I want to see an anti-vaccine pro-holistic health movement spread around the world like wildfire, something dangerous to rival even the anti-Vietnam War movement. The holistic health movement will eventually relegate the Vaccine Industry, and all similar aberrations of nature, to the dust-bin of history. Amen & Godspeed. The holistic health movement is SO way ahead of the curve. We recognize that there is clear distinction between the verifiable science of the body, and the detritus of propaganda supporting vaccine theory.  The Vaccine Industry will ultimately be brought down by science.

There is no disputing the science of a newborn baby’s brain and central nervous system, the SCIENCE of electro-chemical synergistic nature of vaccine-derived neurotoxins (Aluminum & Thimerosal) injected into the bloodstream. It is a scientific fact, heavy metals are magnetically drawn to areas of fatty tissue, primarily the brain and central nervous system, where they systematically erode primary core circuits necessary in supporting early childhood development.

This is where ALL vaccine related neurological damage begins.

Through the annals of history, outbreaks of disease, plague & life-threatening epidemics were primarily the result of over-crowding, marked by insufficient hygiene, sanitation & nutrition. In this day and age, given proper access to clean drinking water, modern sanitation methods and a steady organic diet, there is simply no excuse, here in the West, for the exponential surge in cases of early childhood diseases and disorders now gripping our communities. The Vaccine Industry is literally at war with natural immunity, having unleashed a plethora of rogue (hybrid/rarified) early childhood cancers, virulent “chimera” (weaponized/mutagenic) viruses, antibiotic resistant bacterium (ie. Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus/MRSA) and insidious fungal pathogens (ie. Gut Flora, Candida) upon our youngest, most vulnerable; including a cat’s cradle of neurodevelopmental disorders such as of Autism, ADD, ADHD – marked by chronic illness, compromised immunity, a rash of auto-immune breakdown related issues (prolonged food/environmental allergies) and debilitating behavioral difficulties. The overwhelming body of scientific evidence points to one critical determining factor in the rise of mutagenic viruses & systemic erosion of natural immunity: multi-generational community-wide exposure to the Standard Immunization regime, in particular, those viral vaccines fixed on the schedule which combine multiple live attenuated viruses – ie. the MMR Vaccine.

When a multi-billion dollar enterprise which depends on the credibility of scientific evidence backing its lofty claims & lucrative product investments, goes out of its way to stifle debate, declaring ‘The science on vaccines is settled’, systematically blacklists and destroys the careers of those doctors with outspoken views on vaccines, while bribing and rewarding those who curry favour, covets hack journalists to slant editorials, push unsubstantiated pieces selling the merits of vaccine uptake, you begin to see a pattern emerging. Mainstream Media serve as a front-line propaganda wing and gatekeeper of the Vaccine Industry, purposefully turning the spotlight away from, ridiculing, often ignoring altogether, any material that contradicts the status quo success rate on vaccines, dismissing the pleas of tens of thousands of parents of vaccine-injured children, because it just makes for bad press; while the omnipotent Vaccine lobby peddles and pressures Government Health departments around the world to tow the line, on penalty of sanctions and forfeiture of lucrative payoffs.  
I’m constantly amazed at the inability of most mainstream doctors to acknowledge the primary link between early childhood exposure to vaccine-derived neurotoxins and a resulting onset of prolonged auto-immune disease occurring in the body. Determining the root cause is the only way out of this tunnel. Otherwise, we continue down a path of life-long sickness & ill-heath.  Pro-vaccine advocates routinely refuse to acknowledge the mountain of scientific evidence exposing vaccine risk & vaccine-derived injuries, equating these legitimate concerns with “fear-mongering” and “junk-science”. The irony is, they are now increasingly in the minority, and clench on to their mainstream-held indoctrinated beliefs with fear of those in the community who embrace holistic health; while trumpeting their blind trust in an antiquated Vaccine Industry bent on sustaining its own long-term profits. It seems many of those criticizing self-sufficiency have more concern with praising and preserving the Vaccine Industry, than recognizing & celebrating the merits of the human body itself, the verifiable SCIENCE of holistic health & natural immunity.

The standard use, in the medical industry and mainstream media, of textbook terminology such as “vaccine-preventable illness or disease” represents a clear contradiction in terms. Vaccines do not, can not, never have and never will prevent illness or disease. Let me repeat that. Vaccines do not, can not, never have & never will prevent illness or disease. Why? The science of vaccines is imminently flawed. Vaccines no NOT confer immunity. All vaccines straight jacket the immune system, by stripping the body of its ability to harness vital trace minerals and antioxidants; the essential arsenal that any child requires to successfully overcome the symptoms of any incoming infection. We’re unmistakably winning the information war. There’s no turning back now. The truth about vaccines has finally broken through the calibrated lies.  We’re in the midst of a major surge in interest on this crucial topic of holistic natural health awareness, and as such, many in the traditionally pro-vaccine circles feel threatened by the loss of trust in their sacred cow Vaccine Industry. Their own paradigm is rapidly crumbling, and they inadvertently lash out at others in the community, those parents who have broken free from the lies, free from programming & propaganda. The Vaccine Industry is in a state of free-fall. 

Join us! Vaccine Resistance Movement



We are now at a cross roads in human history. Our basic health freedom, which we all naturally possess from birth, is being challenged on a global scale. The World Health Organization, acting in coordination with 194 signatory nations, means to crush our inherent rights to independence by claiming de facto ownership over self determination of the body. Vaccine mandates are a reality.

Our community is in peril. Never has a groundswell of this magnitude been so prescient, and never has any emergency demanded greater action, or threatened the very fabric of our existence. This crucial document serves as a beacon of hope to bring our many families in need closer together.

The following book is grounded in science, interwoven with testimonials. ‘Keep Them From Harm’ is structured much like a prosecution casefile, partial exposé on the broken medical industry, partial vivisection of the vaccine industry. This extensive investigation examines the science of vaccines with the sharp precision of an autopsy report. Vaccine-damaged children will figure prominently in the inquiry. They hold all the answers, and so understanding their suffering is crucial to piecing together the many strands of incriminating evidence.

Autism is the major focal point of witness testimony, determining causation factors, repairing damage done wherever possible, helping these brave individuals reconstruct their lives and begin again. Parents have the most to gain by reading this book. They are in a unique position, not only to learn from our miscalculations of the past but to impart wise counsel on the generation to come. ‘Keep Them From Harm’ is a polemic for those in the community left feeling betrayed by their trusted doctors and institutions of heath care.

Excerpt from “Keep Them From Harm”: Children receiving the MMR in its current form are being subjected to a potent mixture of cloned mouse-goat-cow-chicken plasma protein and pig-hen-chick spiked enzymes – interacting with fragmented and reconstituted human lung and kidney tissue from 2 aborted fetuses.

About the author: Joel Lord is the founder and director of the Vaccine Resistance Movement and an established vaccine researcher who has written over thirty major articles on the subject of vaccines. His focus as a vaccine researcher has emphasized many of the problems associated with vaccine methodology and has broken new ground in uncovering the root cause behind Autism. His organization, which has grown to over 50,000 members around the world, has been blamed for fueling “vaccine hesitancy,” and contributing to one of the leading global health threats of 2019. His new book, “Keep Them From Harm” is structured much like a prosecution case file, partial exposé on the broken medical industry, partial vivisection of the vaccine industry.

VRM meets with Polly Tommey on the bus during the historic cross-country Vaxxed tour: This was my last interview given in the lead-up to my eventual book launch in October of 2019. Many of the book’s prominent themes are discussed in detail. At the time I was only part way through the mammoth project.

Vaccine Free America w/ Sallie Elkordy, November 23, 2019

Immunize Wizely with Ingri Cassel November 23, 2019 Hour 2

Keep Them From Harm promotional video


The killing of John F. Kennedy was a colossal blow to freedom, result of an international conspiracy of the highest order. According to District Attorney Jim Garrison in charge of uncovering the buried evidence, no fewer than 30 shooters were gathered in Dallas that fateful day, to terminate the president.

The holistic health movement is under fire right now, and being set up in much the same way, by a similar scale conspiracy, consisting of a criminal class of technocrats, bureaucratic elites, financial giants and sociopathic psychopaths. In the coming months, personal rights and freedoms will be trounced on and shackled, as governments roll out a regulatory framework to impose mandatory vaccination on the people.

Just as JFK was being set up by those who appeared to be trusting and honorable, the greatest heist ever in the history of the health freedom movement is about to be carried out in broad daylight, and sold to the world as a noble cause, humanitarian service, our civic duty, a personal sacrifice which the community must pay forward to save those most vulnerable, to stop the suffering of Covid and save the human race.

The vaccine and the bullet are identical in this respect. The truth and the freedom that were stolen away on the heinous day in Dallas must serve as a catalyst for those of us about to join the same firing line.

The first legitimate 21st century pandemic has materialized, one which is already proving to be a bona fide threat to humanity, with a stealth chimera pathogen of yet unknown origin moving through the population at an astounding rate. Even in its most intense phase, the 2009 Swine Flu pandemic paled in comparison. Nature has been usurped by the medical establishment, converted into a giant repository field trial for untested formulae, which has begun to unhinge its delicate balance, giving rise to bizarre chimera pathogens (which never would have surfaced, but for their intervention).

Government will use the Corona scare as a pretext to fast-track vaccine mandates into law everywhere. We have to be prepared for a series of battles ahead, in the fight for individual health freedom. The most pressing concern on our agenda is an emergency measure decree issued by the World Health Organization, imposed by western leaders upon the community at large, with forced inoculation of the entire population, regardless of quarantines. The plan is in place, all the paperwork ready, awaiting the go ahead (the Model State Emergency Health Powers Act). Buckle up and get out your marching boots, as this is going to be a treacherous year ahead for all of us. Large protest rallies are expected to be springing up around the world.

Thus far, all widespread, non-essential travel restrictions have been recommended, less so imposed – however that is about to change with strict border enforcement; and large public events have been restricted. Thus far, the onus has been placed on families to self-monitor and to self-isolate. But this is a quickly evolving situation. Given the scale of pre-packaged press kit coverage painting a doomsday scenario, the march toward a globally sanctioned forced vaccination policy for every citizen to curtail Corona and “save humanity” is going to be rolled out in unison at an appointed juncture in the coming months. This dilemma has already redefined the landscape, giving rise to new authoritarianism. The WHO was established in 1948 in the wake of fascism, to prevent any repeat of Nazism and secure the foundation and integrity of health rights and freedoms for all nations. Regrettably, powers enshrined to them have been exploited, as Globalism sinks its teeth into humanity. In actuality, the WHO is the hydra protecting and facilitating powerful vaccine corporations, which is a dangerous combination. It is time for families to wake up to uncloaking of the new world order in its glory. We cannot remain passive to this threat, and perhaps the Corona outbreak is the spark that we needed to galvanize and take back what is in the process of being seized from us all, universal, inalienable self-determination of the body, a tenet which was enshrined in the Nuremberg code, which is destined to be shredded and rewritten, unless we intervene.

I can’t stress enough the urgency, as we’re at the headwaters right now of imminent forced vaccination. I say this with absolutely no reservation or doubt. Everyone concerned about civil liberties and health freedom, please get active with this issue. Notify your friends and loved ones. This is the real takeover. It’s happening now. It will unfold far quicker than ever expected. Knowledge is the antidote to fear, and in this hour of need, families have a clear-cut choice: either to remain passive and join the herd or stand free from tyranny. Our ancestors knew which decision to make, because they, too, sensed danger and saw the writing on the wall. Mayday, mayday, mayday!

VRM: Deconstructing Coronavirus – Viral mutations and 21st century pandemics


We are not at war with a virus. The Corona agenda is a trans-national takeover of humanity, the emergence of a global technocracy. The United Nations is equating the scale of the Corona crisis to WWII. Every mode of social communication has been inundated with instructions and guidelines regulating a community response. Propaganda slogans are effective tools of societal control. In times of world war, the people are much more likely to fall in line as a herd, to make sacrifices for the “greater good,” to obey strict authority, under the guise of preserving a universal brotherhood and sisterhood of mankind, collective unity, paying your debts in duty as your responsibility to the nation, to secure the safety for your loved ones, and in defense of freedom. However, so much about this event remains obscured, and the real facts on the ground that matter, in terms of the threat actual level of this virus, have been dwarfed by choreographed media misinformation frightening the nation that an invisible enemy is everywhere, therefore the world community has to lock arms and to barricade one another from each other. At what point do we intervene and stop this cycle of manipulation, and reclaim our independent voice to question the terms of our captive capitulation to these orders? Corona is shaping up to be the biggest coup de grâce of government cover-ups ever waged against the population.

VRM: Deconstructing Corona Part 2 – Contingencies for Survival


Nobody in the scientific community had more expertise or unlimited access to level 4 bio-labs than Dr. Zhengli Shi, Deputy-director of the Institute of Virology in Wuhan, which stockpiles more than 1,500 strains of deadly viruses’ This enclosed setting presents ample opportunity for “spillover events.” ‘The lab is said to have three testing rooms, two animal storage rooms, one virus bank and one animal-dissection room. Twenty-four scientists can work there at the same time.‘ She conducted extensive research on the SARS/Corona virus for a decade, splicing, and reverse engineering hybrid strains via multiple species to produce an eventual highly contagious “chimeric virus” capable of causing rapid respiratory infection in humans. Dr. Shi is considered a preeminent expert on synthetic application of the SARS virus, cross-species manipulation of the virus.

Dr. Qui and her partner Dr. Cheng exploited available medical research at the level 4 bio-lab facility in Winnipeg, Canada, to study every component of Ebola and its relation to HIV. It was during the summer of 2019 that they proceeded to integrate the HIV component. by splicing Ebola into the hybrid SARS-Corona virus, altering the genomic structure of the virus altogether. The shipment was then returned to China, whereupon it was handed over to Dr. Shi. Over the next several months she finalized the recombinant sequencing of the virus, and upon completion, then acted as the courier to deliver the payload of the Corona hybrid out into the environment on October 19th, 2019.

VRM: Deconstructing Corona Part 3 – Origin of a Bio-weapon

Recent in-depth interview on the Corona event with author Joel Lord on RBN – Vaccine Free America w/ Sallie Elkordy, April 11, 2020


When the Covid vaccine proves too dangerous, which is inevitable, and a visible community backlash against taking it ensues, government will seek to institute permanent control over the population, through whatever means available to them. This is why it is crucial we shift focus back to the realm of scientific inquiry.

Science holds the key to exposing corruption at the heart of the Corona agenda.

VRM: Dissecting the Corona vaccine


Both Gardasil AND the Hepatitis B vaccine, Recombivax and have been linked to manifestations resembling Multiple Sclerosis. There have been 45,777 incidence of “Nervous system disorders” officially linked to Gardasil, and at least 31,131 such incidence tied specifically to the Hepatitis B vaccine Recombivax.

Excerpt from VRM: Gardasil, Hepatitis B vaccine Recombivax & Merck scandal – Dangers of Amorphous Aluminum Hydroxyphosphate Sulfate adjuvant


This VRM article will seek to demonstrate the intrinsic link between vaccine toxicity and resulting middle ear infections associated with neurological impairment, compromised immunity, frequently leading to early onset Autism, impacting our children.

The science-based evidence supporting this investigation has identified another fundamental piece in the Autism puzzle, a red flag indicating measure of underlying neurological damage affecting the brain & central nervous system in the majority if not all cases of Autism –  too often exacerbated by a range of compelling symptoms, marked by varying degrees of chronic inflammatory bowel disease.
Your Medical industry has deliberately over-simplified and obfuscated the facts, to deflect attention away from vaccines as the predominant causal agent behind Autism. Profit over people, an unpleasant equation that is lost to those countless children fighting every day merely to survive against increasingly dire odds.
At what point are we, as a community of parents, going to take charge and rethink this skewed relationship, built on an antiquated tradition of perpetual blind faith we have shown in our doctors? Doing the right thing for our children requires sacrifice and commitment. Now is the time we must consider a wiser option than in the past, by severing our ties, once and for all, with this entire house-of-cards being prescribed to us as the truth.

VRM: Vaccine Toxicity – Middle Ear Infections and Autism


California’s new vaccination mandate for school children, Senate Bill SB277, stands as one of the most fascist health-directives ever to be forced upon the population in the history of the United States. This looming conflict will have such serious consequences for families, we may be headed toward an open revolt, perhaps something akin to civil war. The battle for our generation is on. Self-determination of the body is non-negotiable. SB277 marks the beginning of an all-out war on civil liberties. If we capitulate to these draconian regulations, your Government will have the green light to leverage our remaining freedoms into the ground. Countries around the world will be pressured by the Vaccine Lobby to impose the same restrictions on their own citizenry. We simply have no choice but to push back now.
‘This question is predicated on the assumption that vaccines actually work, that the science itself is officially settled: in particular, the effectiveness of “herd immunity” as a proactive strategy to protect the community from the spread of viral, bacterial or fungal infections. Secondly, it necessitates the right of the majority to impose a health directive on a certain sector of the community against their will.
Many families have determined that vaccines are counter-active to the natural immune properties of the human body, that they hinder a child’s neurological and neuro-developmental capacity via a neuro-toxic breach of their delicate central nervous system apparatus, prematurely strip them of vital trace minerals and anti-oxidants; in many instances spreading the very disease or disorder which they claim to prevent.
This science-based evidence is supported by a new generation of enlightened doctors and medical researchers, who have witnessed the overwhelming damage caused by vaccines first-hand.  
In the absence of genuine health freedom, legislators will see fit to utilize authoritarian measures on any faction of the population with impunity. This is the basis of a Totalitarian system.  
Self-determination of the body is non-negotiable. Every parent or guardian is bound to protect their child’s inalienable right to self-determination of the body, what goes in it, and if so, administered by whom. The Government has no authority, whatsoever, to regulate, monitor or deny these primary parental rights.
Voluntary consent is a defining criteria of any open society. There are numerous historic charters which have laid down the parameters for preventing any infringement on this sacred ground. The imposition of mandatory vaccines would thereby forfeit the legality (lawfulness) of these formal declarations, thus rendering our bodies the property of the state.’ Joel Lord, founder and director of the Vaccine Resistance Movement
Mycoplasma is a hazard of the 20th & 21st Century. the dark underbelly of Western Medical Establishment dominance over natural life: altogether complicit in usurping the genuine science of the body with that of ill-conceived allopathic treatment, thus over-stepping the fundamental laws and principles of nature.
The signature of any modern disease, disorder or syndrome impacting human health, is determined by the extent of its virulence and survivability. Mycoplasma fits this criteria definition, having permanently altered the course of evolution; ultimately the future of the entire human race.

Once again, the mainstream media vultures are purposefully exploiting the latest (potentially global) health crisis threatening our communities, with the stampeding Zika Virus, ramping up their rhetoric and fear-mongering headlines.

The origins, and the nature of this outbreak, an unprecedented spike in cases of microcephaly associated with symptoms of the strain, occurring mainly in concentrated areas, seemingly without any environmental or biological catalyst, have left the entire medical community scratching their heads.

So what is actually behind this multi-faceted mystery? The answers are to be found on the ground, in the heart of these impacted communities. You can be certain your Government Health Department has a vested interest in withholding the truth from ever reaching the light of day.

Given the implications, and the financial fallout, not to mention the impact on countless families a cover-up of this magnitude is having, and will have, for generations, who can blame them? We’re now entering uncharted territory.

The Vaccine Resistance Movement has produced the first investigation report yet to get it right, identifying the culprit behind the unprecedented surge in cases of Microcephaly (birth defects) occurring on the ground in Brazil. Read on. 

You’ll be shocked to hear what’s really at stake here.

VRM: Genetic Engineering & The Next Pandemic

Zika Virus Brazil


Another season of fear-mongering headlines & Government Health Department-spun pronouncements is upon us; our communities faced with a seemingly imminent (manufactured) health crisis being foisted down our collective throats. 

So what, exactly, are we dealing with here?  VRM: Ebola Report

As the (Ebola) epidemic gets more and more formidable and in some cases out of control it is quite conceivable, if not likely, that we may need to deploy the vaccine to the entire country to be able to shut the epidemic down. That is clearly a possibility.” U.S. National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases (October 06, 2014)

The benchmark of sound journalism & good detective work in this field depends the weight of scientific evidence presented, the accuracy of the data, and the ability to distinguish verifiable truth from (Pharmaceutical & Vaccine Industry) promulgated lies & misinformation – something clearly out of step with the Mainstream Media protocols of cover-up & deception.  

We’ve been here before. History is predictably repeating itself…again.
Ebola Liberia



Atypical Measles

The MMR Vaccine has co-infected an entire generation of children with a more virulent strain of Measles, now referred to as Atypical Measles Syndrome (AMS). The Medical Industry has reluctantly confirmed this vaccine-derived mutation circulating throughout the environment.
The Vaccine Industry doesn’t want you to know that vaccines cause the very signature disease/disorder they claim to protect you against; albeit a more virulent “transforming” strain of the primary pathogen. 
The Vaccine Industry is literally trying to erase and rewrite the history of our ancestors. Vaccine Resistance Movement on Vaccine Toxicity & Measles Hype  (Note: footage censored by the  CBC National News)
Desperately unhappy 7 year old boy looks down

Desperately unhappy 7 year old boy looks down

Finally, after several years of deep, focused research, I have felt ready to go that extra mile, taking on the most challenging & urgent Vaccine Resistance Movement article thus far. This information will definitely come as a shock to some, and a vindication for others. Without a doubt VRM: The Autism Report is my proudest & most thorough overall effort as a writer & researcher in this field. 

Please take the time to read through the entirety of this magnum opus. In many ways the material presented here-in is groundbreaking. I sincerely hope it benefits those children coping with Autism and their devoted parents; as much as it provides a bell-weather wake-up call to mainstream Pediatricians & those impacted most throughout the Autism community on the front lines, our families.

The synergy of vaccine derived heavy metal-virus-mycoplasma-excipient toxicity “sludge” targets 3 primary core “electrical grid” stations encasing the nerve center/brain – kin to throwing water over a main keyboard operating system. In the event the Blood-Brain barrier, Myelin sheath & Meninges are breached, particularly at such a critical stage in early childhood development, neuro-developmental disorders will inevitably follow. It seems a master Electrician knows more about overall functionality of the human body than your average Pediatrician.

Vaccine Resistance Movement discusses the role of vaccines in ongoing Autism epidemic

Vaccine Resistance Movement discusses the risk of vaccines on a baby’s brain & nervous system


The media circus surrounding our Vaccine Summit held in 2013 has succeeded in reopening the Vaccine-Autism debate. That milestone, alone, indicates that we have shaken the foundations of the Medical Empire and inspired the community to begin this paradigm shift away from dependency on outside forces back to self-awareness & self-sufficiency. More coverage, including video excerpts to come.  An online poll conducted by mainstream outlets asked: Do you believe vaccinations cause autism 66.06% (726 votes) said yes, there is a clear causal connection between vaccination and resulting Autism, while 27.84% (306 votes) refuted the link, with 6.1% (67 votes) undecided. This comment of mine was conveniently edited out of the local Metro news print version in BC, Canada. In fact, any references, in the article, to Autism, were promptly removed, an indication that editorial staff were either pressured into narrowing the parameters of the discussion, or inclined to tip the scales in their favor  – “Autism used to be one in 20,000,” he said. “It is now as high as one in 38, which converts to one in 30 in boys, because boys are four times more likely to succumb to autism.” http://metronews.ca/news/vancouver/591086/vaccine-summit-in-vancouver-tries-to-rekindle-settled-debate/

The Health-Sciences Dep’t at Simon Fraser University (SFU), Vancouver, British Columbia, recently received a donation of 1.4 million dollars worth of lab equipment from Vaccine manufacturing giant Merck – producers of the the Gardasil Vaccine. This is the real reason why they tried to deny the Vaccine Resistance Movement access to their campus. All mainstream media outlets conveniently buried this evidence, which we provided to them up front.

‘Simon Fraser University scientists are busy opening boxes full of shiny new toys for their teaching and research programs. This seasonal excitement comes courtesy of a $1.4 million equipment donation from Merck Canada. Boxes containing scientific tools and equipment – from pipettes and balances up to an ABI 3730xl DNA Analyzer, the gold standard in high-throughput automated Sanger DNA sequencing – have arrived at SFU and will be used to support research and teaching in a number of areas that affect human health, including virology, immunology, toxicology, biochemistry and pathology.

“SFU’s faculty of health sciences is a pretty new faculty, and it typically takes many years to build up a critical mass of laboratory infrastructure. Merck has really enhanced our ability to do high level research by giving us all of this equipment at once.”’


syringe2Vaccine Summit Vancouver — Round-table discussion with parents of vaccine-injured children http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0k9r1XztLsI&feature=youtu.be

Vaccine Summit Vancouver — Presentation by Tetyana Obukhanych PhD  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M1MSjEQDqKQ

Vaccine Summit Vancouver — Presentation by Joel Lord, Founder of the Vaccine Resistance Movement http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U77GCp9UI3g&feature=youtu.be

Note: Regrettably the video/audio quality was sub-par here, as we had to rely on an unsteady Ustream feed. Our primary camera crew bailed at the last minute, leaving us few options. We have presented this material for archival purposes.



Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder have had the rug pulled out from under them at a critical stage of early development, depleted of their vital mineral & antioxidant base, stripped of Mitochondrial & Thyroid efficiency/functionality, their delicate “electrical grid” nerve center violated prematurely – all of which significantly inhibits the capacity of the body to carry out its normal systems of operation.


autistic child1VRM: The Autism Report Part 2 – Missing Links

In the end, we have to go back to the beginning, to the source of neurological & neuro-developmental trauma, in order to fully unravel the damage done to these individuals.

In many ways, the key to decoding Autism and halting this epidemic once and for all,  is time. But there is a way out of this convoluted maze, a route which ensures lasting change, given a concerted effort. Our children are depending on us to take charge, and lead the way home.    


VRM: The Problem With Vaccines Series (links to Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5A & 5B)

Vaccine_pic_Getty_740898856VRM: The Problem With Vaccines

The whole basis for vaccinations is unphysiological. The vast majority of infections enter the body through the nasal passages & Gastro-Intestinal Tract. Accordingly 80% of the body’s immune system is situated at these junctures; the first line of defence. Vaccines are injected into deep muscle tissue/subcutaneously, either route which literally bypasses one’s natural defences altogether. Thus the body is left vulnerable to live viruses & heavy metals.


vrmneedleVRM: The Problem With Vaccines Part 2 – Synergistic Effect of Heavy Metal Toxicity On The Body

“Your blood has no method of excretion; heavy metals & live viruses, formaldehyde are redistributed by the blood to areas of fatty tissue (highly conductive/electrical tissues) – found in gray matter of brain, myelin sheath, spine, cardiac cells. When you stick aluminum in your blood, anything that’s toxic debris is going to bond to it (congestive coccidiosis).”


DNAFragment_WMC_200VRM: The Problem With Vaccines Part 3 – Synthetic Genomics & The Death Of Natural Immunity

For centuries humankind has depended on an inherent natural immunity to survive; adapting to environmental changes while overcoming mutable diseases, viruses, bacterial or biological threats & inter-species cross contamination.With the 21st Century advancement of high-tech laboratory science (coupled with the unlimited finances of the Military Industrial Complex, Corporations & Governments in league with the World Health Organization), a new Scientific Elite has emerged; broken free from the natural laws of nature in a brazen attempt to re-engineer the species.


vaccine1VRM: The Problem With Vaccines Part 4 – Primary Aspects of Vaccine Toxicity Affecting The Body

Vaccines, by their composite nature, inherently damage & disrupt the body’s delicate neurological network; hindering the complex functioning of the brain in maintaining all systems of operation (circulatory, digestive, endocrine, immune, lymphatic, muscular, nervous, reproductive, respiratory, skeletal, and urinary)…


hand-holding-compostVRM: The Problem With Vaccines Part 5A – Detoxification & Restoration of the Body

You have to appreciate, it took time to scar, erode, corrode, singe, clog, coagulate, cross-contaminate, breach, inflame, infect, neutralize, desensitize, degenerate, deplete, demylenate, gradually break down the vast network of myriad operating systems that comprise the delicate matrix of the body…it will take a real sense of commitment to unravel & repair all the damage done…


hand-holding-compostVRM: The Problem With Vaccines Part 5B – Detoxification & Restoration of the Body

We must look to children with Autism to determine the full extent of “vaccine toxicity” derived nutrient deficiencies incurred in the body. All vaccine damaged babies or infants, those fortunate enough to miss the onslaught of Early Onset Autism, still incur significant damage to these interdependent storehouses of vitamins/antioxidants & trace minerals…


glovesVRM: Vaccine Clinic – Concise Compendium To The Problem With Vaccines

The human body is bio-electric, a huge bio-conductive circuit board that runs throughout the entire body enabling all your systems to function & co-ordinate. You have 60,000 miles of blood vessels coursing throughout the body, a vast array of highways & byways & tributaries that are all inter-connected. The neurons in your brain rely on these ions to generate messages. from your brain throughout the body & back; the regulating of organs, your bloodstream, Heart, Kidney, Liver function – chelating & sequestering, the operation of senses & warning signs, everything is managed via this bio-conductive process. Enter Aluminum.


VRMThe Vaccine Resistance Movement has always been a non-profit organization; therefore your financial support is integral to us reaching our many ambitious goals. If you appreciate the efforts to bring this information forward do consider making a donation. Any amount, no matter how modest, will help us raise the stakes to better counter an increasingly dictatorial pro-vaccine lobby & corrupt Gov’t bureaucracy bent on eliminating the link between vaccines & Autism.

Your support will help us expand our horizons, enabling us to reach a much broader community around the world, with many projects currently on the go (aside from helping us cover the basic costs involved in maintaining day-to-day operations, rally costs, speaking engagements etc); while making it possible for us to bring our VRM Worldwide Autism Study to the world stage.

Please see Paypal link on the VRM website. thx (click on ‘Donate’ tab in upper right corner).


VRM ARTICLE CATALOG – Excerpts (including links to complete articles)


childvaccine2VRM: Mandatory Vaccinations – How They Will Be Implemented

Eventually they will tighten the noose, and cut everyone off from independent options altogether. In order to attain an education, in order to maintain a job, in order to enter a hospital or clinic, in order to go shopping, in order to travel, in order to live amongst others (including your family) within any community, ultimately in order to function on any practical level within society, you will be FORCED to get your shots.


Pandemic PreparednessVRM: Pandemic Preparedness & The Dark Agenda Ahead

We are on the verge of another False Flag Pandemic, comparable to the trial run version of 2009 but far more virulent this time – unleashed via the network of Level 4-5 Bio-labs in place (mainly US); a deadly Virus-Bacterium hybrid based on a Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research formula (H1N1/H1N2 Swine flu + H5N1/H7N9 Bird flu + H3N2 Human flu + Bacteria (Hemophilus influenzae/Mycoplasma) = Pandemic).


MRSAVRM: PCV Vaccine Exposed – Breeding Ground For Staphylococcus Aureus

All vaccinated children in the Western hemisphere are now carriers of what is known as MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus/anti-biotic resistant super-bug), due to cross-infection primarily from the routine administering of the Pneumococcal (PCV) Vaccine…


Viral Vaccine ProductionVRM: The Rise of Mutagenic Viruses

The overwhelming body of scientific evidence points to one critical determining factor in the rise of mutagenic viruses & systemic erosion of natural immunity: multi-generational community-wide exposure to the Standard Immunization regime, in particular, those viral vaccines fixed on the schedule which combine multiple live attenuated viruses.


Ebola LiberiaVRM: Ebola Report

Such an accumulation of overlapping & contradictory scientific evidence begs the question – has the Medical community misdiagnosed Ebola? Are we actually dealing with a virus here, or a bacterial strain, or in fact, a composite form of virus/bacteria hybrid? The whole criteria for identifying Ebola is, in and of itself, skewed. These viruses have undergone so many changes, through decades of (unmonitored) laboratory experimentation, re-engineering & chemical synthesis and genetic replication via vaccine programs, they no longer resemble anything close to the naturally occurring, “wild strains” previously found in the environment.


flu-vaccinationVRM: Primary Reasons Not To Get The Flu Shot

Seasonal Influenza virus strains are constantly mutating from year to year. There is no criteria verifying the efficacy and effectiveness of influenza vaccines, composed of a grab-bag of several current circulating strains; while there is plenty of scientific data verifying the toxic properties of the Flu vaccine formula. By the time you know what’s the right strain, you can’t do anything about it.” Dr. Michael D. Decker, Vice President, Scientific & Medical Affairs @ Sanofi-Aventis (Vaccine manufacturing giant). 


flu masksVRM: The Flu Report

The Flu Vaccine deception ranks as one of the great cover-ups & swindles of the last century perpetrated against the general population. Not only has the public been systematically lied to by their elected Government for generations…but the entire bedrock of our natural immunity has been put at risk through the collision of forces being pitted against us around the world.


baby_fetusVRM: Vaccines Do Contain Aborted Human Fetal Tissue

Aborted human fetal (Diploid Cell) tissue is found in the Rubella portion of the MMR vaccine formula – Note: ‘the Wistar RA 27/3 strain of live attenuated rubella virus propagated in WI-38 human diploid lung fibroblasts (Aborted Human Fetal Tissue).’ Some in the community are still reluctant to admit they’ve been lied to for generations by so-called Gov’t appointed health authorities.


WHO3VRM: Flu Death Statistics – WHO & The Big Lie

You’ve all inevitably heard the national averages around the world for seasonal flu related deaths quoted every year,

UNITED STATES: 36,000 deaths per year
EUROPE: 32,000 deaths per year
CANADA: 2-7,000 deaths per year
WORLDWIDE: 110,000 deaths per year

The trick? They fudge statistics, misrepresenting category averages such that the figures appear higher than the evidence allows.


infanrix-hexaVRM: The Confidential Case-files of GlaxoSmithKline – Cover-up, Deferral & Denial of Responsibility for Vaccine-related Premature Deaths

Adverse effects compiled include the following: Cardiac arrest, Convulsion, Hypokinesia,  Depressed level of consciousness, Mouth haemorrhage, Nasopharyngitis, Asphyxia, Apnoeic attack, Pallor, Oxygen saturation decreased, Heart rate decreased, Sepsis, Viral infection, Pyrexia, Loss of consciousness, Cyanosis, Metabolic disorder, Ataxia, Balance disorder, Diplopia, Strabismus, Nervous system disorder, Adverse drug reaction, Death.


Sage ReportVRM: World Health Organization Mafia – Lies, Flies & Conflicts of Interest

The modern Medical Establishment operates much like any Mafia type Organization or Corporation; ruthless, highly efficient & exponentially profitable. The United Nations, as it currently exists, wields more power & influence over National Health policy world-wide than that of any locally/nationally elected Government or adjunct Health Ministry, an endless feeding troth buoyed by massive Private/Public investment…


cfr_logoVRM: Council On Foreign Relations – Major Influence On Government Vaccine Policy

On October 16th, 2009 the Council on Foreign Relations, a powerful Globalist think tank met in New York to discuss policy advisement measures on the Government’s H1N1 program.

“I think we’re all aware the anti vaccine movement is having a field-day on the internet causing reductions in vaccine uptake and it appears to be a pretty unholy alliance of the ultra right & ultra left working together in a sort of Hitler-Stalin pact. I’m not sure we’re countering these people very well.”


vaccinebabiesVRM: Closed Door CDC Meeting Reveals Industry Cover-up Of Heavy Metal Toxicity In Vaccines

Selected vaccine authorities from CDC, FDA, and manufacturers discussed, in a closed meeting, the possibility of neurodevelopment disorders resulting from vaccine components. Documents released through the Freedom of Information Act detail the transcript of a meeting held in June of 2000 between members of the CDC, the FDA, and representatives from the vaccine industry.


gskchemVRM: GlaxosmithKline Implicated In Systemic Clinical Drug Trial Deception & Insider Fraud

‘A psychiatrist on the payroll of GlaxoSmithKline has been sentenced to 13 months in prison after pleading guilty to committing research fraud in clinical trials for antidepressant Paxil. Palazzo enrolled children who did not actually suffer from major depressive or obsessive compulsive disorder, then falsified records & psychiatric diagnoses. GlaxoSmithKline (maker of Paxil) paid Palazzo $5,000 for every child she enrolled in study.


DavidRockefellerVRM: The Rockefeller Foundation Drafts A Post-Pandemic Scenario

…the implications that, given a total societal collapse, humans would willingly relinquish their already limited freedoms in exchange for manageable order; a grave reminder of how the so called ‘useless eaters’ or ‘bottom feeders’ are perceived by the elites, as essentially passive & malleable, subject to conditioning on a flowchart. The Rockefeller vision leaves little doubt as to the ultimate purpose behind the veil of misguided over-reaching philanthropy.


pharma scamjpgVRM: World Health Organization & Vaccine Manufacturers Implicated In Massive H1N1 Financial Scam Involving Kickbacks & Cover-ups

“The idea that we declared a pandemic when there wasn’t a pandemic is both historically inaccurate and downright irresponsible. There is no doubt that this was a pandemic. To insinuate that this was not a pandemic is very disrespectful to the people who died from it.” Gregory Hartl


Swine fearVRM: Vaccine Industry Deception, Propaganda & Media Collusion

“Ways were sought to shorten the time between the emergence of a pandemic virus and the availability of safe and effective vaccines. Some manufacturers have conducted advance studies using a so called “mock-up” vaccine. WHO


pharmafraudVRM: Former Pharmaceutical Representative Gwen Olsen Exposes Systemic Industry Fraud

“The Pharmaceutical Industry is in the business of disease maintenance & symptom management. They are not in the business to cure Cancer, to cure Alzheimer’s, to cure heart disease, because if they were they would be in the business of putting themselves out of business; and that in fact doesn’t make sense. The Pharmaceutical Industry makes 5-6 times the amount of money of any of the other Fortune 500 companies in the United States of America. They are not going to easily or readily give up that income.” Gwen Olsen


GardVRM: Gardasil/Cervarix – A Legacy Of Shame

The headlines alone tell the whole story. ‘Teenage girl left brain-damaged  after receiving cervical cancer jab‘, ‘Thousands of UK schoolgirls have suffered adverse reactions…several reported multiple reactions’, ‘20,575 adverse reactions, 352 reports of abnormal pap smears post vaccination, 89 reported deaths’, ‘New Worries About Gardasil Safety’, ‘Cervical Cancer Vaccine May Raise Risk of Guillain-Barre Syndrome’, ‘8 more deaths connected to HPV vaccine’…

“70 percent of all HPV infections resolve themselves without treatment within a year. Within two years, the number climbs to 90 percent. Of the remaining 10 percent of HPV infections, only half will develop into cervical cancer, which leaves little need for the vaccine” Dr. Diane Harper, lead researcher in the development of HPV vaccines Gardasil & Cervarix


syringedropVRM: Gardasil/Cervarix Part 2 – Demyelination, Multiple Sclerosis & the Copaxone Connection

How is it possible that such a widespread scandal involving Copaxone should go unnoticed by mainstream doctors working within the system; as young teens, experiencing adverse reactions to Gardasil (ie. MS-like symptoms) are having their health further undermined by serious drug interactions post-vaccination?


cdc_logoVRM: CDC-Gate Exposes A Trail of Fraud Behind Autism Studies

The US Center For Disease Control suddenly finds itself at the center of a huge media storm, rocked by a recent scandal implicating  Dr. Paul Thorsen, chief co-author of a 2003 Danish Study financed by the CDC (which is now recognized as THE flagship model ostensibly disproving the vaccine-mercury-autism link). It seems Thorsen has illegally confiscated $2 million of CDC supplied grant money intended for research on the study.


Vaccine surplusVRM: H1N1 Vaccine Surplus From 2009 Reveals Growing Distrust of Gov’t & WHO – Cost To Taxpayers Exceeds 2.5 Billion

Canada: $200,000,000+ worth of unused H1N1 vaccine. United States: $455,000,000+ worth of unused H1N1 vaccine. France: approximately $750,000,000 worth of unused H1N1 vaccine supply. UK: $250,000,000 worth of unused H1N1 vaccine supply (3.8 million doses).


Aids3VRM: Aids & The WHO Connection: Criminal Intent

A 1972 report (Bulletin #47) issued by the World Health Organization referred to an immune virus requested which would selectively destroy the Human T Cell System, to be distributed in conjunction with a Nationwide vaccination program “to observe the results”. This coincided precisely with the extensive Small Pox vaccination program in central Africa – shortly preceding the outbreak of Aids in Africa, America & elsewhere. The determining factor most common in Aids victims is the breakdown of the T Cell System in the body.


52592956CH008_Nigeria_BattlVRM: Polio – United Nations & The Great Cull

According to the WHO vaccines aren’t to blame for the spread of Polio in Nigeria; but rather low vaccine uptake amongst the poorest communities. This despite the fact that, by their own admission, children receiving the LIVE POLIO VIRUS MIST will continue shedding the virus for weeks to come. “At main hospital in Mbarara during that month of 1977 more than 600 children died following polio vaccination.” UN


oral polio dropsVRM: The Re-emergence of Polio in The Third World (compliments of the World Health Organization & Bill Gates)

The original Salk & Sabin Polio vaccine spawned a host of hitherto rare/unseen/unknown malignant forms of Cancer & crippling/debilitating neuro-devlopmental/neurological Syndromes & Disorders (which has provided a bonanza of surplus wealth to the Western Medical Establishment) including: Mesothelioma (fatal tumor of the membrane surrounding the lungs), Brain Cancers (Ependymomas & Choroid Plexus Tumors, Astrocytomas, Glioblastomas, Medulloblastoma, Meningiomas), Bone Cancers (Osteosarcomas, Chondrosarcoma & Giant Cell Tumors), Post-Polio Syndrome, Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, Aseptic Meningitis, Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma & Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. We can now add Non-Polio Acute Flaccid Paralysis to that list; thanks, in full, to the WHO & Bill Gates.


VRM: Weaponized Polio & The African Green Monkey Conundrum

The obvious culprit here, the elephant in the room, which most so called “experts” have seemingly overlooked? Latent inter-generational Simian Virus (SV40) cross-contamination, from infected monkeys, now embedded in the African Green Monkey & Rhesus COLONIES (through monkey to monkey viral shedding), lingering in the DNA gene pool well after 1962/63.


PanvaxVRM: Australian Vaccine Scandal




ketamin2VRM: The Dark Side of The Vitamin K Shot

Apart from the trauma inflicted on a newborn of getting the shot, the amount of Vitamin K injected into newborns is 20,000 times the needed dose. The injection also contains a preservative, Benzyl alcohol, that can be especially toxic for your baby’s delicate, young immune system.


tp-wakefield-cp-RTR29KX1VRM: Dr. Andrew Wakefield Being Crucified By Big Pharma

Dr. Andrew Wakefield, an outspoken critic of vaccines noted for his famous 1998 study published in British Medical Journal ‘The Lancet’ linking autism to the MMR shot has suddenly been rebuked by the same paper. The timing of this reversal is crucial as more & more parents of vaccine damaged children are organizing lawsuits against Big Pharma.


Wakefield verdictVRM: Dr. Wakefield’s Imminent Vindication – Turning Of The Tide

The Urabi strain MMR vaccine purchased by GlaxoSmitheKline for distribution in the UK, a triple live virus version, was directly responsible for an sudden spike in childhood Meningitis in the UK. It had been banned from use in Canada & was warned against further use in Britain by Canadian specialists. This was all suppressed by GSK & The British Gov’t. They are solely to blame for this crisis.


Vaccine Protest Holy PrepuceVRM: Family Charts The Gradual Decline Of Daughter Attributed To Vaccine Trauma

VACCINE CRIME: This is an utterly tragic case, but unfortunately relatively common. Most Pediatricians lack any proper grounding in diagnosing vaccine related neurological degenerative type symptoms. According to Dr. Russell Blaylock, trusted world renowned brain surgeon, on average doctors spend the equivalent of a weekend seminar learning this crucial aspect of child care. When their expertise is required the most doctors will often misdiagnose the symptoms overlooking tell tale signs which indicate a vaccine allergy or worse – gradual auto-immune failure and an ultimate spiraling toward autism.


Nano machine 2VRM: Morgellons Syndrome & Chemtrails


Victims are commonly afflicted with protuberant black, blue, red or white hairy fibers which develop under the surface of the skin and grow out randomly all over the body. The texture is similar to the underside of a mattress when peeled back, extremely painful & virtually irreversible. Lesions/callouses form over the skin areas affected. Treatment is slow with varying results.


eyeVRM: Birth of Medical & Scientific Dictatorship – Future Scenarios

We know the Tetanus shots in the 90’s were contaminated with Immune-Suppressant Contraceptive in the form of HCG, a hormone crucial to female fertility balance. By inserting HCG next to a deadly live virus into the body the immune system would react to both intruders as hostile. The end result saw hundreds of thousands of healthy women inavertently sterilized by these shots.


OrwellVRM: Vaccine Exemptions – Protecting Human Right & Voluntary Consent

‘In any research on human beings, each potential subject must be adequately informed of the aims, methods, anticipated benefits and potential hazards of the study & discomfort it may entail. He or she should be informed that he or she is at liberty to abstain from participation in the study & that he or she is free to withdraw visor her consent to participation at any time. The physician should then obtain the subject’s freely given informed consent, preferably inheriting.’


vaccineVRM: Top Ten Reason Why Children Should Avoid The H1N1 Vaccine

Children up to 18 months have no blood barrier in the brain, their nerve fibers still completely vulnerable, the mylene sheath not yet developed – leaving them highly susceptible to toxins & heavy metals.

The Institute of Medicine has warned that infants, children, and pregnant women should not be injected with Thimerosal.


FLU/RELENZAVRM: H1N1 Shot Reactions – Miscarriages

Pregnant women are at a heightened risk of adverse reactions to vaccines. Thimerosal Mercury is added to the H1N1 series austensibly to sterilize the giant multi-dose vats containing the serum. Mercury is such a fine neuro-toxin it gets absorbed into the Placenta thereby exposing the fetus, regardless of which trimester, to trauma and unfortunately in many cases, death.


pregnancyc-210x300VRM: Pregnancy Tips

Tylenol & Aspirin not only suppresses the fever (which is critical to getting well again – an essential part of the body’s own natural healing process) but it also destroys the liver over time, can cause sudden bleeding & depletes the lungs of Vitamin C by depriving their white blood cells & lymphicides of it.

“Tylenol uses up glutathione (GSH) stores and metabolites of acetaminophen accumulates causing direct damage to liver cells. You want their glutathione levels to be optimum because GSH main purpose is for detoxifying & eliminating heavy metals and other environmental toxins. It is essential for the function of the gut, maintains Vit C & E, maintains mitochondrial integrity, protects against intracellular viruses. Anything that compromises the level of glutathione needed to maintain health like Tylenol should be avoided.”


Health care workers say noVRM Petition: Doctors & Nurses Say NO To Mandatory Vaccinations – Testimonials

“I have urged all my patients NOT to get this toxic and deadly vaccine. I have explained why. The possibility of long term physical and neurological affects and even death are the end result. PLEASE do the research on this deadly vaccine. There is a multitude of links and websites on the internet to educate you in regard to this.” #20,808


vaccines2VRM Petition: Parents of Vaccine Damaged Children Say NO to Mandatory Vaccinations – Testimonials

“My daughter, perfectly healthy before vaccine, became deaf after a vaccine at 13 months. It is a bad day when we dare not leave our names on a petition for fear of being ‘visited’ by the authorities which have become increasingly corrupt and intent on mass damage. People in their numbers are rising up to fight these attacks on our freedom of choice. Our numbers far outweigh the perpetrators of evil. The tables will be turned.” # 50,871


vrm2VRM: Vaccine Ingredients

ALUMINUM (two variants) – linked to Alzheimer’s Disease

THIMEROSAL (MERCURY) – a devastating neurotoxin linked to psychological, neurological & immunological problems. Nervous system damage, kidney disease, birth defects, dental problems, mood swings, hallucinations, memory loss, nerve damage and inability to concentrate can occur. Symptoms also include tremors, loss of dermal sensitivity, slurred speech and, in rare cases, even death and paralysis.

FORMALDEHYDE – used as “a preservative & disinfectant”, known to cause cancer, chronic bronchitis,binds to the proteins in your DNA

RE-CYCLED ANIMAL TISSUE – linked to Mad Cow Disease


thyroid1VRM: Health Matters Part 1

“Vaccines & Antibiotics kill good bacteria in the intestines leaving room for yeast overgrowth. Prolonged root growth perforates the walls of the intestines.

Bad food choices, ie. those containing gluten & milk products cause proteins to leak through these holes & attach to the Opiate Receptors in the brain.

Children with Autism literally become addicted to this ‘Heroin’.”


codexVRM: Health Matters Part 2

1) Under CODEX, all nutrients are deemed as poisons, BUT for a select group of ‘accepted’ nutrients, all of which fail to offer any nutrition value whatsoever to the public (15 in total, including Fluoride).

2) Under CODEX all food will now be irradiated. Pesticides have already been introduced to food production (including 7 previously banned brands), Chemical PCB’s & by-products.

3) ALL dairy cattle will be injected with Monsanto’s recumbinant bovine growth hormones & ALL meat, poultry & fish products worldwide injected with the Monsanto anti-biotic + bovine growth hormones.  


HoxseyVRM: Alternative Cancer Cures That Work & Your Government Still Can’t Ban them From Use!

“The war against cancer will continue to fail. Avoidable cancers will continue to become commoner and commoner and the establishment will continue to ensure that only the toxic (but highly profitable) alleged treatments of cancer which are authorized by the pharmaceutical industry will be authorized by governments.

The cancer industry will not find the all powerful magic bullet cure for which it has been searching now for decades.

It will fail because it is wedded to an interventionist paradigm which depends upon treating the body as a battlefield and the disease as an enemy.Dr. Vernon Coleman