BREAKING NEWS: Ripples of global vaccine resistance movement now reaching the Developing World; as increasing swell of “vaccine distrust” amongst local families in otherwise isolated communities threatens to scuttle massive Private-Publicly funded UN eugenics directives

polio-vaccine‘Researchers are noticing an increase in mistrust of vaccines around the world, and they’re concerned that unfounded suspicions could derail immunization programs essential to “saving lives”. Anti-vaccine groups in the U.S. and Europe have for years questioned the safety of vaccines like measles-mumps-rubella (MMR).

But according to Heidi Larson, a researcher and lecturer at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, anti-vaccine groups exist in developing countries as well and are getting better networked and organized.

In a paper published online last month in The Lancet, Larson and her co-authors write that “current anti-vaccination groups have new levels of global reach and influence, empowered by the internet and social networking capacities allowing like minds to rapidly self-organise trans-nationally, whether for or against vaccines.” Vaccine distrust in the developing world can evolve out of cultural, religious, or sometimes economic or political reasons, says Larson. In the case of a polio vaccination boycott in northern Nigeria in 2003, “marginalised communities asserted their voice by refusing or challenging government-driven initiatives.”‘

“In some cases, persuading the public to seek vaccination has become even more problematic than during the pandemic…the problem of public mistrust extends well beyond influenza vaccines.  We may need to accept the fact that public perceptions about vaccine safety can be permanently changed by unfounded fears, to an extent that no amount of evidence can change the public’s mind. This is a worrisome new trend that needs to be addressed.” Margaret Chan/Director-General, WHO

“It is from numberless diverse acts of courage and belief that human history is shaped. Each time a man stands up for an ideal, or acts to improve the lot of others, or strikes out against injustice, he sends forth a tiny ripple of hope, and crossing each other from a million different centers of energy and daring, those ripples build a current that can sweep down the mightiest walls of oppression and resistance.” Robert Francis Kennedy

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BREAKING NEWS: FDA now endorsing Vaccine/Drug Industry pay-offs & ‘conflict-of-interest’ type product research – in clear violation of its own supposed ‘conflict-of-interest’ standards of impartiality regarding Health

FDA1‘Conflict-of-interest rules restricting scientists with financial ties to drug and device-makers from advising U.S. regulators may loosen next year. Changes may come through a renewal of the law letting the agency receive fees from companies for product reviews. A 2008 policy limiting researchers who were paid by manufacturers from serving on advisory panels may be curtailing feedback the FDA receives, Food and Drug Administration Commissioner Margaret Hamburg told the advocacy group Public Citizen in Washington today.’

Note: ‘Changes may come through a renewal of the law letting the agency receive fees from companies such as Pfizer Inc. (PFE) for product reviews.’

‘“We have to be sure that FDA has subject-matter experts that we need for our important decision making…prevent inappropriate influence or distortion of information” that may compromise reviews. Patient-advocacy groups and academic researchers have expressed “valid concerns” about the conflict-of-interest policy, prompting an agency rules review.’


BREAKING NEWS: Coordinated plot to demonize Dr. Andrew Wakefield & assert Media control over pro-MMR vaccine propaganda unraveling under intense scrutiny – as evidence of violation of ‘privacy laws’, fueled by Rupert Murdoch scandal, threatens to undermine credibility of Brian Deer & overall legitimacy of The British Medical Journal

MSM loves MMR“I am writing to you because of my concern regarding Brian Deer’s articles in the BMJ. I did respond to the article asking how you came to the serious decision that it was fraud. To date you have not published my response yet again. I want to ask how could you compare the GP records and the hospital records of my children unless you have them in your procession?

As it involves my children and you did not make contact with any of the Lancet families, I would like to know what evidence Brian Deer has shown you to make you reach this conclusion?”

Thomas also pointed out that Deer had quoted from an electronic Blackberry message sent to her by Richard Horton, editor of the Lancet, at the start of a General Medical Council proceeding against Wakefield and two colleagues instigated by Deer. “My own view,” Deer quoted Horton as writing to Thomas, “is that the GMC is no place to continue this debate. But the process has started and it will be impossible to stop.” How, she wanted to know, did Deer gain access to that?

MP Bob Stewart of Beckenham, submitted a written request: “To ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department, if she will assess the adequacy of the police investigation into the activities commissioned by The Sunday Times of the freelance journalist Mr Brian Deer in relation to the acquisition of children’s medical records and information from (a) the Royal Free Hospital and (b) other sources between 2003 and 2005.”

“While the Data Protection Act 1998 does not prevent clinicians sharing information for necessary medical purposes, the confidential nature of health data prevents it being disclosed more widely unless: identifying information has been removed or anonymised; the individuals concerned have given their consent to disclosure; there is a statutory obligation to disclose or a court order requiring disclosure—it is in response to a court order; there is an overriding public interest (for example to protect public health).” Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Department of Health (Lord Warner)

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BREAKING NEWS: Former Editor-in-Chief of New England Medical Journal exposes culture of fraud & fabrication behind Vaccine/Drug Clinical Trial results; including routine redacting of negative data & the use of multiple Study “shell game” type fixing

Vaccine-drug pile“The problems I’ve discussed are not limited to psychiatry, although they reach their most florid form there. Similar conflicts of interest and biases exist in virtually every field of medicine, particularly those that rely heavily on drugs or devices. It is simply no longer possible to believe much of the clinical research that is published, or to rely on the judgment of trusted physicians or authoritative medical guidelines. I take no pleasure in this conclusion, which I reached slowly and reluctantly over my two decades as an editor of The New England Journal of Medicine.

‎Consider the clinical trials by which drugs are tested in human subjects. Before a new drug can enter the market, its manufacturer must sponsor clinical trials to show the Food and Drug Administration that the drug is safe and effective, usually as compared with a placebo or dummy pill. The results of all the trials (there may be many) are submitted to the FDA, and if one or two trials are positive-that is, they show effectiveness without serious risk-the drug is usually approved, even if all the other trials are negative.

In view of this control and the conflicts of interest that permeate the enterprise, it is not surprising that industry-sponsored trials published in medical journals consistently favor sponsors’ drugs-largely because negative results are not published, positive results are repeatedly published in slightly different forms, and a positive spin is put on even negative results. A review of seventy-four clinical trials of antidepressants, for example, found that thirty-seven of thirty-eight positive studies were published. But of the thirty-six negative studies, thirty-three were either not published or published in a form that conveyed a positive outcome.” Marcia Angell, MD, Senior Lecturer in Social Medicine at Harvard Medical School & former Editor in Chief of The New England Journal of Medicine.

The Truth About Drug Companies/Marcia Angell, MD

Media controlled Pharmaceutical Companies

Drug Giant Merck – “Destroy” Critical Doctors “Where They Live”

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BREAKING NEWS: Another trial run for eventual institution of mandatory vaccinations, community-wide ‘drive-through’ mobile inoculation stations

Drive-through-vaccinationsPennsylvania has just conducted ‘Operation Rapid Inject’, a drive-through inoculation station, People drive up, remain in their cars, go through a quick screening and get an injection or a pill… residents could be protected from deadly contagious disease outbreaks and other health emergencies simply by taking a drive.

During Saturday’s practice run the first responders were given tetanus shots — something they should have regularly anyway, Brewer said — to make the exercise more realistic. The Pennsylvania Department of Health contributed 375 doses of Tdap vaccine, which was purchased through grant money.

Note: “We put about 10,000 people through …. That situation is still being looked at, nationwide.”


BREAKING NEWS: In the midst of Rupert Murdoch scandal, newly surfaced evidence points to a widespread Vaccine Industry-Media-Gov’t “hand-in-glove team effort” strategy to discredit Dr. Andrew Wakefield & vilify his findings

Vaccine Industry heirarchy

murdoch_wanted_poster21. Rupert Murdoch’s son James Murdoch sits on the board of GlaxoSmithKline.

2. “Investigative journalist” Brian Deer researched his case with the help of Medico-Legal Investigations, a private enquiry company whose only source of funding is the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry.

3. The head of Reuters serves on the Board of Merck, and Dr. Miriam Stoppard, “Daily Health Advisor” who writes at the Daily Mirror newspaper is married to Sir Christopher Hogg, who was Chairman of GlaxoSmithKline in 2004.

4. Dr Kumar, the Chairman of the GMC (General Medical Panel) Fitness to Practice Panel who ruled against Dr Andrew Wakefield, would not answer questions about his shareholdings in GlaxoSmithKline, and said there was no such thing as vaccine damage and that any parents who claimed that their children had suffered such would be treated with scorn and contempt.

5. Lloyd Blankfein is co-chairman with media mogul Rupert Murdoch in the David Rockefeller-founded Partnership for New York City (PFNYC), chartered by the Royal Family of England. This group is currently advancing a world leading biotechnology trust, heavily invested in “genetopharmaceuticals” and flu vaccine genetic engineering.

6. Members of this group, along with George Soros-directed assets, virtually monopolized the genetics industry during the 1990s, culminating in the corporate privatization of the Human Genome Project.

7. The Baxter Corporation, indicted for spreading HIV contaminated blood products during the late 1970s through the 1980s; a cheap lethal heparin substitute in 2008; and H5N1 contaminated seasonal flu vaccines in early 2009, was directed by Mr. Tony White, Soros’s appointee to lead the privately owned Applera Company following their obvious heist of the Human Genome Project during the late 1990s. The sudden privatization of what had previously been public, non-profit, patentable property, also implicated co-sponsors–the U.S. Department of Energy and The Wellcome Trust of London.

8. Today, the American Baxter Company is a major H1N1 vaccine maker for European nations, and at the center of controversy concerning the expanding outbreak of recombinant H1N1-hemorrhagic pneumonia. Many experts conclude the 2009 H1N1 triple reassortant sourced from a lab, similar to its 1977 relative.

9. “Rupert Murdoch’s mother, Elizabeth, Dame Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire, and daughter-in-law, Sarah Murdoch, steward the Royal Women’s Hospital and Murdoch Children’s Research Institute, respectively, in Australia. They oversaw their staff conduct H1N1 vaccine trials on infants, children, and pregnant women in 2009, collaborating with Merck’s subsidiary, CSL.

10. In 2008, The Wellcome Trust of London’s Biocentre, the UK’s largest non-governmental source of funds for biomedical research, created a special grant program to heavily fund research into alleged mysterious neurodegenerative diseases linked by censored science to thimerosal mercury. The Wellcome Trust’s alleged divestment of conflicting pharmaceutical interests following Burroughs Wellcome’s sale of stock to Glaxo PLC, created GlaxoWellcome, currently GlaxoSmithKlein. This allegation of ‘divestment’ is discredited by more than the fund’s involvement in the Human Genome Project’s pirating, implicating George Soros and David Rockefeller-linked investors. Again, GlaxoSmithKlein makes the H1N1 vaccine, and Rupert Murdoch’s heir apparent, James Murdoch, oversees their Board of Directors.

11. Rupert Murdoch’s Co-Chairman of the PFNYC, Lloyd Blankfein is a major shareholder in the Goldman-Sachs/AstraZeneca partnership. He directed AstraZeneca’s $15 billion acquisition of MedImmune, the H1N1 FLUMIST maker.

12. Besides James and Rupert’s News Corp directing film makers Twentieth Century Fox and Warner Brothers, the Western World’s mass-mediated mind-set is reinforced by PFNYC “partner” and Reuters News Service CEO, Thomas H. Glocer. Glocer sits on the Board of Directors of Merck & Company, whose (CSL) H1N1 vaccine, and (Merck’s) Pneumovax vaccine, is broadening markets as the main ingredient–laboratory engineered H1N1 virus–mutates, as in the Ukraine, becoming more deadly.

Note: In addition to the latest revelations, several key conflicts of interest surrounding Dr. Wakefield’s case have also previously been determined: Sir Crispin Davis was appointed Chief Executive Officer of Reed Elsevier Group (which owns ‘The Lancet’) in September 1999. He is also: Non-executive director of GlaxoSmithKline (who produced the MMR shot at the center of this scandal). High Court Judge Sir Nigel Davis, who led the General Medical Council (GMC) panel targeting Wakefield, is brother to Sir Crispin Davis; which was deliberately covered up during Sir Davis’s tenure at GSK. Also Brian Deer was commissioned by the British Medical Journal (while on the payroll at the Sunday Times) to conduct his so called “investigation” into Wakefield.

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BREAKING NEWS: Explosive ‘Freedom of Information’ attained files reveal evidence of deliberate UK Gov’t concealment of deaths & injuries associated with vaccine uptake – a wake up call for those still willfully in the dark; in reality just the tip of the iceberg, as most cases go unreported

childvaccine2‘Eighteen babies and toddlers have died following childhood vaccinations in just four years, a secret Government report reveals. Four deaths have been linked to suspected adverse reactions to the measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) triple jab, according to documents prepared for the Government’s expert advisers on immunisation. The report, covering the period between 2001 and 2004, details how one baby suffered a cot death following MMR vaccination in 2003. Two more infants were reported to have died after having the MMR jab in 2001, but the cause of death in both cases was unknown. After the death of a child who developed meningitis and swelling of the brain three weeks after an MMR jab in 2004, a claim for compensation was made by the child’s parents…not known if this was successful.

Six fatalities followed meningitis C vaccinations between 2001 and 2003. The deaths of seven other babies were linked to combined vaccines against diphtheria, tetanus and whooping cough and reported to the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA). They include a baby who died from a heart attack. Another died after a polio jab. Almost 800 other reports of suspected complications of childhood vaccination – including convulsions and hyptonia, in which the baby becomes floppy like a “rag doll” – were also made, including 160 for MMR.

Medics raised the alarm under the MHRA “yellow card” warning system, set up to monitor suspected adverse drug reactions. Although making such a report does not prove that vaccination caused death or injury, it means that doctors fear it may have played a part. Their reports were considered by the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation, which concluded that no significant safety issues were identified.

Experts last night said that the true figures for suspected fatalities and serious side effects could be much greater. Dr John Griffin, the former editor of the medical journal Adverse Drug Reactions, said: “For fatalities, it is probably only one in two which gets reported and for other side effects one in 10.” This means that almost 40 baby deaths could have occurred following jabs between 2001 and 2004, and 8,000 serious adverse reactions.’


BREAKING NEWS: Vaccine zealots given mainstream spotlight once again, as strategies heat up in efforts to corral the ever-growing vaccine resistance movement community – with increasingly fascist rhetoric

Vaccine zealots‘What does society do when one person’s behavior puts the greater community at risk? We make them stop. We pass laws, or impose economic rules or find some other way to discourage individual behaviors that threaten the greater common good. You don’t get to drive drunk. You don’t get to smoke in public places. You don’t even get to leave your house if you catch some particularly infectious disease.

Then what should we do about people who decline vaccination for themselves or their children and put the public at risk by fueling the resurgence of nearly eradicated diseases? Isn’t this the same thing: one person’s perception of risk producing behaviors that put others at risk? Of course it is. Isn’t it time for society to say we need to regulate the risk created by the fear of vaccines? Yes, it is.

Unvaccinated people who get sick and visit doctor’s offices or hospitals increase the danger for anyone else who uses those facilities. Outbreaks are costing the healthcare system millions of dollars, and local and state government (that’s taxpayer money, yours and mine) millions more as they try to chase down each outbreak and bring it under control to protect the public’s health. Your health, and mine.

No one doubts the honest passion of those who fear vaccines. And for some people, no amount of communication or dialogue or reasoning will stop them from worrying. But risk perception is ultimately subjective, a combination of the facts and how those facts feel, and sometimes our fears don’t match the evidence. The dangers that sometimes arise because of the way we perceive risk must be managed too. But we must act in the face of this threat to public health.

There are many potential solutions, each fraught with pros and cons and details that require careful thought and open democratic discussion.

• Perhaps it should be harder to opt out of vaccination. (Twenty-one states allow parents to decline vaccination of their children simply for “philosophical” reasons; 48 allow a religious exemption, but few demand documentation from parents to support claims that their faith precludes vaccination.)

• Perhaps there should be higher healthcare and insurance costs for unvaccinated people, or “healthy behavior” discounts for people who do get vaccinated, paid for from what society saves by avoiding the spread of disease.

• There could be restrictions on the community and social activities in which unvaccinated people can participate, like lengthy school trips for kids, etc.

This is not about creating more government to intrude further into our lives. This is about calling on government to do what it’s there for in the first place: to protect us from the actions of others when as individuals we can’t protect ourselves. It is appropriate, and urgent, that we act to protect public health from those whose choices about vaccines are putting the rest of us at risk: We make them stop.

Note: Even Healthcare Workers aren’t spared any vitriol in this argument: ‘25% of the workers in the healthcare facilities where the patients were treated had no immunity to measles (either they had not been vaccinated or the antibodies from an earlier vaccination could no longer be detected).’,0,4240440.story


BREAKING NEWS: Vaccine “millionaire” implicated in gruesome murder of girlfriend after his son falls to his death while under her supervision. Is this a clear cut case, a crime of passion, or a deliberate cover-up of Medical Mafia related “ritual killings” in a cutthroat Industry turf war?

Rebecca Nalepa, drug tycoon scandal‘Police are investigating reports that a noisy party was held at a mansion the night after a six-year-old boy fell down the stairs and was fatally injured – and just hours before his father’s girlfriend was found dead hanging naked from a balcony. Max Shacknai, the son of multimillionaire pharmaceutical tycoon Jonah Shacknai, died at a San Diego hospital yesterday as a result of the injuries he suffered in the fall a week ago.

Two days after the accident his father’s girlfriend, Rebecca Nalepa – who was looking after him at the time – was found hanging naked from a second-storey balcony, her hands and feet bound with orange electrical cord.

Reports of a party, which would have taken place as Mr Shacknai and his ex-wife held a vigil at their son’s bedside, deepen the mystery surrounding the two deaths at the historic Spreckels Mansion in the upscale Coronado suburb of San Diego.

Note: ‘Tycoon described as ambitious and driven head of $700million-a-year cosmetic drugs firm.’

Jonah Shacknai, MedisisMedicis Pharmaceutical Corp. (MRX), the maker of wrinkle treatments and acne drugs, fell the most in almost five months in New York trading after the girlfriend of millionaire founder and Chief Executive Officer Jonah Shacknai was found dead yesterday at the executive’s beachside home.

The woman, Rebecca Nalepa, 32, was found nude, with a rope around her neck and her hands and feet bound at Shacknai’s home at 1043 Ocean Boulevard, Capt. Tim Curran of the San Diego Sheriff’s Department homicide unit said today at a briefing. Shacknai’s brother, Adam, told police he saw Nalepa hanging over a balcony and cut her down to a courtyard, Curran said. “This is a very bizarre death, no question about it,” Curran said.

The sheriff’s department hasn’t ruled the death a homicide while the probe continues, Curran said. Adam Shacknai, a guest at the house, is considered a witness, he said. Investigators are in “constant contact” with Jonah Shacknai, who wasn’t home when his brother discovered Nalepa’s body.


BREAKING NEWS: Young Filipino women being singled out for Tetanus shots, while children are being selected for Polio inoculation; all under the guise of protection – yet another stealth Third World Eugenics operation

philippines tetanus shot50,000 Abrenan women aged 15-40 being to be rounded up for a massive “supplemental” Tetanus vaccination campaign spearheaded by the UN. ‘As a strategy to combat and eliminate MNT, the DOH in cooperation with the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) had embarked on the program “Todo-todo tayo kontra tetano” where massive administration of the tetanus toxoid is given to women in the reproductive age of 15 to 40.

Dr. Alexi Marrero, the regional coordinator on the DOH-CAR Expanded Program for Immunization (EPI) said, the administration of the tetanus toxoid will be conducted in three rounds. After one month interval of the round 1, the second round will be conducted again, and the third round will be done in March of next year. Marrero emphasized that the women administered with the first three rounds of the vaccine should complete the fourth and fifth rounds.’

Note: ‘In Tayum specifically, children were also given the polio vaccines.’


BREAKING NEWS: 21st Century Cloned Vaccine Empire has arrived. The US Biomedical Advance Research and Development Authority (BARDA) is investing $196 million to procure a recombinant vaccine (cloned DNA encoding the HA or NA protein of a pathogen – with internal gene segments in animals) that combines influenza & bacteria proteins

Vaxinnate‘Vaxinnate Corp. has secured a contract from the US Biomedical Advanced Research & Development Authority (BARDA) for up to $196.6 million to help develop its seasonal and pandemic flu vaccines. The research and development authority, part of the Department of Health and Human Services, will provide $118 million over the first three years of the contract, with an option to extend for another two years.

Cranbury-based Vaxinnate is working on a recombinant vaccine that combines influenza and bacteria proteins, which is intended to “trigger a strong immune response & provide protection against flu.”

“The 2009 H1N1 pandemic demonstrated the need for technologies that can provide vaccines more rapidly,’’ said HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebellus. “These next generation flu vaccines hold the potential to be even more effective and to make the vaccine available sooner than existing flu vaccines by weeks and months.’’’

‘Although DNA vaccines administered alone have shown promising results in animals, the results of clinical trials have not been as encouraging. Whether this approach will ultimately lead to the development of a viable commercial strategy remains to be seen.’ New England Journal of Medicine

For centuries humankind has depended on an inherent natural immunity to survive; adapting to environmental changes while overcoming mutable diseases, viruses, bacterial or biological threats & inter-species cross contamination. With the 21st Century advancement of high-tech laboratory science (coupled with the unlimited finances of the Military Industrial Complex, Corporations & Governments in league with the World Health Organization), a new Scientific Elite has emerged; broken free from the natural laws of nature in a brazen attempt to re-engineer the species.

The advent of cloned DNA vaccines & Synthetic Genomics, backed by proponents of the Trans-humanist & Bioethics movements (post-Darwinian view, in which the species has the power to direct its own evolution), has opened a Pandora’s Box spelling the inevitable death of natural immunity.

The vanguard in the field of vaccine research claim “Cell-based vaccine production dramatically reduces the possibility for contamination”. Let us review some of the noteworthy findings of National Health Regulators & Medical Practitioners/Researchers thus far. Can you say ‘CANCER’?

1. ‘Because the influenza virus genome is segmented, coinfection of a single host cell with two or more different influenza viruses can result in a reassortment (or shuffle) of their genetic material.’

2. ‘Because neoplastic (cancerous) cells survive indefinitely, it is easier to qualify and bank cells that have passed all tests, especially as compared with primary cells (which are derived repeatedly from live tissue and must be re-qualified with each use).’ NOTE: Optaflu, early cell based Novartis prototype vaccine, was produced using a cell line called Madin-Darby (MDCK), cells extracted from the kidneys of a female cocker spaniel.

3. ‘Adventitious agents (mutable viruses/cross-contamination) could theoretically enter a viral vaccine through any of these ingredients (cell substrates, vaccine seed, tissue culture reagents, stabilizers).’

4. ‘Many novel vaccines are produced in animal cell substrates, and emerging infectious diseases may theoretically be transmitted from animals to humans through these vaccines.’

5. ‘It is unclear whether neoplastic cells have a greater or lower adventitious agent risk than other types of cells. Because they can be grown for long periods in tissue culture, there may be greater opportunities for any adventitious agents to be detected.’

6. ‘If their growth in tissue culture is not well controlled, there may exist additional opportunities for contamination of cells with a longer lifespan. In cases of neoplastic cells for which the transforming event is unknown, there is also a theoretical possibility that transformation occurred as a result of a previous viral infection.’

7. ‘Because some mammalian tumors and some cells transformed by viruses contain infectious virus, cells transformed by an unknown mechanism have a theoretical risk of containing a transforming virus.’

8. ‘Over 200 viruses cause influenza and influenza-like illness which produce the same symptoms (fever, headache, aches and pains, cough and runny noses). At best, vaccines might be effective against only influenza A and B, which represent about 10% of all circulating viruses.’

9. ‘A “perplexing” Canadian study linking H1N1 to seasonal flu shots is throwing national influenza plans into disarray and testing public faith in gov’t agencies responsible for protecting the nation’s health. Study confounds infectious-disease experts in suggesting that people vaccinated against seasonal flu are twice as likely to catch swine flu.’

10. ‘There is concern that genetic technologies will be used to modify these already pathogenic agents and create “super-pathogens”. DNA shuffling (accelerated or directed molecular evolution) or combining genetic elements of distinct pathogenic viruses to create chimeric viruses, could be applied to bio-weapons enhancement.’

11. ‘Consumption of genetically altered/modified organisms (GMO) is associated with infertility, excessive cancer cell growth, organ lesions, altered liver & pancreas cells, changes to enzyme levels, Immune system failure and anti-biotic resistance in animals.’

See: VRM: The Problem With Vaccines Part 3 – Synthetic Genomics & The Death Of Natural Immunity

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BREAKING NEWS: ‘Project Bioshield’ purse strings opening wide as experimental Anthrax-Smallpox vaccines for civilians, deemed “medical countermeasures against biological and chemical threats” are added to the US “Strategic National Stockpile”; including 150 million doses of Anthrax vaccine (part of a $2.3 billion slush-fund). The real agenda? Plans for more ‘false flag’ Gov’t run Biological Warfare Ops on the population

PharmAthene‘PharmAthene Inc. (leading biodefense company developing and commercializing medical products to counter biological and chemical weapons) said Tuesday its experimental anthrax vaccine SparVax (a second generation recombinant protective antigen/rPA) met an important goal in clinical testing, as a study showed the vaccine is stable when stored for up to three years. The company said the 36-month stability result is an important milestone in its research contract with the U.S. government, and it said similar vaccines have had problems demonstrating stability.

PharmAthene said SparVax is a recombinant vaccine that is made through a simpler, more efficient process than the only currently approved anthrax vaccine, Emergent BioSolutions Inc.’s BioThrax (BARDA investment of $690 million/28,780 doses) . The company says it would be able to make 150 million doses of SparVax in a year, if necessary. PharmAthene is developing the vaccine with funding from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease, National Institutes of Health, and the Biomedical Advanced Research & Development Authority, unit of Dep’t of Health & Human Services.’

‘PharmAthene Submits White Paper to BARDA for Advanced Development Funding for SparVax(TM) – Novel Recombinant Protective Antigen Anthrax Vaccine: “medical countermeasures against biological and chemical threats…for intended use by the military and civilian Strategic National Stockpile”

“We believe that, if awarded, funding provided under this BAA, along with potential additional funding under our existing contract with BARDA, will be sufficient to advance SparVax™ to a stage where it will be eligible for consideration for a Project BioShield procurement contract.”‘—novel-recombinant-protective-antigen-anthrax-vaccine-83277962.html

Project BioshieldProject BioShield: ‘The Project BioShield Act became law in July 2004 (P.L. 108-276). This law has 3 main provisions:
(1) relaxing procedures for some CBRN terrorism-related spending, including hiring and awarding research grants;
(2) guaranteeing a federal gov’t market for new CBRN (Chemical-Biological-Radiological-Nuclear
) medical countermeasures;
(3) permitting emergency use of unapproved countermeasures.

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has used each of these authorities. The HHS used expedited review authorities to approve grants relating to developing treatments for radiation exposure and used the authority to guarantee a government market to obligate approximately $2.3 billion to acquire countermeasures against anthrax, botulism, radiation, and smallpox. The HHS has also employed the emergency use authority several times including allowing young children with H1N1 “swine flu” to receive specific antiviral drugs.

The Project BioShield Act allows HHS to purchase unapproved and unlicensed countermeasures. It requires the HHS Secretary to determine that “… sufficient and satisfactory clinical experience or research data … support[s] a reasonable conclusion that the product will qualify for approval or licensing … within eight years.”11 The approval and licensing processes are designed to protect people from ineffective or dangerous treatments. Because most drugs that begin these processes fail to become approved treatments, critics of this provision suggest that the government will end up purchasing countermeasures that may never be approved. To reduce the government’s financial risk associated with this provision, the act allows HHS to write contracts so that unapproved products may be purchased at lower cost than approved products.

The Project BioShield Act also allows the HHS Secretary to temporarily authorize the emergency use of medical products that are not approved by the FDA or HHS. To exercise this authority, the HHS Secretary must conclude that:

(1) the agent for which the countermeasure is designed can cause serious or life-threatening disease;
(2) the product may reasonably be believed to be effective in detecting, diagnosing, treating, or preventing the disease;
(3) the known and potential benefits of the product outweigh its known and potential risks; (4) no adequate alternative to the product is approved and available;
(5) any other criteria prescribed in regulation are met.

The pharmaceutical industry attributes the paucity of CBRN agent countermeasures to the lack of a significant commercial market. Because these diseases and conditions occur infrequently, the private sector perceives little economic incentive to invest the millions of dollars required to bring treatments to market.’

Barda‘A $24.8 million federal contract will support development a new antiviral drug to treat smallpox. The Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA), within the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Office of the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response, will fund the contract with Chimerix, Inc., of Durham, N.C. The contract can be renewed for up to four additional years for a five-year total of up to $81.1 million.

“A critical component of the U.S. strategy for protecting the public against intentional or unintentional release of the smallpox virus is having two smallpox antiviral drugs,” said BARDA Director Dr. Robin Robinson. “In the event of a smallpox outbreak, a smallpox antiviral could augment our plans to use a vaccine because an antiviral medication can treat people who get the vaccine too late for the vaccine to be effective. An antiviral can save lives.”

Smallpox-Anthrax Vaccine currently undergoing Clinical Trials:  ‘A new combination vaccine against both smallpox and anthrax has been tested in animal studies and found to be more effective against anthrax than the Emergent BioSolutions Inc. vaccine currently available.

The experimental vaccine, developed by scientists from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the National Cancer Institute, was tested on rabbits and found to build up immunity to anthrax faster and more effectively than the anthrax-only vaccine, BioThrax, sold by Maryland company Emergent BioSolutions Inc., which is the version stockpiled by the US government.

The vaccine was developed from a version of Pfizer’s smallpox vaccination that had earlier been demonstrated to be more effective in mice with compromised immune systems. This modified vaccine was developed by National Cancer Institute researcher Liyanage Perera and colleagues by adding a gene to the vaccinia virus with a gene encoding for interleukin-15 (IL-15), which is a molecule that boosts the immune system and helps clear the smallpox virus from the system.

To this modified vaccine the researchers added a gene from the anthrax bacterium. The researchers say this may make the vaccine safer than the alternative because BioThrax contains small amounts of the anthrax toxin, the protein Protective Antigen A (PA), while the new vaccine contains only the protective antigen.’

“Through the success of the global eradication campaign, smallpox was finally pushed back to the horn of Africa and then to a single last natural case, which occurred in Somalia in 1977. A fatal laboratory-acquired case occurred in the United Kingdom in 1978. The global eradication of smallpox was certified, based on intense verification activities in countries, by a commission of eminent scientists in December 1979 and subsequently endorsed by the World Health Assembly in 1980.” World Health Organization

‘The claimed need to protect against smallpox appears to be a ruse for the development of its use as a bioweapon. The U.S. government used smallpox infected blankets in its genocide of Native Americans, and the anthrax letters to U.S. Senators and media in 2001 had the same chemical signature of weapons-grade anthrax developed at Fort Detrick, a U.S. military base in Maryland, and Dugway Proving Ground in Utah.’

Current US “resident” Population: 311,752,611

Joint Vaccine Acquisition Program (JVAP) Mission: ‘To develop, produce, and stockpile U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)–licensed vaccine systems to protect the Warfighter against biological warfare agents. JVAP consolidates the Department of Defense’s efforts for the advanced development, testing, FDA licensing, production, and storage of biological defense vaccines – including the Anthrax Vaccine Adsorbed (AVA) Biothrax, the Smallpox Vaccine ACAM2000, and the Vaccinia Immune Globulin, a treatment for rare adverse reactions to the smallpox vaccine. The CBMS-JVAP’s advanced development portfolio includes the plague vaccine, botulinum toxin vaccine, and filovirus vaccine).’

darpa‘The Pentagon’s after a better way to strike back against infectious diseases and bio-threats. Now, a team at Texas A&M may have come up with a way to turn tobacco plants into vaccine-making machines. Darpa, the military’s risk-taking research agency, is investing $40 million into the Texas Plant-Expressed Vaccine Consortium, which will test the tobacco-based method and then offer up 10 million doses of H1N1 vaccines. Once the process has been vetted, the researchers anticipate a scalability that could yield 100 million vaccine doses per month.

Plant-based vaccine production has been in the workings for years now, including the successful creation of edible bananas that protect against the Norwalk virus. Last summer, Darpa requested proposals for plant-based options that would rapidly yield protective antigens for the creation of potent vaccines. Tobacco is a particularly good option, because it’s cheap and grows quickly — yielding vaccines in weeks, rather than the several months required for the standard egg-based method that’s been used since the 1950s.’


BREAKING NEWS: 130 African children force-vaccinated with Measles Vaccine at gunpoint; while a local father is thrown in jail for protecting his children from the shot – undoubtedly as a warning to other anti-vaccine parents to oblige UN/Gov’t authorities & tow the line within the “herd”

measles vacine India‘About 130 children from Nsanje (district in the Southern Region of Malawi – southeastern Africa) who fled into neighboring Mozambique during the “anti measles vaccine” a few months ago were vaccinated this week at gunpoint. The children, belonging to Zion and Atumwi churches were taken into Mozambique by their parents to hide them from officials; fearing they might get vaccinated.

According to Dr. Medison Matchaya, District Health Officer for Nsanje, medics went to vaccinate the children under police escort. “We were alerted that some children who were hiding in Mozambique were back in the country and we asked police to escort the health officials in order to vaccinate them; and we have managed to vaccinate about 131 children”, said Matchaya.

In a related development Mchinji Third Grade Magistrate Court has sentenced Apollo Chitsonga of the Seventh Day Apostolic faith to two years imprisonment for refusing his three children to access Measles Vaccine. according to Police prosecutor, Chipiliro Kalimira, chitsongs, who is a senior member of his church, locked his children inside a house to prevent them from receiving the vaccine and one child is believed (ostensibly) to have died of measles.

Chitsonga, whose church doctrine did not allow taking any medication and only believes in prayer for healing, pleaded guilty to the charges and asked the court to be lenient with him since he is keeping orphans. Magistrate Robert Mbewa guilty of an offense of endangering life by failing to supply “necessities of life” to a person under one’s care without lawful excuse according to section 242 of the penal code. Chitsonga, who hails from the Majamanda Village in the Traditional Authority Makwangwala in Ntcheu, was sentenced to 24 months imprisonment with hard labor.’


BREAKING NEWS: Anti-Vaccine community now an enemy of the “herd”

vaccination debate‘It’s child cancer patients & other people with compromised immune systems that we’re happy to excuse – not the offspring of amateur researchers who’ve trawled the internet for dubious reasons to buck the system. The more people who vaccinate the more we collectively benefit yet it’s an accepted principle that the entire population won’t be able to receive a vaccination…

Perhaps the herd immunity effect of passively getting protection at the expense of others has given them the idea they can continue to have their cake and eat it too. It must be quite a shock to realise their decision comes with consequences, that finally there is a problem that can’t be neatly transferred to society at large.’


BREAKING NEWS: Baby dies after receiving Rotarix oral drops laced with Pig Virus. Doctor deflects blame, summons police to apprehend the father

rotavirus vaccine deathGlaxoSmithKline (GSK) launched Rotarix oral vaccine in India in 2008 – banned in US, contaminated with porcine circovirus type 1 or PCV-1Pig Virus. “Rotavirus drops are given to all children. In Ria’s case, there can be many reasons behind her death. A doctor cannot be blamed for this. However, generally, there is always a possibility of death among kids less than six months old.”

Asked as to why he sent the police to take Kamlesh away, Dr Patel replied, “Kamlesh had brought with him all his relatives. They looked furious and ready to attack me. To avoid any untoward incident, I had to call the police.” Sabarmati police has registered a case of accidental death, are investigating.

Rotarix scandal: ‘Rotarix, made by GlaxoSmithKline, was approved by the FDA in 2008. The contaminant material is DNA from porcine circovirus 1, a virus from pigs that is not known to cause disease in humans or animals. The FDA learned about the contamination after an academic research team using a novel technique to look for viruses in a range of vaccines found the material in GlaxoSmithKline’s product and told the company. The drug maker confirmed its presence in both the cell bank and the seed from which the vaccine is derived, suggesting its presence from the early stages of vaccine development. The FDA then confirmed the drug maker’s findings.’ GlaxoSmithKline emphasized Monday that the pig virus is not known to cause illness in humans, saying “it is found in everyday meat products and is frequently eaten with no resulting disease or illness.”

‘Currently rotavirus vaccine is produced by Merck & Co. (Rotateq) and GlaxoSmithKline Plc.(Rotarix).’


BREAKING NEWS: Global Alliance for Vaccines & Immunisation (GAVI) introduced a pentavalent vaccine series (5 shots in 1 round) in India in 2010. 4 children died “within minutes” following severe adverse reactions. Now their target group, another Third World Nation under Globalist UN authority, the poor, malnourished population of Haiti – lambs to the slaughter. This is part of a systematic, creeping Eugenics program, and needs a concerted public outrage to shine a light on these crimes. Please put on your boots, folks!

Haiti adopts pentavalent vaccine programAssuming that GAVI — the former Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization — approves the plan, Haiti will be the last country in this hemisphere to adopt a pentavalent vaccine that protects against Haemophilus influenzae type B, or Hib, and hepatitis B, as well as diphtheria, whooping cough and tetanus. The plan will also include the relatively new rotavirus (infected with Pig virus) and pneumococcal vaccines.’

4 children from Lucknow, capital of northern Uttar Prudesh State, died “within minutes” from what was initially reported as the Measles and/or Bacillus Calmette-Guérin (Tuberculosis) vaccine. It now appears they may have been unwitting guinea pigs for a new Pentavalent vaccine combining Hepatitis B, Haemophilus influenza type B (Hib), Diphtheria, Pertussis & Tetanus (DPT). Literally a tsunami of live viruses & heavy metals.

“A campaign against the Haemophilus influenzae type b (Hib) vaccine in India launched by some medical professionals has delayed a government plan to introduce the vaccine through its free national immunisation programme for children.”


BREAKING NEWS: Vaccine Giant Merck (manufacturer of Gardasil) admits to routine “redacting” of Clinical Trial Data from public access

AA024540‘“To ensure that information proprietary to the company is not made available publicly”, Merck will require certain sections, including the ‘background’ and ‘rationale’ parts of the study protocol, to be redacted (ergo censored) before they are posted on a journal’s website.’


BREAKING NEWS: Ignorance rules the day in high places! Supreme Court declares generic drug/vaccine labels need not include additional product warnings or updates

Generic Drugs‘High court has ruled that generic drug-makers are not liable for labeling errors made by brand-name companies that manufactured the original version of the medications. Federal law requires that generic labels match only those of brand-name labels & need not include additional warnings or updates, according to decision.’

‘In the Mensing case, the Supreme Court ruling leaves patients with no legal recourse if harmed by generic drugs, and it makes prescribing decisions more difficult for doctors, said Louis Bograd, an attorney for the Center for Constitutional Litigation, which represented the plaintiff.

“To do their jobs adequately, doctors need to have accurate information about prescriptions,” he said. “Under this decision, it is less likely they will have accurate information about those drugs. There is [also] a greater risk patients will look to their doctor for recoveries when they’re injured by a drug.”

The case stems from a 2005 lawsuit filed by Gladys Mensing against generic drug company Pliva, claiming that Mensing developed tardive dyskinesia after using the drug metoproclamide. Mensing also sued drug companies Schwarz Pharma and Wyeth, which made the drug’s brand-name equivalent, Reglan. Research showed that extended use of metoproclamide could result in tardive dyskinesia, but that warning was missing from both the brand-name and generic drug labels, the suit said.

Pliva argued that because Reglan labeling did not include the warning on tardive dyskinesia, the generic firm could not be blamed for injuries associated with metoproclamide.

A lower court ruled in favor of Pliva, but the 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals partially reversed that decision. The appellate court dismissed the brand-name firms from the suit but said the generic drugmaker could have proposed a label change to the Food and Drug Administration to correct the oversight.

In a 5-4 opinion, the Supreme Court acknowledged that state laws require drugs to be labeled with the latest safety warnings, but the court said federal label “sameness” statute preempted those rules. Under the sameness requirement, generic labeling must be identical to the brand-name language because the original labeling is the basis for the generic’s approval by the FDA.

In a statement, the Generic Pharmaceutical Assn. said it was pleased with the court’s decision.

“As the Supreme Court recognized in this decision, assessing liability based on label content that is beyond the control of the generic manufacturer places the generic manufacturer in the impossible position of defending the content of a label that they are required by law to use but are prevented by law from changing,” said GPhA Executive Director Bob Billings.

However, American Assn. for Justice President Gibson Vance argued that the ruling holds brand-name and generic drug companies to varying standards and sends patients the message that brand-name drugs are safer than generics. His organization represents trial lawyers.

“Patients will now be taking generic drugs at their own risk,” he said. “It is absurd that doctors and patients will have to make medical decisions knowing that only brand-name drug manufacturers — not generics — can be held accountable for their drugs’ dangerous side effects.”

The AMA had filed an amicus brief in support of the plaintiff.’


BREAKING NEWS: GlaxoSmithKline produced Diabetes drug ‘Avandia’, already banned in EU & UK, gets the boot in South Africa

Avandia2The Medicines Control Council has withdrawn the diabetes medicine Avandia from the market because it contains a substance that might increase the likelihood of a heart attack. The medication, produced by GlaxoSmithKline, is prescribed to some type2 diabetics. The council made the decision five weeks ago “due to safety risks” attributed to rosiglitazone, a constituent of Avandia. A statement by the council said: “Rosiglitazone is associated with an increased risk [of] heart failure, myocardial infarction [heart attack] and cardiac arrest”.

Avandia was registered in South Africa in October 2004. The EU and the UK have already withdrawn rosiglitazone-containing medicine from their markets.’

Diabetes 2 scandal & cover-up: ‘A new Senate report says that drug maker GlaxoSmithKline knew of possible heart attack risks tied to Avandia, its diabetes medication, years before such evidence became public. They are also asking the U.S. Food and Drug Administration why it allowed a clinical trial of Avandia to continue even after the agency estimated that the drug caused 83,000 heart attacks between 1999 and 2007.

In May 2007, the New England Journal of Medicine published an analysis of dozens of studies on nearly 28,000 people who had taken Avandia. The journal said there was a 43 percent higher risk of heart attack for those taking Avandia compared to people taking other diabetes drugs or no diabetes medication. The findings raised concerns because two-thirds of the people with Type 2 diabetes, the most common form, die of heart problems. “Contrary to the assertions in the report, and consistent with the FDA-approved labeling, the scientific evidence simply does not establish that Avandia increases cardiovascular ischemic risk or causes myocardial ischemic events,” GlaxoSmithKline said.’

Diabetes drug ‘Avandia’ banned in Europe, restricted in US

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