am going to go. Mark my words.

And with this mass awakening, the countless doctors and nurses, unjustly fired for refusing to roll up their sleeves, or criticizing hospital policy on vaccination, are having their voices heard. Like the truckers fighting for their freedom on the streets in Ottawa and elsewhere, the medical community can no longer be corralled and silenced. Courage is contagious.

I’ve been in Ottawa about 12 years, about 10 of those years I’ve been practicing as a nurse in the city. I’ve got to tell you, in my studies, never in my ethics class were we ever taught to force somebody to put something in their body. It’s disgusting.” Veteran Nurse

I am a nurse, a US citizen, and mandated to take the vaccine for my job. I am now vaccine injured and not working because of my adverse reactions and have no income for over 4 months because of my vaccine injury. Thank all of you for this! I support you fully! (Btw, I am 2nd generation here in America, French Canadian from New Brunswick, Canada).’ D Adley

I was a nurse for 18 years, a very good nurse, and so they decided to terminate me, even still. Even though I had an excellent record.

This is a peaceful revolution, and may be the last stand for health freedom in our lifetime. The structure of government will have to change to accommodate these demands. And again, health freedom has been held captive, people are merely liberating what was ours in the first place. One freedom convoy trucker summed up resolution of those on the front lines, “I don’t think I’m getting out of Ottawa without cuffs on my wrists.” Godspeed. We can thank humanity for the truckers. Tyranny is being hoisted with its own petard. Justice served. Amen. 

We need to leave this place empowered. Do you understand? It’s not enough to just come here and listen to speeches, and go home and get comfortable again. We are at war for our families, our children, our lives. The 14th amendment gives us due process. it guarantees us equal protection under the law. So why in the world are the unvaccinated being treated differently than the vaccinated? It is the new segregation, it is the new discrimination. And we have to stop it. Government for the people, by the people will NOT be destroyed.

We have a right to resist, and we have an obligation and a DUTY to do so, to step between a tyrannical government and its laws. They are coming for our children. We cannot sit down. If you want to affect the country, you go for its children. When in the world did we start using children as bulletproof vests for us? When in the world did we start testing things on children? It comes to us first. When you come for our children, you have started a war, and they have declared war, and we are answering to that war.”  

No government has the right or the authority to treat ANYONE as a second-class citizen, based on the individual health choices they make for their own bodies.

The pushback we see occurring is a critical part of the healing process. For two years, the government has ABUSED emergency measures legislation, in order to smother citizen’s rights and freedoms, and using legacy media propaganda, seized the narrative over our lives. It is time to take back that voice, which never belonged to them in the first place, by redirecting our energies toward rebuilding our families and mending our fractured lives.

The lesson we have learned here is that politicians, entrusted with unlimited power, will stop at nothing to covet more control, deliberately concealing their intentions, lying to the people and frightening them into submission, holding science ransom to justify their agenda. Medical researchers should always be allowed to question science, and science inquiry must forever remain outside the jurisdiction of the elites. Science is the great arbiter of truth. 

We are the custodians of health freedom. Every parent must lead by example, to ensure this basic right is protected. It is the lifeblood of our community, the essence of humanity, and the gift we leave to future generations of children. 

This young woman represents the heartbeat of freedom. I applaud her parents for instilling in her values that separate us from the elites destroying our world. 

The devastation caused by these shots on our children already is vast, yet the long term damage to their future health is incalculable. Hybrid cancer coming.

Most of us went into medicine for the right reasons: to help the vulnerable, to reduce suffering. I know my colleagues are kind and well-intentioned and that their faith in our unelected public health policymakers is the result of a lifetime of conditioning. For those of us who have looked at the data and see the truth, I understand the fear: the risk of non-conformity is immense; careers, reputations and livelihoods are at stake. I recognize an even larger threat: a threat to our chosen profession, our life purpose, the possibility that we have been following a false god in our honest intentions to help the ill. We are at a difficult crossroads, but the choice for me is clear.

Although I am not on the front line in the ‘fight’ against coronavirus, and have had nothing to do with the vaccine campaign, I feel complicit in this public deception. I can no longer hide within a system that has proved itself to be weak-willed and unwilling to stand against the irrevocable erosion of inalienable human rights and freedoms in the name of public health safety. It is past the time for us to grow up, stand up and speak out.” Testimony of Dr. Lucie Wilk, veteran nurse at UK National Health Service hospital

Last year prior to the vaccines about 1 in 5 patients came in with Covid. This year in the hospital I’ve been working in every single patient has Covid. Want to know what changed, the vaccines. How many of the patients came in fully vaccinated and vaccinated at all, pretty much the majority…What we’re also seeing are they’re coming in with necrotic fingers and toes from the micro clotting. necrotic intestines from micro clotting, heart attacks, stroke, myocarditis, all of these heart and health issues, blood issues, which we are now being asked to take upon ourselves. I’ve been mandated to get these vaccines.

The other thing that we’re seeing, the treatments for these Covid does nothing in the hospital. Remdesivir does nothing, and the studies prove it. If it isn’t given within the first 3 days, it does nothing for Covid. But yet they give course after course after course of the Remdesivir and the patients end up with all kinds of organ failure, kidney failure, liver failure. They’re ending up with acute respiratory distress syndrome, they’re ending up with pneumothorax (collapsed lung), they’re ending up with all of these issues caused by the treatment, not by Covid. They are NOT dying from Covid.” Idaho nurse risks her job to expose the mass cover-up of vaccine injuries, a flood of Covaxxed patients in her hospital 

This issue is not about protecting public health, it is about destroying the health freedom movement forever.

Over the last decade in particular we have made tremendous strides on educating families in the community about the importance of maintaining holistic health, while exposing the junk science of vaccines, providing legitimate peer-reviewed studies and documenting the carnage that occurs following vaccination based on eye-witness and first hand reports.

We have been privy to tens of thousands of uncensored interviews with the vaccine injured, confessions of their daily struggle and ongoing suffering in the aftermath of receiving vaccines.

We have heard from countless neuro-scientists, virologists, bacteriologists, pediatricians, veteran nurses, chiropractors, and former vaccine industry whistle-blowers and corporate salesmen who have risked it all exposing the naked truth behind this fraudulent market, revealing to us that in fact, vaccines are anathema to the body. Behind those patronizing kindergarten level slogans endorsing vaccines and hypocritical admittance that ALL vaccines are deemed as “unavoidably unsafe,” we are learning that the emperor has no clothes.

We have been educated by autism experts demonstrating the immediate causal link between early childhood vaccines and autism, especially hearing the personal testimony of parents and children who are, after all the real experts on vaccines, the victims themselves, who were caught in the medical web of lies and deceit, now doing all they can to salvage what is left of their child’s interrupted life, helping to restore them to a semblance of what they had before they were forcibly inoculated.

They know that it is paramount to warn other parents to avoid these landmines, so that THEIR child does not suffer the same fate.

This is the reason why we must be silenced, and why we are perceived as a threat to the stability of government. With knowledge comes freedom. And by applying that wisdom we inspire others to embrace the same leap of courage.

The emergent medical technocracy grid is designed to secure centralized power everywhere, with the systematic destruction of individual freedom and permanent abolition of our inalienable rights to determine autonomy over our body, not only impacting this generation but affecting every future generation. This operation is trans-national in scope and completely above the law, both authoritarian and unconstitutional.

Those behind it are bent on establishing a two-tiered society, the vaccinated vs. the dispossessed outsiders. a nightmare future in which anyone who abstains from following the herd will be singled out in the crowd, ostracized, ridiculed, splintered, demonetized, censored, discriminated against, branded as terrorists, slapped with punitive fines, arrested on trumped up charges, left bankrupt, isolated, ultimately held accountable (which is the greatest mistruth of all) for supposedly spreading viral infection and disease to the vulnerable.

We will be treated like refugees in our own country forced to live under medical apartheid. We have to derail this train before it’s too late.

YouTube management has already begun systematically scrubbing its libraries of any controversial vaccine related video content dating back to 2005, from the top to the bottom of the barrel, any type that questions or contradicts the official narrative.

This is much more than an issue of free access to information, it is about molding the minds of future generations.

One day our children will wake up in a world in which they do not know the meaning of choice, with no awareness or capacity to protect their rights to self-determination of the body.

Scientific inquiry has been denied to make way for the new medical religion, a dystopian trans-humanist vision forged by the elite globalists, and anyone who challenges them is slated to be discarded in the waste bin of history.

Well I believe we are positioned on the RIGHT side of history, and destined to make history here.

We represent a primary threat to the establishment. They cannot succeed in rolling out their totalitarian plans unless we are corralled and brought to our knees.

The digital vaccine passport is the ticket to lifelong imprisonment. Those who sign on to it will have to submit to Covid vaccine boosters every 5 months for the remainder of life in order to gain unrestricted access to the world. It will also integrate facial recognition technology via your smartphone, to track and trace your whereabouts at all times.

The national emergency alert system program embedded in your smartphone will be digitally connected with the remote smart cloud link, which will correlate your current vaccine status report to authorities continually day and night. You will have to update your vaccine record on command, when the automatic signal is implemented, otherwise your phone will not work.

And if you are found to be behind on your boosters, you will be assigned to a clinic immediately. You will have no choice, no way to avoid syncing with the app, making it impossible to fly under the radar or evade the Covid authorities.

This translates to no exit and no travel, locally or otherwise in government designated restricted zones for anyone who abstains from the jab. Off limits zones will increasingly expand to cover most of the rural regions across the country and those immediately surrounding you. Eventually your access to nature out of bounds will be eliminated altogether. Fully vaccinated families will temporarily have limited freedom to wander abroad, but eventually, they too, will be cut off from any wetlands, lakes and connecting regions.

That is certainly not called freedom. We will then ALL be held prisoner.

Your passport will be integrated with any future bank debit cards and corresponding credit cards automatically. What appears to be convenience is actually a booby trap.

Once the cashless grid is in place, this step will be required to partake in commerce transactions and day-to-day survival in urban society. Those who are behind on their ROUTINE Covid booster shots will be denied access to funds.

Eventually, there will be no escaping government monitoring of your movement. An updated vaccine status report will become standard requirement to enter most buildings and cross borders locally and internationally. All modes of purchase will be tied to the same system, currency exchange contingent on your compliance. And it is all by design.

Mandatory vaccination is being presented as a legitimate and necessary measure to safeguard the herd from those deviants who oppose them. This, despite evidence that the so-called “Delta” variant is a direct result of vaccine derived RNA enzyme viral shedding.

Not only is the Covid vaccine the most dangerous, untested medical product in history, every aspect of this “drug therapy” is a monumental failure, from the McScience methodology down to the synergistic reaction being generated in the body, a combination of toxic ingredients which will guarantee premature death in many otherwise healthy individuals, regardless of their age, baiting their system with a life-threatening tenuous heart condition.

And at the end of the line, for many of those who outlast the short term impact of their booster shots, is going to be long term hybrid cancer.

Vaccine manufacturers claim proprietary rights to secret formulas, synthetic variants of viruses and additives which they bury in their products. They own the patent rights to these concoctions, and therefore do not have to disclose the composition of said formula to the FDA, nor do they have an obligation to post it on their package monograph. Meaning, we are NOT being made privy to what is going into these shots.

The truth cannot not be silenced or suppressed any longer. Because we are the lighthouse keepers of health freedom, and this is the last stand. So it is our duty and our natural born human right to defend what is ours to keep. We owe it to our children and to ourselves to preserve our dignity as human beings by holding the line. The government is attempting to cut off all our escape options thereby forcing us to run through their gauntlet, an empty threat fueled by fear.

I believe that the surrender option is not to be our fate. As there is a mass awakening occurring around the world in every country pushing back against these unlawful measures, seemingly against all odds, while corrupt mainstream media are doing everything they can stifling our lines of communication in the desperate hopes that people do not galvanize against this imminent takeover.

They expect us to just roll over and give in to their outrageous demands, that our resolve as a community is broken.

Every person who willingly rolls up their sleeve for the Covid jab is unknowingly capitulating with these criminals, justifying these unlawful crimes against humanity thus sealing our fate as a community if we cave in and surrender.

We are an endangered species, and the lessons taught to us by previous generations, who embraced self-sufficiency at all costs, must serve to motivate us forward into action now before it is too late and we lose everything in this life which we hold as sacred.

There is a peaceful solution to this orchestrated crisis, a revolution of the mind and spirit. And it can be achieved without exacting a price in bloodshed or senseless violence in order to move mountains and affect change.

I offer you three simple words, JUST WALK AWAY. I am convinced this is the only safe route out of the entire mess created by western allopathic medicine, all of its hazards and mistakes. What I am advocating is making a clean break, and completely divesting yourself from all their lies and rhetoric, avoiding countless toxic products peddled in the name of mainstream medicine, returning to that place where our ancestors dwell. Their knowledge is waiting to be discovered.

It is crucial that you learn to become your own doctor. I invite you to break the shackles of dependency which have previously prevented many individuals from fully embracing their blessed natural immunity.

Once you actualize your inner strength and assert your purpose, the government will then have no option but to back off and give way to your inalienable rights.

Let it not be said by future historians that we were the last generation which stood up in defense of health freedom.